Check Driving License Status in Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, has the highest population density. Earlier, it used to be challenging to get the services at RTO and people were often greeted with long queues. A few years ago, all the services were made available online, which offered tremendous value to citizens. Today, you can not only apply for the driving license-related services online in Jaipur, but you can also check the driving license status online. Go on and check out the other sections about the same in the following sections.

Check Driving License Status in Jaipur

We are always in favour of following all the laws. Driving is a sensitive matter, and a single mistake can lead to severe legal implications. Having a driving license is one of the most important things in this case, and we never recommend anyone to drive a vehicle without a valid driving license. Since most services are available online, it has become easy to check the details. In this article today, we will share the detailed process for checking driving license status in Jaipur.

Services for Which You Can Check the Status Online

In this section, we have listed all the services for which Sarathi Portal in Jaipur allows you to check the status.

  • Updating Name or Biometric on Driving License
  • Updating Date of Birth on Driving License
  • Updating Address on Driving License
  • Renewal of Driving License
  • Issue of New Driving License
  • Getting International Driving License
  • Getting Duplicate Driving License
  • Adding Endorsement on Driving License

Steps to Check the Driving License Status in Jaipur

Let us now review the procedure to check the driving license status Jaipur.

  • You need to start by visiting the official Parivahan Website. The link to the website is –
  • In the top menu, search for Online Service and then click on Driving License Related Services. This should redirect you to the Sarathi Portal, and this is where the main step starts.
  • You need to select your state as Rajasthan from the given drop-down menu, and you will be redirected to the state-specific Sarathi Portal.
  • Click on the Application Status from the top menu and enter all the required details (application id, captcha and date of birth). Click on submit button, and the website will display the driving license status Jaipur.

Alternative Process to Check the Status of Driving License

You will come across people telling you different ways to check the driving license status but avoid using any other portal apart from the Parivahan and the Sarathi Portal. We have already covered information about these two things in the section above. Also, the RTO will keep updating the status via SMS, which should help you with all that you need.


Do not panic if you notice that the driving license status is not updated. Sometimes, it may take up to 30 days for the status to get updated. Also, the website will show you the docket number for the license that has been emailed to you. This is only applicable for the permanent driving license. If you applied for a learner license, you could even print it from the Sarathi Portal