Check Driving License Status in Lucknow

Not many people know this, but you can get a driving license when you turn 16. The only difference is that this driving license will be for gearless scooty, which will help you drive the vehicle legally. The government has started imposing heavy fines on driving without a proper driving license, and it is always better to follow the legal route in such a case. After you have applied for the license, it takes a couple of days to get it. In this article, we have listed the process to check driving license status in Lucknow so that you know the details in real-time.

Check Driving License Status in Lucknow

You can use the Sarathi Portal to check the driving license status in Lucknow. The process is straightforward, and it will not take more than a couple of minutes to check the details. You can try this process on your laptop or even on your phone, and go ahead and find out more about the same.

Services for Which You Can Check the Status Online

If you wish to know that for what all services can you check the status of the license, then we are here to help you. Below is the complete list for which the website can display the actual status

  • Adding Endorsement on Driving License
  • Issue of New Driving License
  • Updating Address on Driving License
  • Renewal of Driving License
  • Updating Date of Birth on Driving License
  • Getting Duplicate Driving License
  • Getting International Driving License
  • Updating Name or Biometric on Driving License

Steps to Check the Driving License Status in Lucknow

Let us now review the steps to check the driving license status in Lucknow. Go ahead and check out the details now.

  • To start checking the driving license status in Lucknow, please visit
  • On this website, you can click on the Online Services and then select Driving License Services. This will redirect you to a new page for checking the driving license status.
  • Now, you need to select your state, so at the bottom of the page, select Uttar Pradesh from the drop-down menu.
  • You will notice a hyperlink for Application Status on top of the page. Once you click that, a form will load where you would need to enter the Application ID, Date of Birth and Verification Code.
  • The driving license status will be displayed as soon as you click on the submit button.

Alternative Process to Check the Status of Driving License

Using the Sarathi Portal is the only way to check the driving license status in Lucknow. The process is easy to follow. You should note that the RTO will keep updating you on the driving license status using the SMS, which helps you stay updated.


Once the new license has been issued, it is valid for 20 years, so you would not need to use this service frequently until you need any update on the driving license. You can use the Sarathi Portal to file the complaint in case of any issues. We hope that we were able to answer your query with the help of this article. Thank You.