RTO Nagaland

Without possessing a license, it is punishable by law for driving a vehicle without a license above the age of 18 years. The Department of Motor vehicle in Nagaland started the MV act in the year 1963 and RTO Nagaland is a part of the department for regulating the law and abiding by it. The laws are enforced by the MV Act 1988 and several other vehicles Act have come into action by the RTO Nagaland for the safety of the riders. RTO Nagaland also takes care of vehicle registration, collection of road tax, issuance of permits and fitness certificates for vehicles. The RTO’s primary function at Nagaland comprises of vehicle enforcement too.

RTO Nagaland Codes

Functions of RTO Nagaland: 

  • Registration of vehicles
  • Collection of road taxes and goods and passenger tax
  • Registration certificate renewal is also taken care of
  • Ownership transfer is done by RTO Nagaland
  • Duplicate RC is issued at the RTO Nagaland
  • Road safety awareness
  • NRA administration
  • A permit is also issued and renewed for all vehicles
  • License is issued, permanent, endorsement, new or duplicate, whatever be the case; driving and conductor license
  • RC book is issued, purchase agreement termination and its endorsement
  • Motor vehicle act law and rules are enforced on the driver

To register a vehicle in RTO Nagaland, it consists of two steps, the permanent and the temporary one. The permanent as the name indicates has a validity of 15 years; whereas the temporary one is for a short period.  Temporary registration is applied with the help of dealer on submission of documents and later gets approval from the RTO office, whereas the permanent registration is done by directly contacting the RTO office. The registration number is given on proper verification of documents by the RTO Nagaland.

It is mandatory for any vehicle to possess a registration book for proper driving. Without the vehicle book, it is illegal by the law to drive the vehicle and fine can be imposed on the driver for not possessing it. One can approach the RTO Nagaland for getting a registration book for the vehicle and should be done immediately after the purchase within 7days.

Q: How to Register a Motor Vehicle in Nagaland?

  • The application form collected at the RTO Nagaland office is filled and submitted along with the relevant documents
  • The documents required for vehicle registration are Form 20-application form, Form 21-sales certificate, Form 22-Roadworthy certificate, insurance, passport size photos of the driver, invoice of the vehicle issued by vehicle dealer, Pan details and address proof of the driver
  • Other documents which may be required are clearance certificate for vehicles imported, STA design and registration certificate taken temporarily
  • The documents submitted will be verified by the concerned authority and vehicle is inspected later
  • After verification, the registration number is issued by the concerned officer with the receipt
  • The receipt can be used until he receives the original RC which will be sent later through courier to the respective address

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