Check Driving Licence Status in Bangalore

Without a valid driving licence, you cannot drive a vehicle in the country including Bengaluru or Bangalore. To apply for a driving license, you need to apply for a driving test which takes place at the RTO located near your residential address. The RTO in the state is responsible for the conduct of driving test, dispatch and issue of license after the successful completion of the test.

If you have recently applied for a driving license then you will have to wait a bit. The waiting period is around two weeks but it takes a total of 30 days which includes the preparation of the license by the RTO and timely arrival at the registered address of the applicant. An applicant can check his DL status online through Sarathi or the official website of the state transport department to see if the license will come earlier or is delayed. For further details, keep reading.

What is the right time to check the DL status in Bangalore?

Due to the internet or online upgrades, you might be able to check the driving licence information in less than a minute. As we have mentioned, RTO conducts the driving test for the applicants who want to get a driving license. Information related licence is given on the transport department website or transport official page. It is not advisable for applicants by RTO to check the licence regularly.

What DL licence services in Bangalore that you can avail of online?

Here we have given some details regarding checking the Driving status in Bangalore if you have already applied for DL. Apart from that, you can avail other online services. Let’s have a look:

  • An application status of DL
  • Issue of Duplicate Driving licence
  • Renewal of driving licence
  • Change of Residential in DL
  • Change of DOB on DL
  • Name Change in DL
  • Issue of NOC
  • Further endorsement to DL
  • Replacement of driving licence
  • DL extract
  • Issue of PSV badge to a licenser or a driver
  • An International Driving Licence

What are the steps to check DL status online in Bangalore?

  • Go to the official website of Parivahan
  • Here, click on the “Online Services” option
  • Next, click on the “DL Related Services” option
  • Select the state from where you’re applying
  • Tap on the “Application Status” and fill in the application number, Captcha and DOB.
  • Click on Submit, enter and you’ll find the status of your DL

Step follow to check DL Status in Bangalore via State Transport Official Webpage:

  • Visit
  • Tap on the ‘Parivahan” option, then click on “Parivahan Home”
  • Pick “DL Related Services”
  • Choose the state from where you’re applying
  • Then, click on the “Application Status”
  • Fill mentioned details, and you’ll be ready to check your DL application status.

Step follow to check DL Status in Bangalore via Sarathi Website:

  • Visit
  • Click on the “Online Service” tab
  • Then, click on the “DL Related Services” tab
  • Pick the state from the drop-down menu where you’re applying
  • Pick the “Application Status” tab on the next page
  • Enter details like Application Number, DOB, and Captcha,
  • Submit and enter to check the DL status.