How to Get an International Driving Licence or International Driving Permit

An International Driving Licence is a document that entitles an Indian citizen to drive a motorbike or car in a foreign country. It is also a document that entitles a foreigner to drive a vehicle in India when he/she is visiting India.  The International Driving Licence (IDL) is the translated copy of the driving licence original that is issued to you by the state as an Indian citizen who has successfully completed the driving tests conducted for the issue of the same. A foreigner with an IDL is also entitled to drive a vehicle in India.

Where One Can Obtain An International Driving License

In India, the International Driving Licence is issued by the RTO in the state where the applicant resides. It is common to confuse the terms International Driving Licence and the International Driving Permit. The IDP is different from an IDL. The International Driving Permit is abbreviated as IDP and it is a multiple-language document. It acts as proof or validates that you have a valid license be it the U.S, Canadian or British. The International Driving Permit is an additional document yo have got to carry along with your U.S, UK or Canadian driving licence. The Internation Driving Permit is accepted in over 150 countries throughout the World.

Form for International Driving License

The eligibility criteria for applying for International Driving Licence or the International Driving Permit includes

  • The International Driving Permit would be issued only to a person who holds a valid Indian Driving licence as well as a valid Indian passport
  • The IDL, as well as the International Driving Permit, would only be issued if the applicant submits a completely filled up form meant for the IDL as well as the documents required and apply in person at the state RTO to get the licence.

The steps involved in getting an IDL in India include

When it comes to applying for the IDL or the International Driving Permit, you can save some time by downloading the applications for the same. but, it is better to submit it as well as the document required by visiting the RTO personally.

Steps to Get the International Driving Licence or International Driving Permit

  • Fill up the form.  When online, take care to ensure that you enter the right licence number.
  • Also, select your date of birth in the format dd/mm/yy
  • Click on the button GO.

You will notice that your licence details are displayed. If there are any mistakes in the information you provide the page would not be displayed. In such a case you have got to visit the RTO.  Or the sub-RTO for corrections. If the page is displayed,

  • Click the next button
  • Fill up any additional information that is requested for and click the apply button.
  • You would then get an application number and would be able to access the full set of form 4A and Form 1A which is the prescribed set oof applications for getting an International Driving Licence.

Fill up and submit the form along with the documents required in person at the RTO along with a fee. You would be able to get the driving licence within 7 working days.

Fees for International Driving Licence

The fee for getting an IDL in most of the states in India is Rs.1000 per licence. Rs, 200 is the processing fee. A total of Rs. 1200 has to be paid when you are submitting the application form along with the required documents.

Document Required for International Driving Licence

The documents that you would have to attach for the issue of IDL includes

  • Form 4A – the application for IDL
  • Form 1A the medical certificate
  • The valid driving licence of the applicant
  • Passport size photos of the applicant-3 nos.
  • Visa proof and its copies
  • Copy of the air ticket for verification
  • Application Fee payment receipt

Benefits of an International Driving Licence

The benefits of having an International Driving Licence, especially, when you are planning to stay for a lengthy period are

  • The IDL makes it legal for you to drive a vehicle in a foreign country.
  • It could serve as an identity proof in the country a person is visiting
  • There will not be a need to take additional driving tests in the country where you are going to stay
  • The IDL would be a valid document in over 150 countries in the world.
  • It would be useful for renting a car and using it during your stay for commuting which would ease your transportation issues as well as save a lot of money in the form of hiring cab services that are usually very high.
  • Having a valid International Driving Licence is a savior when it comes to some mishaps. Insurance can be processed only if the person has a valid IDL in the case of an accident.

The advantages of having an International Driving Permit Include

  • It would eliminate the risk of being fined since the person is a non-resident driver
  • It acts as a mode of communication to the local authorities as it is a multi-lingual document
  • The International Driving Permit is mandatory for rental car companies that operate across different countries.

How to Renew an International Driving Licence

The International Driving licence or permit is valid only for 1 year from the date of issue. After this period it has to be renewed. The steps involved in renewing the IDL are the same as that for the application of the IDL. In certain special cases, there might be a need to repeat the driving tests.

FAQ About International Driving Licence

Q1: Is International Driving permit applicable for two-wheelers as well?

Yes, but only if you have a valid two-wheeler licence in your home country. This would be a document that you should use along with the licence to rent and ride a two-wheeler in a foreign country.

Q2: How many countries accept IDL and how many accept IDP?

The number of countries that accept IDL  is 150 while those which accept IDP are about 196.