RTO Rajasthan

RTO stands for Regional Transport Authority, a government agency under the Ministry of Road, transport, and Highway. This body of government is responsible for maintaining a complete database of vehicles and drivers in a state. Every state in India has its own RTO department, which is governed under Motor vehicle act of 1988. The primary responsibility of the RTO Rajasthan is the registration of vehicles and issuing the driving license.

What are the functions of RTO Rajasthan?

Every city in India has an RTO that takes care of the various motor vehicle-related activities. RTO Rajasthan is an important part of the administration in the country. The major functions of an RTO Rajasthan office are as follows:

  1. RTO Rajasthan major function is enforcing the rules and regulations as laid down under the motor vehicle act of 1988.
  2. The next function of an RTO is to issue a license to drive. The RTO must thoroughly vet the application for a license before issuing it.
  3. The third and major function of RTO Rajasthan is to register new vehicles. As per transport law, a new vehicle has to be registered in the RTO before driving it on the road. The registered vehicle will be given a number that has to be displayed on the vehicle for easy identification.
  4. The fourth function of an RTO is to maintain a database electronically or manual that provides details about drivers and vehicles registered under it. This information is necessary to know the history of a vehicle or a driver for future verification.
  5. The fifth and one of the essential functions of an RTO Rajasthan is issuing a certificate as to the fitness of a vehicle.
  6. Additionally, RTO Rajasthan has to perform secondary functions like collecting one-time road tax from new motor vehicle owners, managing permits issued to trucks, auto, and taxi, checking emission and issuing pollution certificates for vehicles.

The RTO Rajasthan is also responsible for implementing any new rules passed by the government concerning motor vehicles.

Rajasthan RTO Codes

Ajmer RJ01 Udaipur RJ27
Alwar RJ02 Baran RJ28
Banswara RJ03 Dausa RJ29
Barmer RJ04 Rajsamand RJ30
Bharatpur RJ05 Hanumangarh RJ31
Bhilwara RJ06 Kotputli RJ32
Bikaner RJ07 Ramganj Mandi, Kota RJ33
Bundi RJ08 Karauli RJ34
Chittaurgarh RJ09 Pratapgarh RJ35
Churu RJ10 Beawar RJ36
Dholpur RJ11 Didwana RJ37
Dungarpur RJ12 Rawatbhata, Kota RJ38
Sri Ganganagar RJ13 Balotra, Barmer RJ39
Jaipur RJ14 Bhiwadi, Alwar RJ40
Jaisalmer RJ15 Chomu, Jaipur RJ41
Jalore RJ16 Kishangarh, Ajmer RJ42
Jhalawar RJ17 Phalodi, Jodhpur RJ43
Jhunjhunu RJ18 Sujangarh, Churu RJ44
Jodhpur RJ19 Jaipur RJ45
Kota RJ20 Abu road, Sirohi RJ46
Nagaur RJ21 Dudu, Jaipur RJ47
Pali RJ22 Kekri, Ajmer RJ48
Sikar RJ23 Nohar, Hanumangarh RJ49
Sirohi RJ24 Nokha, Bikaner RJ51
Sawai Madhopur RJ25 Shahpura, Bhilwara RJ52
Tonk RJ26 Shahpura, Jaipur RJ53

Steps involved in registering a motor vehicle in Rajasthan

As mentioned earlier in the article, the primary function of RTO Rajasthan is the registration of new vehicles. A new vehicle can be registered either through the dealer you buy from or directly by visiting the RTO located in your city. Vehicle dealers usually charge for the registration of a vehicle. For registering a new vehicle you need to submit documents, which are

  1. A duly filled and signed application by the owner of the vehicle. The application form for vehicle registration is Form 20 to be collected at the RTO Rajasthan office
  2. 3 to 4 passport size photograph of the vehicle owner
  3. A sealed and signed Sale certificate received from a vehicle dealer at the time of purchase.
  4. Proof of identity and address of the owner for verification purpose. Aadhar Card, ration card, Pan, voter id, rental agreement, and bank statement can be submitted for this purpose.
  5. Loan hypothecation form must be submitted for vehicles purchased on loan.
  6. Pollution under control, sales tax certificate and insurance certificate
  7. Finally, the original sale invoice of the vehicle should be submitted. In case you prefer to get your vehicle registered in a different state, then you need a NOC for the RTO of that state.

The person getting his vehicle registered has to personally visit RTO Rajasthan with his vehicle, supporting documents and pay the registration fee to get the vehicle registered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Rajasthan RTO Remains Closed on Which Saturdays?

Ans: Every month, on the second and fourth Saturday, Rajasthan RTO remains closed. In case there are five Saturdays fall in a month, then the Rajasthan RTO opens on the firth Saturday, and that will be a working day for the Rajasthan RTO.

Q: How Do I Register A Motor Vehicle at Rajasthan RTO? Is There Any Procedure for This?

Ans: Yes, to register your motor vehicle, you need to provide the required documents to the Rajasthan RTO. After the completion of the verification process, the Regional Transport office provides you with a registration number. According to the Motor vehicle act, Rule no. 80, you can get your motor vehicle registration number from your Regional Transport Office once the officials verify your document and the vehicle successfully.

Also, one can avail of his or her choice of registration number from the Rajasthan RTO through auctions. However, you need to pay the applicable extra charges to obtain your choice of registration number during the registration process.

Q: What Is the Method of Finding the Details of a Vehicle Owner from The Registration Number Provided by The Rajasthan RTO?

Ans: There is a simple method to find the details of a vehicle owner for the registered vehicles at Rajasthan RTO using the registration number. This can be done by simply sending an SMS to the RTO. You can type VAHAN <space> the vehicle registration number at Rajasthan RTO and simply send it to 7738299899 to get the vehicle owner details. This is the simple method to get the vehicle owner details from the Rajasthan RTO registration number.

Q: How Many Hours Are Working Hours for Rajasthan RTO?

Ans: Like most offices, the Regional Transport Offices of Rajasthan also work for 7 hours a day. The working hours of Rajasthan RTO are from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Q: What are the different types of motor vehicle registration available in Rajasthan?

Ans: There are two types of registration process available in Rajasthan. You can choose between a Temporary Registration and Permanent Registration.

Q: How to renew your Registration Certificate in the state of Rajasthan?

Ans: You need a valid registration certificate to run your vehicle in Rajasthan. If your vehicle registration has expired then you can renew your registration by visiting your RTO office and filing your details in Form no 25. You should file this form and submit the same along with other supporting documents like registration certificate, valid insurance policy, pollution under control certificate. Once you’ve submitted your documents, an on-spot vehicle check will be conducted at the RTO office. Once your vehicle inspection is done, the Registering Authority will provide you a renewed registration number.

Q: How to claim a duplicate registration certificate if the original registration certificate is lost?

Ans: If you have lost your registration certificate, you can easily apply for a duplicate registration certificate. You can approach your nearby Registering Authority and fill out an application along with the required supporting documents. You will also need to pay fees for a duplicate registration certificate with the application.

Q: When should you apply for the renewal of the Registration Certificate in Rajasthan?

Ans: It is mandated that you should apply for a registration certificate within the stipulated period from your expiration of registration certificate. Any such delays will result in fines and penalties for the person. If you have a Permanent RC, you will have 15 years of validity in the case of a private vehicle. You can also apply for renewal when your registration certificate is about to expire. Also bear in mind that in case of an expired registration certificate you will not be able to get insurance cover.

Q: How can you re-register your vehicle in Rajasthan?

Ans: Re-registration of a vehicle is allowed if you migrate your vehicle from one state to another state. If you have brought your vehicle from another state to Rajasthan, then you need to get it re-registered within 12 months starting from the date of arrival. You will need to submit a No Objection Certificate (NOC) along with Form 28. You will also need to fill the Form 27 and submit required documents like registration certificate, tax card, pollution control certificate, insurance certificate along with applicable fees. Once you’ve submitted the documents and fees, you will get a re-registration certificate from the RTO office of Rajasthan.

Q: How can you obtain a fitness certificate in Rajasthan for your transport vehicle?

Ans: To run your transport vehicle on the roads of Rajasthan you need to have a fitness certificate. In absence of such a fitness certificate, you will be liable to pay penalties. To obtain a fitness certificate for your transport vehicle in Rajasthan you need to fill the form RS-4.7 to the nearest RTO. You will need to submit applicable fees along with these required documents:

  • Registration Certificate
  • Road Tax
  • Vehicle Insurance Document
  • Pollution Control and Check certificate
  • Route permit

Once you have submitted these documents and fees, a senior inspector will assess and issue the fitness certificate valid for 1 year.

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