RTO Mumbai

The RTO department of Mumbai, Maharashtra was founded as a body to execute the laws, rules, and provisions laid down by the Motor vehicles Act, 1988. The Motor Vehicles Act is a central act that is applicable all over India. The RTO Mumbai was founded on the basis of section 213(1) of the Motor Vehicles Act,1988 and is a department that is headed by the commissioner of transport of the state of Maharashtra.

The duties that the department performs

The duties or services performed by the RTO Mumbai are as follows
• Issue of learne’s license
• Conducting a driving test for those who apply for a driver’s license
• Issue of license for applicants who succeed in the driving test
• Renewal of the licenses
• Temporary and permanent registration of the vehicles
• Transfer of ownership of vehicles
• Issue of duplicate license in case of theft, damage or loss after verification
• Granting permits to tour and commercial vehicles.
• Granting special permits
• Tax collection for vehicles

The Mumbai RTO is divided into a number of zones. The RTO code for Mumbai south is MH01 Mumbai West is MH02, Mumbai East is MH-03.

Mumbai RTO Codes

RTO Mumbai Location RTO Mumbai Code
Mumbai (South) MH01
Mumbai (West) MH02
Mumbai (East) MH03

Mumbai RTO Office Contact Details

RTO – (South Mumbai), Maharashtra

  • RTO Office Code : MH-01
  • Address : Old Bodyguard Lane, Tulsiwadi, Tardeo, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Pincode – 400034.
  • Contacts : +91-22-24932337, +91-22-24944601, +91-22-24944602.
  • Fax : +91-22-23534603
  • Working Hours : 10AM–5:30PM

RTO – Andheri  West Mumbai, Maharashtra

  • RTO Office Code : MH-02
  • Address : Regional Transport Office, D/111, Ambivali Village, Versova Road, Near Manish Nagar, Andheri (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Pincode – 400053.
  • Contacts : +91-22-6362252, +91-22-26366957, +91-22-26319821, +91-22-26323315.
  • Fax : +91-22-23534603
  • Working Hours : 10AM–5:00PM

RTO – Mumbai East, Maharashtra

  • RTO Office Code : MH-03
  • Address : B/2, 3rd Floor, Wadala Truck Terminal, Wadala Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Pincode : 400037
  • Contacts : +91-22-24036221, +91-22-24036479
  • Fax : +91-22-24036261
  • Working Hours : 10AM–5:00PM

You can find the contact details of Mumbai RTO of the zone you desire by logging on to https://transport.maharashtra.gov.in