Urethane Wheel Chocks vs. Rubber Wheel Chocks

Wheel Chocks

Chocks are essential safety equipment, and they are prominently used in aviation, transportation, industrial, and even mining settings. They help stabilize the vehicle when any operation is being performed, and they also prove to be of great help during the loading and unloading of goods. When you are buying wheel chocks, you will notice different models available in the market. Some of them are made of urethane, while others are made of aluminum, rubber, or even wood. The most common ones are urethane and rubber chocks.

If you need wheel chocks and cannot decide which material to choose, then check out the points below. In the section below, we have compared the Urethane Wheel Chocks and the Rubber Wheel Chocks. Go ahead and check out the differences.

Urethane Wheel Chocks vs. Rubber Wheel Chocks

Criteria Urethane Wheel Chocks Rubber Wheel Chocks
Material Urethane, a type of polymer Rubber, a natural or synthetic elastomer
Durability Generally more durable and resistant to wear Less durable and may wear out more quickly
Weight Lightweight Typically heavier than urethane chocks
Weather Resistance Resistant to UV rays and extreme temperatures Susceptible to degradation from UV exposure
Slip Resistance Offers good grip on various surfaces May have lower grip on certain surfaces
Cost Usually more expensive than rubber chocks Generally less expensive than urethane chocks
Applications Commonly used in industrial and heavy-duty settings Suitable for light to medium-duty applications
Maintenance Low maintenance, easy to clean Requires periodic inspection for wear and tear
Color Options Often available in various colors Usually available in black or gray
Eco-Friendliness Can be recycled depending on the specific material May be recyclable depending on the type of rubber
Chemical Resistance Resistant to oils, fuels, and most chemicals May degrade when exposed to certain chemicals

Here are some of the differences between the Urethane Wheel Chocks and Rubber Wheel Chocks. Go ahead and check them out below.

Urethane Wheel Chocks – Urethane is not a new material, and it was developed in the late 1980s. The material was highly engineered, and it proved to be an incredible innovation for making wheel chocks. Today, Urethane wheel chocks are used in various industrial applications and places that require dealing with heavy loads.

Rubber Wheel Chocks – Rubber wheel chocks are new generation wheel chocks, and they are a lot more affordable and easy to use compared with any other material. The rubber wheel chocks are more popular for personal and infrequent uses. There are many grades available in rubber wheel chocks.

Material Strength – If you are dealing with heavy vehicles that carry a lot of weight, you must go ahead and buy Urethane wheel chocks. They are a lot more durable, and the material strength is also on the higher side. Urethane is highly resistant to abrasion, and at the same time, it has the flexibility of the rubber. Urethane wheel chocks can also take a lot of abuse, and they can tolerate harsh climates without cracking. Urethane wheel chocks have a longer life compared to rubber wheel chocks, but they are also expensive.

Portability – If you are looking for something portable, then you must buy Urethane wheel chocks. These are a lot better than the rubber, wood, or aluminum ones as they are lighter than them. If we compare the Urethane wheel chocks with rubber wheel chocks of the exact dimensions, then you will notice that urethane wheel chocks are 20% to 50% lighter in weight. This allows the workers to lift and carry the big size wheel chocks easily, and hence Urethane wheel chocks are popular in mining and industrial operations.

Visibility Aspect – There are some operations where you need high visibility of the wheel chocks. Urethane wheel chocks offer you the advantage of increased visibility as they are available in many colors. You can choose a bright safety color that will be easily visible after the placement. It will help you in raising safety awareness when the wheel chocks are deployed.

Easy to Use – Another important aspect of your purchase is ease of use. The rubber wheel chocks have an amazing grip, and the horizontal traction grip on the rubber wheel chocks adds to the friction. The rubber wheel chocks protect the tires from damage and protect the pavement from getting damaged. If you are new to wheel chocks, then we recommend using rubber wheel chocks as they are easy to use. Some rubber wheel chocks have a hollow bottom, and they are easier to use when compared with wooden, urethane, or aluminum wheel chocks.

Affordable – In terms of affordability, the rubber wheel chocks prove to be a lot cheaper than the urethane wheel chocks. If affordability is the main aspect of your purchase, then buy the rubber wheel chocks. In addition to this, you will end up damaging a lot of wheel chocks during daily operations. In such a case, the rubber wheel chocks will prove to be a lot cheaper than Urethane wheel chocks. Moreover, if you do not use wheel chocks frequently, then rubber ones make the best choice for you.

Application – You would also need to consider the basis of your application. Ask yourself why you are buying the wheel chocks. Are you buying them for use with ATVs, campers, or your SUVs? If you are buying it for use with such vehicles, you can opt for rubber wheel chocks. If you often travel on the road and use the wheel chocks very frequently, then buying the Urethane wheel chocks would make more sense.

Final Verdict

We have listed the major points that you can consider during the purchase process of wheel chocks. Depending on the major consideration, you can consider the material of the wheel chocks. Ensure that you are checking the size and other variable aspects while you are buying the wheel chocks.

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