RTO Maharashtra

Each state has an RTO to enforce the law and to facilitate the task such as registration of the vehicle. In Maharashtra also, you have RTO which are set up under the provision of Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. These RTO are here for multiple tasks in Maharashtra. In this article, we have listed all the information about RTO Maharashtra and you can go through the procedures which are listed below.

Functions and Services of Maharashtra Transport Department

Functions and services offered by RTO Maharashtra are clearly defined in the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. Some of the services offered by RTO Maharashtra are listed below

  • Collecting taxes and fee
  • Enforcing the laws as per the Motor Vehicle Act
  • Issuing the License
  • Registration of Vehicles
  • Issuing Cab Permit and other Vehicle Permit
  • Issuing Tourist Permit

These are some of the functions and services of RTO Maharashtra however, the list is not restricted to these categories.

Number of Transport Offices and RTOs in Maharashtra

The exact number of transport office and the segregation of RTO is not available at the moment. However, the total number of RTO in Mumbai is 52. These are spread across Maharashtra and some of the cities have 2 or more than 2 RTO as well. In the section below, we have listed the RTO Codes along with the office locations.

Maharashtra RTO Codes with Office Locations

Each location has a different RTO Code which depends on the location of the office. This is also true for RTO Maharashtra. Below are the different codes along with the names for RTO Maharashtra.

RTO Maharashtra Location RTO Maharashtra Code RTO Maharashtra Location RTO Maharashtra Code
Mumbai (South) MH01 Pune North MH27
Mumbai (West) MH02 Buldana MH28
Mumbai (East) MH03 Yavatmal MH29
Thane MH04 Akola MH30
Kalyan MH05 Nagpur MH31
Raigad MH06 Wardha MH32
Sindhudurg MH07 Gadchiroli MH33
Ratnagiri MH08 Chandrapur MH34
Kolhapur MH09 Gondia MH35
Sangli MH10 Bhandara MH36
Satara MH11 Washim MH37
Pune MH12 Hingoli MH38
Solapur MH13 Nandurbar MH39
Nashik MH14 Wadi, Nagpur (rural) MH40
Ahmednagar MH15 Malegaon, Nashik District MH41
Shrirampur, Ahmednagar District MH16 Baramati, Pune MH42
Dhule MH17 Navi Mumbai MH43
Jalgaon MH18 Ambejogai, Beed MH44
Aurangabad MH19 Akluj, Solapur MH45
Jalna City MH20 Navi Mumbai MH46
Beed MH21 Mumbai North MH47
Parbhani MH22 Vasai-Virar MH48
Latur MH23 Nagpur East MH49
Osmanabad MH24 Karad MH50
Nanded MH25 Nashik MH51
Amravati MH26 Ratnagiri district MH52

Contact Details of Maharashtra RTO

RTO Maharashtra has a dedicated line to help people with their queries. The phone number for RTO Maharashtra is listed below and you can call them on any working day during the working hours and get the information that you need.

Phone No ? 022-62466666

Types of Vehicle Registration in Maharashtra

RTO Maharashtra offers many different types of registrations and these includes

  • Permanent Registration of Vehicle
  • Temporary Registration of Vehicle
  • Making Agreement and Terminating Agreement for Hire-Purchase of Vehicle
  • Issuing the Duplicate Registration Certificate
  • Re-Registration of Vehicle
  • Change in Address on Registration Certificate

How to Register a Motor Vehicle in Maharashtra

The basic procedure to register a vehicle with RTO Maharashtra is to fill in the form for registration, attach the relevant documents as per the type of registration and submit them to the RTO Maharashtra. You must note that it is the responsibility of the Dealer to get the vehicle registered when you purchase a new vehicle. This would not be required from your end however, you need to complete the registration formalities if you are opting for a pre-owned vehicle.

Vehicle Registration Process in Maharashtra

The process is more or less the same for each type of registration. The only difference that comes is in the document needed for the registration and the form that needs to be submitted along with that. Apart from that, there is no difference at all. We have listed some of the basic procedure below that you can follow as per your need.

Documents Required for Registering a Motor Vehicle in Maharashtra

The documents vary with the type of registration. Like for getting a duplicate Registration Certificate, you might need the copy of FIR to be submitted in RTO Maharashtra and similarly, your transfer of ownership, you will need a sales letter. This way, it all differs with the type of registration that you need. The details of the same are listed in the sections below.

Documents Required to Get a Permanent RC from Maharashtra Transport Department

The documents required for the Permanent registration of vehicle are supposed to be submitted to the dealer as he has the authority to register the vehicle and provide you with a license plate. You can simply submit these documents if you are directly getting a permanent registration done.

  • Address Proof
  • PUC,
  • Design Approval in case of Trailer
  • Customs Clearance in case of Imported Vehicle
  • Form 21 for Sales Certificate
  • Form 22 for Fitness
  • Insurance Documents
  • Tax Receipts
  • Fee for Registration

Documents Required to Get a Temporary RC from Maharashtra Transport Department

The documents required for the temporary registration are same as the documents required for the permanent registration but in most of the cases, temporary registration is done in case of commercial vehicles. The dealer with providing you with a temporary number which is valid for a month and in this duration, you need to visit RTO Maharashtra to complete the permanent registration of the vehicle.

  • Address Proof
  • PUC Certificate
  • Design Approval in case of Trailer
  • Customs Clearance in case of Imported Vehicle
  • Form 21 for Sales Certificate
  • Form 22 for Fitness
  • Insurance Documents
  • Tax Receipts

How to Renew Registration Certificate

For the diesel cars, the registration is valid for 10 years whereas, for bikes and petrol cars, the registration is valid for 15 years. After this period of time, you need to visit RTO Maharashtra and get the registration certificate renewed. The documents that you would need to get the registration renewed are listed below.

  • Address Proof
  • Fitness Certificate if Applicable
  • Tax Receipts
  • Old Registration Certificate
  • Insurance
  • PUC

Along with these document, you need to visit the RTO Maharashtra and submit the form along with the fee. There may be a physical verification of vehicle post which, the registration certificate will be renewed for you.

How to Get a Duplicate Registration Certificate

If in case you lost your Registration Certificate or if your Registration Certificate has been damaged, you can opt for a duplicate Registration certificate. The request should be redirected to RTO Maharashtra and there are some documents required for the procedure.

The documents required for getting duplicate registration certificate of a vehicle includes

  • FIR for the lost registration certificate
  • Old registration certificate if it is damaged.

After having these documents, you will be asked to submit a form along with the fee for the duplicate registration certificate. Submit the same to RTO Maharashtra and you will receive the registration certificate from the RTO Maharashtra as per the standard lead times.

How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership in Maharashtra

If you plan to purchase a pre-owned vehicle then you must not forget to get the ownership transferred on your name. The process to get the ownership transferred is quite simple and you need to visit the RTO Maharashtra for the process.

In the next section, we have listed the documents that you would need for getting the ownership transferred. Submit the documents along with the form for transfer of ownership and a new registration certificate will be issued to you with your name.

Documents Required for Transferring of Vehicle Ownership in Maharashtra

We have already talked about the process of getting the ownership transferred but do you know about the documents that you will need? Well, below is the list of documents that you would need to submit to get the ownership transferred to your name. The sales form is the most important one here and along with the documents, you need to pay the fee to RTO Maharashtra as well.

  • Registration Certificate
  • Address Proof
  • Fitness Certificate
  • NOC from Financer
  • Sales Letter
  • PUC
  • Insurance Certificate

How to Update Address on Registration Certificate

If in case you moved house then you must not forget to change the address on the registration certificate. You can apply for the change of address while applying for the changes of address on the driving license. There are some documents needed for the change of address and these documents are listed below

  • Registration Certificate
  • Insurance
  • PUC
  • Address Proof

Submit the documents along with the fee and form after which you will receive a registration certificate with the updated address from RTO Maharashtra.

Registration for Private Vehicles (Non-Transport Vehicles)

We have already talked about the registration of new private vehicles but what if you need to register a pre-owned private vehicle? Well, the procedure is same as you have to submit the document along with fee and form to RTO Maharashtra.

The documents required for the registration of private vehicle includes

  • Registration Certificate
  • Insurance
  • No Objection Certificate from Financer
  • PUC
  • Address proof
  • Sales Form

It is very important here to submit No Objection Certificate from Financer even if the loan of the vehicle has been cleared.

Maharashtra Transport Department ? eSewa Portal

RTO Maharashtra recently came up with a new eSewa Portal and the portal can be accessed by visiting https://transport.maharashtra.gov.in/1035/Home

With help of this portal, you can not only get information about the services provided by RTO but you can also apply for a license, Registration Certificate and other such services. This is certainly a huge blessing for the people in Maharashtra.

How to Get Vehicle Insurance in Maharashtra

With technology penetrating our lives, it not required to visit the dealer to get the insurance for your car. This can now be obtained easily with help of online portal. You can request for a quote of insurance from the insurer?s website or you can visit the portal which offers insurance from multiple service providers. You can compare the quotes and purchase the insurance. If your insurance hasn?t expired then you would not have to worry about getting an inspection done but there are some cases when the inspection is required and the surveyor may visit the site to inspect your vehicle for damages.



This was all the possible information about RTO Maharashtra and you can refer to all the different procedures as well as documents required above. If in case, you need more information about a procedure, you may contact the RTO Maharashtra on the helpline number given in one of the section above. Also, we have listed the above information to best of our knowledge. There can certainly be a change to procedures with time so, it would be best to confirm the same with the RTO Maharashtra while submitting the form.

Maharashtra RTO FAQ?s

Q: What is the Legal Age to drive in Maharashtra?

Ans: The legal age to drive a geared bike, geared scooter or a car is 18 years however, you can obtain a license for the gearless bike or gearless scooter once you turn 18. Remember that driving without a driving license is a punishable offence.

Q: My Vehicle is registered in Other State, Do I need to re-register with Maharashtra RTO?

Ans: It depends on your duration of stay in Maharashtra. If you plan to stay here for longer than a year then you need to visit the RTO Maharashtra to get the vehicle re-registered. However, you would not need any such procedure if you are here for a short stay.

Q: When do I need to renew the Registration Certificate of my Bike?

Ans: After the registration expires, you would need to renew the registration of your bike. Ideally, the bike is registered for 15 years and you will have to get the registration renewed after that. The renewal is valid for a period of 5 years only and you will have to opt for re-registration after that.

Q: How to get Forms Required for Registration?

Ans: Most of the procedures are now available online but there are some procedures which need to be taken offline. In such a case, you can either download the form through the RTO Maharashtra website or you can choose to obtain the offline version of the form from RTO.

Q: Can I apply for VIP Number in Maharashtra?

Ans: Absolutely, you can opt for a VIP Number in Maharashtra. The facility to check the availability of number is available at RTO Maharashtra Website and you can then visit the RTO to get the number allocated to yourself.

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