5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Ceramic Coated Car Clean

Ceramic Coated Car Clean

Ceramic Coatings are a blessing in the true sense. They help you maintain the car, and they also add the water beading effect on the surface. Ceramic coating for car is usually easy to maintain, and you can take care of it with regular DIY maintenance. You need to regularly follow the wash and care guidelines, which will also improve the life of the coating. Before we talk about the maintenance, we are sure that your car saloon would have given you an annual inspection date. That date is significant, and you should get your car inspected at the given time.

Regular inspection not only helps the saloon in fixing the imperfections, but it also helps you by keeping your warranty alive. Most ceramic coatings come with a warranty, and regular maintenance is important so that the warranty is not void. Let us go ahead and check some more information about the ceramic coating before we talk about the tips to take care of the ceramic coating on the car.

Ceramic Coated Car Clean

Importance of Maintaining the Ceramic Coating

The ceramic coating requires minimal maintenance, and most of that is attributed to the DIY Car Wash. A proper ceramic coating will help you in cleaning the car efficiently. Some sellers may tell you that the car would clean itself up after the ceramic coating but remember that it is not valid. The ceramic coating makes the top surface very slippery, and it produces a hydrophobic effect. In such a case, dust, water, debris, tree sap and dirt slide off the surface. Even though most of the debris falls down the car, some residue remains on the surface.

This can stick to the car and cause damage. To remove this residue, you need to maintain the ceramic coated cars. More often, a wash every two weeks is usually enough. To help you maintain the ceramic coating, we have listed the five simple tips that would not only keep your car shiny but these tips will also help you in improving the durability of your ceramic coating.

Best Ways to Keep Your Ceramic Coated Car Clean

  •  Avoid Automated Car Wash

The most important tip for you to keep the car clean is to wash it every 10 to 14 days. You need to get rid of the residue on the car and washing the car is very important for that. However, if you plan to visit the automated car wash, then you should drop that idea. The automatic car wash can damage the ceramic coating as the brush and rags in them can be pretty harsh. The soaps in the car wash are also slightly aggressive. So, the most important thing is to keep your car clean but ensure that you are washing it at home.

  • Use Neutral pH Shampoo with no Wax.

You would have got a lead for this point, as we mentioned about the detergents being used in the automatic car wash. So, you should always ensure that you use pH Neutral Car Shampoo to clean your car. The highly alkaline soaps can damage the coating, and hence the car may attract more dust than usual. A simple way to keep the car clean and shiny is to use mild car shampoo that doesn’t have any wax coating. We advise against the use of wax infused shampoos because wax can lead to a reduced hydrophobic coating that would eventually lead to debris sticking to your vehicle.

  • Avoid Sunlight During Wash

The next tip is also very simple to follow. When you are washing the car, you should park it in the shade or wash it in the morning hours. The problem with the high temperature or sunlight is that the water and shampoo pay try on the car’s surface, and hence it will leave white salt marks on your car. This residue can also impact the shine, and it can damage the ceramic coating. So, to keep the car clean, wash the car during the morning or the evening hours, and you will notice a massive difference.

  • Use a Boost Spray

You must also maintain consistency when it comes to the products that you are using on the car. Do not experiment with different products on the car. You can also use a ceramic boost spray. You can check with the car saloon on which ceramic boost spray can you use. You can use these boost sprays after every wash, and they will protect the ceramic coating. The result would be the car surface with a better shine.

  • Microfiber Towels

The last tip that we have for you is the use of a clean towel. You must avoid using a microfiber towel that is soiled. The dust particles are abrasive enough to cause damage to the paint. Apart from this, you must also dry the car properly after every wash. Take all the measures to avoid cross-contamination and wash every towel after use. Drying the car with the microfiber towel will ensure that the water beads on the surface doesn’t dry and leaves white marks. A good quality microfiber towel will dry your car quickly, and it will help you maintain the shine as well.

Final Verdict

These were some of the tops to take care of the ceramic coating of the car and keep it clean at the same time. Using these cleaning tips, you can ensure that you are not damaging the ceramic coating on the car. Apart from this, you can follow a regular maintenance schedule to clean the car using the regular car wash hose, and this would be enough. Never use harsh chemicals on the car as they can damage the ceramic coating and lead to imperfections in the coating. Always take professional help while getting the ceramic coating and follow the maintenance schedule to keep your car clean.

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