RTO Gujarat

Gujarat is located in the western part of the country and it shares its border with many states. In such a case, it becomes really necessary to have RTO Check Posts on the border. Just like rest of India, Gujarat also has RTO Offices spread across the states which basically facilitates much public works. In addition to this, these RTO Gujarat Offices are set up in sync with the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. This act gives provision to RTO with many different functions and powers. In this article, we have listed all such information about RTO Gujarat.

Functions and Services of Gujarat Transport Department

Talking about the functions and services of RTO Gujarat, we have listed some of those in the section below. These functions are

  • Collection of Tax and fee
  • Development of Public Mode of Transport by Issuing Permits
  • Enforcing the Laws as per the state and central law.
  • Issuing driving license by conducting the driving
  • Issuing registration certificate of vehicles
  • Maintaining the database of vehicles.

Listed above are some of the functions of RTO Gujarat but the functions are not restricted to these. The scope of RTO Gujarat is much larger.

Number of Transport Offices and RTOs in Gujarat

Presently, the total number of RTO Gujarat offices stands at 38. These RTOs are located across the state. In addition to this, some of the major cities like Ahmedabad have more than a single RTO. Apart from these RTOs, there are check posts and other checkpoints in Gujarat and the exact number of these are not known.

Gujarat RTO Codes with Office Locations

Below are the details of 38 RTO Gujarat locations along with the codes.

RTO Gujarat Location RTO Gujarat Code RTO Gujarat Location RTO Gujarat Code
RTO Ahmedabad GJ-1 RTO Dahod GJ-20
RTO Mehsana GJ-2 RTO Navsari GJ-21
RTO Rajkot GJ-3 RTO Navsari GJ-22
RTO Bhavnagar GJ-4 RTO Anand GJ-23
RTO Surat GJ-5 RTO Patan GJ-24
RTO Vadodara GJ-6 RTO Porbandar GJ-25
RTO Kheda GJ-7 Tapi (Vyara) GJ-26
RTO Banas Kantha GJ-8 RTO Ahmedabad East GJ-27
RTO SabarKantha GJ-9 RTO Surat West (Pal) GJ-28
RTO Jamnagar GJ-10 RTO Vadodara Rural GJ-29
RTO Junagadh GJ-11 RTO Dang (Ahwa) GJ-30
RTO Kutch / Kachchh GJ-12 RTO Gandhidham – Tehsil (Taluko) of Kutch District GJ-31
RTO Surendranagar GJ-13 RTO Botad GJ-32
RTO Amreli GJ-14 RTO Aravalli (Modasa) GJ-33
RTO Valsad GJ-15 RTO Devbhumi Dwarka GJ-34
RTO Bharuch GJ-16 RTO Mahisagar (Lunawada) GJ-35
RTO Panchmahal GJ-17 RTO Morbi (Morvi) District GJ-36
RTO Gandhinagar GJ-18 RTO Chhota Udaipur GJ-37
RTO Bardoli GJ-19 RTO Gir Somnath GJ-38

Contact Details of Gujarat RTO

If there is a procedure that you are not clear about then you can get in touch with the relevant RTO Gujarat office. There is no centralized telephone line at the moment so what you can do is that you can get the contact number of Gujarat in your area and contact them. To find the contact number, you can refer to the link – http://rtogujarat.gov.in/aboutus_rto.php

Types of Vehicle Registration in Gujarat

RTO Gujarat offers different types of registration which vary with the case. If in case you want to know about the different types of registration then you can have a look at the list below.

  • Temporary Registration of Vehicle
  • Permanent Registration of Vehicle
  • Re-Registration of Vehicle
  • Issuing the Duplicate Registration Certificate
  • Change in Address on Registration Certificate
  • Making Agreement and Terminating Agreement for Hire-Purchase of Vehicle

How to Register a Motor Vehicle in Gujarat

If you need to register your motor vehicle in Gujarat then you would have to approach RTO Gujarat for the same. The RTO Gujarat has also made a provision for online registrations so you can visit the RTO Gujarat website and click on new vehicle registration. If in case, you are not able to find the link then you can click on http://www.rtoahmedabad-vahan.nic.in/xdealer/other/index.php

Vehicle Registration Process in Gujarat

As mentioned above, you can go ahead and register your vehicle by submitting Form 20. This form should be submitted along with the fee and other important documents which are required. After submitting the documents and form to RTO Gujarat, your RC will be issued to you in 21 days of time.

Documents Required for Registering a Motor Vehicle in Gujarat

The documents that you need for registration varies from one process to another. Some of the documents remain the same while other may change. In the sections below, you will find the detailed description of the documents that you would need to register your vehicle with RTO Gujarat.

Documents Required to Get a Permanent RC from Gujarat Transport Department

The documents required for the Permanent registration of vehicle should be submitted to RTO Gujarat along with the Form 20 and the fee that needs to be paid for the Registration

  • Address Proof
  • PUC,
  • Design Approval in case of Trailer
  • Customs Clearance in case of Imported Vehicle
  • Form 21 for Sales Certificate
  • Form 22 for Fitness
  • Insurance Documents
  • Tax Receipts
  • Fee for Registration

Documents Required to Get a Temporary RC from Gujarat Transport Department

If you need a temporary registration for your vehicle then the documents that need to be submitted to RTO Gujarat are listed below. Remember to get the permanent registration in stipulated time once the temporary registration is issued to you.

  • Address Proof
  • PUC Certificate
  • Design Approval in case of Trailer
  • Customs Clearance in case of Imported Vehicle
  • Form 21 for Sales Certificate
  • Form 22 for Fitness
  • Insurance Documents
  • Tax Receipts

How to Renew Registration Certificate

The registration of the vehicle is valid for 10 to 15 years depending on the type of vehicle. After this, you need to go ahead and get the registration renewed. To do so, you need to submit the documents along with the forms required to RTO Gujarat. The documents that you would need are listed below

  • Address Proof
  • Fitness Certificate if Applicable
  • Tax Receipts
  • Old Registration Certificate
  • Insurance
  • PUC

Post renewal, the registration is valid for 5 years and hence you would have to visit the RTO Gujarat again after 5 years to get the registration renewed. Also note that as per the new orders from NGT, some of the states have banned the reregistration of the petrol vehicles which are older than 15 years and this also includes banning the registration of diesel vehicles which are older than 10 years.

How to Get a Duplicate Registration Certificate

Some of the people end up losing their Registration Certificate and some people end up damaging their registration certificate unintentionally. For such cases, RTO Gujarat has a provision to reissue the duplicate registration certificate. If you are not sure about the procedure then do not worry as we have listed the process here.

You can go ahead and submit the documents listed below along with the form to get the duplicate registration certificate. Also, you would have to submit the fee and the ID proof of the owner of the vehicle.

The documents required for the duplicate registration certificate of a vehicle includes

  • FIR for the lost registration certificate
  • Old registration certificate if it is damaged.

Once the documents are submitted, you will receive an acknowledgement and you can later get the registration certificate delivered at your home.

How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership in Gujarat

To transfer the ownership of the vehicle, you need to submit the sales form to RTO Gujarat along with the documents which are mentioned in the next section. It is must to transfer the ownership after purchasing a pre-owned vehicle or else you can find yourself in a legal trouble. If you need more information about the process then you can get in touch with the RTO.

Documents Required for Transferring of Vehicle Ownership in Gujarat

The documents required for the transferring the ownership should be submitted to RTO Gujarat and the list of documents includes the documents listed below

  • Registration Certificate
  • Address Proof
  • Fitness Certificate
  • NOC from Financer
  • Sales Letter
  • PUC
  • Insurance Certificate

How to Update Address on Registration Certificate

After shifting house from one location to another, you must go ahead and get the address changed on your license as well as your vehicles registration certificate. To do so, you would need to submit the documents listed below along with the form and the fee that is needed to update the address. You can apply for the driving license and registration certificate with the updated address at the same time and it will save your trip to RTO.

These documents include

  • Registration Certificate
  • Insurance
  • PUC
  • Address Proof

After the submission of documents, you will receive a new Registration Certificate from RTO Gujarat with the updated address.

Registration for Private Vehicles (Non-Transport Vehicles)

For the new vehicles, it is the responsibility of the dealer to get the vehicle registered. If there is a need for temporary registration first then you would have to visit the RTO Gujarat later to get the permanent registration done. Anyways, for the new vehicle it is not much of a problem but for a pre-owned vehicle, you would have to submit the documents to RTO and the procedure has already been listed above.

The documents required for the registration of private vehicle includes

  • Registration Certificate
  • Insurance
  • No Objection Certificate from Financer
  • PUC
  • Address proof
  • Sales Form

Gujarat Transport Department eSewa Portal

RTO Gujarat has an online portal which can help you in applying for the driving license and avail various other services. You can also go ahead and download the forms from the RTO Gujarat online portal. The portal also lets you register your new vehicle with a lot of ease. The portal for RTO Gujarat is http://rtogujarat.gov.in/form.php and you must check out this for rules and regulations, FAQs, forms and processes.

How to Get Vehicle Insurance in Gujarat

For the new vehicles, it is mandatory for you to purchase the insurance from the dealer. For the cases when you need to get the insurance renewed, you can visit some of the multi-service portals which can help you in getting the instant quote of the insurance for your car. That would help you in saving a lot of money during the renewal. Also, do not forget to claim for the no-claim bonus for your vehicle if you are switching your insurance provider.


This was all the possible information about RTO Gujarat. Before we conclude, we would like to tell you that there are two areas where people make a miss and they end up paying the find. This includes that people either do not have a valid insurance or they do not have a valid PUC Certificate. So, be careful with these two document and ensure that you carry all the important documents when you are on the road

Gujarat RTO FAQs

Q: What is the Legal Age to drive in Gujarat?

The legal age of driving in Gujarat is 18 years. In addition to this, The Motor Vehicle Act also permits the Indian Citizen of 16 years of age to drive the gearless bike or scooter.

Q: My Vehicle is registered in Other State, Do I need to re-register with RTO Gujarat?

The vehicle needs to be registered in Gujarat only if you plan to stay here for more than a year. If you are here for short term then you can use the vehicle without re-registering the vehicle with RTO Gujarat.

Q: When do I need to renew the Registration Certificate of my Bike?

The original registration certificate for bike comes with a validity of 15 years. Before the registration certificate expires, you will have to visit RTO Gujarat to get the registration certificate renewed. Also, the new registration certificate will be valid for a period of 5 years.

Q: How to get Forms Required for Registration?

You can download the forms from RTO Gujarat Website and to download the form, you can go to the website http://rtogujarat.gov.in/form.php. Click on Download version next to the form and you can download the Gujarati Version or English version of the form. There is also an option to get the hard copy of the form by visiting RTO Gujarat.

Q: Can I apply for VIP Number in Gujarat?

The process to apply for VIP Number is Gujarat is same like that of other states. You can check for the availability of the fancy number and then visit RTO Gujarat to buy the number and get it registered for your vehicle.

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