Check Driving License Status in Kanpur

Earlier, you had to visit the RTO multiple times to get a task done. There were long queues, and it was not a pleasant experience. However, the government has turned things 180 degrees with the new online portal. The new Sarathi Portal has all the services integrated, and it is of great help. In this article today, we will teach you how you can use the Sarathi portal to check the status of your driving license. Go ahead and move on to the next section for more information.

Check Driving License Status in Kanpur

You can use Sarathi Portal for many services, and the portal offers all services. If you just applied for a driving license in Kanpur, you can take advantage of the online portal to check your driving license status. Always keep your driving license updated and whenever you change your address, ensure that you make the update on your driving license too. Let us now move ahead and review the other details about driving license Kanpur.

Services for Which You Can Check the Status Online

In this section, we have covered the list of services for which you can check the status. Below are more details about the same.

  • Updating Name or Biometric on Driving License
  • Updating Date of Birth on Driving License
  • Updating Address on Driving License
  • Renewal of Driving License
  • Issue of New Driving License
  • Getting International Driving License
  • Getting Duplicate Driving License
  • Adding Endorsement on Driving License

Steps to Check the Driving License Status in Kanpur

Here are the steps to check driving license status Kanpur

  • We always recommend using the official state website for checking any detail. In this case, the website is standard throughout India, and the link to the website is
  • On this page, select Driving License Related Services under the Online Services, and this will redirect you to the Sarathi Portal.
  • Now, select your state as Uttar Pradesh on the page, and you will again be redirected to the dashboard of the Sarathi Portal.
  • Click on the application status link from the top menu, and you will now be asked to enter the application id, date of birth and captcha. The driving license status will be displayed after the details have been authenticated.

Alternative Process to Check the Status of Driving License

The RTO ensures that it keeps you updated about the driving license status Kanpur with the help of the SMS. So, it is important to give the correct mobile number when applying. The official website to check driving license status is via Parivahan Portal and the Sarathi Portal.


The new Sarathi Portal has made it very easy to check the driving license status in Kanpur and the rest of Uttar Pradesh. The portal offers many other services, and you will be able to figure them out once you visit the portal. We hope that all this information will have helped you address the concern. Lastly, you will be able to raise a grievance using the Sarathi Portal.