Madhya Pradesh RTO

Every state has an RTO Department and so does Madhya Pradesh. The MP RTO was set up in sync with the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 and the functions of the MP RTO remains the same as it is for the other RTO in the country. As per the information available, there are lakhs of vehicles registered with MP RTO the revenue generated by the RTO is quite significant.

On this page, we have listed all the information about MP RTO so that you do not have to go ahead and find the information by visiting the RTO. The information listed can prove to be really handy and you can even share it with your friends and family when required.

Functions and Services of Madhya Pradesh Transport Department

As mentioned earlier, the function of MP RTO is similar to the RTO across India. These three functions are listed below

  • MP RTO collects the taxes and charges along with the fines which fall under vehicle act.
  • MP RTO is also involved with the development of road transportation and it also issues the permit.
  • MP RTO should also enforce the laws which are a part of Motor Vehicle Act. MP RTO should enforce all such applicable laws at state level.

Number of Transport Offices and RTOs in Madhya Pradesh

Talking about the numbers, there are many RTO in MP as an RTO is needed in every city. Below is the segregation of the same.

MP RTO Office — 10

Additional RTO Office – 20

District Transport Office – 30

Transport Check post at the border ? 40

Madhya Pradesh RTO Codes with Office Locations

Various codes and locations for MP RTO are listed below

Madhya Pradesh MP01 Katni MP21 Dewas MP41
Madhya Pradesh MP02 Seoni MP22 Shajapur MP42
Madhya Pradesh MP03 Raipur MP23 Ratlam MP43
Bhopal MP04 Durg MP24 Neemuch MP44
Hoshangabad MP05 Jagdalpur MP25 Jhabua MP45
Morena MP06 Bilaspur MP26 Barwani MP46
Gwalior MP07 Ambikapur MP27 Harda MP47
Guna MP08 Chhindwara MP28 Betul MP48
Indore MP09 Rajnandgaon MP29 Narsinghpur MP49
Khargone MP10 Bhind MP30 Balaghat MP50
Dhar MP11 Sheopur MP31 Mandala MP51
Khandwa MP12 Datia MP32 Dindori MP52
Ujjain MP13 Shivpuri MP33 Sidhi MP53
Mandsaur MP14 Damoh MP34 Umaria MP54
Sagar MP15 Panna MP35 Anuppur MP65
Chhatarpur MP16 Tikamgarh MP36 Singrauli MP66
Rewa MP17 Sehore MP37 Ashoknagar MP67
Shahdol MP18 Raisen MP38 Burhanpur MP68
Satna MP19 Rajgarh MP39 Alirajpur MP69
Jabalpur MP20 Vidisha MP40 Agar MP70

Contact Details of Madhya Pradesh RTO

There are times when you need help with the procedures or when you might need more information about the procedure. Earlier, you had to visit the MP RTO to get the information but now this is not required at all. You can call MP RTO on the customer care number and the executive will be happy to help you. Below are the contact details for MP RTO

Phone No ? 0751 ? 2621926/ 0751 ? 2423113, 0751 – 2423105

Email Address ?

Web form –

Types of Vehicle Registration in Madhya Pradesh

As you know, it is not legal to drive a vehicle which is not registered. Such vehicles can be impounded and heavy fines are imposed on the owner as well. In such a case, it is mandatory for you to register the vehicle as soon as you get the ownership. MP RTO offers many different types of services and these services include

  • Temporary Registration of Vehicle
  • Permanent Registration of Vehicle
  • Re-Registration of Vehicle
  • Issuing the Duplicate Registration Certificate
  • Change in Address on Registration Certificate
  • Making Agreement and Terminating Agreement for Hire-Purchase of Vehicle

How to Register a Motor Vehicle in Madhya Pradesh

You have now been through the different types of vehicle registration available for you in Madhya Pradesh. Now, the question arises about the process of registering the vehicle in Madhya Pradesh. This was the first part of the question and the second part of the question is what are different document required to register the vehicle in MP RTO?

Well, do not worry as you will find all the information here.

Vehicle Registration Process in Madhya Pradesh

So basically, to register a vehicle, you need to submit the documents in MP RTO along with the important forms. Form 20 or Form 25 is used in most of the cases but if you are planning to buy a new vehicle then you do not have to worry about getting the vehicle registered as this job is done by the RTO. If you are purchasing the pre-owned vehicle then you will certainly have to go ahead and get the vehicle registered by visiting the RTO. This is also true in case of getting an address changed. For all these requests, you need to visit the MP RTO along with the documents which are listed below.

Documents Required for Registering a Motor Vehicle in Madhya Pradesh

There are different Documents required for all these services and you need to get in touch with the RTO to figure out the right type of documents that you would need. However, to give you a brief idea, we are listing the different types of documents required.

Documents Required to Get a Permanent RC from MP Transport Department

The documents required for the Permanent registration of vehicle includes

  • Address Proof
  • PUC,
  • Design Approval in case of Trailer
  • Customs Clearance in case of Imported Vehicle
  • Form 21 for Sales Certificate
  • Form 22 for Fitness
  • Insurance Documents
  • Tax Receipts
  • Fee for Registration

Documents Required to Get a Temporary RC from MP Transport Department

The documents required for the temporary registration of vehicle includes

  • Address Proof
  • PUC Certificate
  • Design Approval in case of Trailer
  • Customs Clearance in case of Imported Vehicle
  • Form 21 for Sales Certificate
  • Form 22 for Fitness
  • Insurance Documents
  • Tax Receipts

How to Renew Registration Certificate

To renew the Registration Certificate, you would need the documents which are listed below

  • Address Proof
  • Fitness Certificate if Applicable
  • Tax Receipts
  • Old Registration Certificate
  • Insurance
  • PUC

These documents should be submitted to RTO along with the form which is required to renew the registration. It should be noted that the vehicle should have a valid insurance in case you are applying for the renewal of registration certificate.

Another point to note is that in some states and union territories, the government has stopped renewing the registration certificate for Petrol Vehicles which are older than 15 years. This is also applicable for the Diesel Vehicles which are older than 10 years. The care must be taken as vehicles older than the timeline mentioned above are not supposed to ply on roads. This law is not applicable in MP yet.

How to Get a Duplicate Registration Certificate

There are times when the Registration Certificate may get lost or it may get damaged. This can be a problem as you are required to have a registration certificate with you all the time. If you are stuck in such a situation there probably we know the solution to this. You can reach out to MP RTO and apply for the duplicate registration certificate. Let us first look at the documents required for obtaining a duplicate registration certificate in MP RTO and then we will talk about the process.

The documents required for the duplicate registration certificate of a vehicle includes

  • FIR for the lost registration certificate
  • Old registration certificate if it is damaged.

Once you have the documents listed above, you can then obtained a Form 26 which is the application form for getting a duplicate registration certificate. You need to fill in the form and submit this form to MP RTO along with the documents listed above and the applicable fee. If you have lost your Registration Certificate then it could also help to attach a copy of Registration Certificate if you have any.

Once that is done, the duplicate registration certificate will be issued to you.

How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership in Madhya Pradesh

To transfer the ownership, you need to have the documents which are mentioned in the next section of the vehicle. You may also require a fitness certificate if you are transferring the ownership of a commercial vehicle. If the vehicle was hypothecated by the bank or financer then you would also need to have a NOC from the financer.

Once the documents are ready, you can proceed and obtain the Form 29 or Form 30 from the MP RTO and you can submit the form after filling in the details. Post verification, the RC will be issued to the new owner and do not forget to obtain the acknowledgement receipt after submitting the form.

Documents Required for Transferring of Vehicle Ownership in Madhya Pradesh

The documents required for the transferring the ownership includes

  • Registration Certificate
  • Address Proof
  • Fitness Certificate
  • NOC from Financer
  • Sales Letter
  • PUC
  • Insurance Certificate

How to Update Address on Registration Certificate

There are times when people move house and in such a case, they must also update the address on the Registration Certificate. The process is simple as you just need to submit a copy of Form 33 in MP RTO along with the documents. These documents include

  • Registration Certificate
  • Insurance
  • PUC
  • Address Proof

Post submission of documents, you will receive a new Registration Certificate from MP RTO with the updated address.

Registration for Private Vehicles (Non-Transport Vehicles)

The registration of the new private vehicle is done by the dealer itself. They have the power of RTO and they will provide you with a number plate while you purchase a new vehicle. For the pre-owned vehicle, we have already listed the process and documents above.

The documents required for the registration of private vehicle includes

  • Registration Certificate
  • Insurance
  • No Objection Certificate from Financer
  • PUC
  • Address proof
  • Sales Form

Madhya Pradesh Transport Department ? eSewa Portal

MP RTO has made it possible for people to access the records online and avail the services online. For this, MP RTO came up with a website that can be used to avail these services. The website for Online MP RTO is if you wish to get the tax details or other services. This is more for getting the information about the vehicle and tax.

If in case, you wish to avail services like getting a driving license, paying the online tax, applying for Registration Certificate or applying for fitness certificate then you can go ahead and visit the MP Transport Department Website at

How to Get Vehicle Insurance in Madhya Pradesh

As you know, it is illegal to drive a vehicle in India without a valid insurance. In such a case, you can choose between a third-party insurance or a comprehensive insurance. There are two ways to purchase an insurance. These two ways are listed below

  • Dealer ? That is the first way to purchase the insurance and not many people prefer this. The new cars come with insurance and hence you can?t avoid this but for the old cars, you have the option to buy the insurance from the dealer or you can skip to the next option.
  • Online Portals ? There are many online portals that sell the insurance and hence you can reach out to them in order to purchase an insurance. You just need to submit the details online, compare the quotes and purchase the one which suits your needs. This way, you can also save some money.

We always recommend you to buy a comprehensive plan as this could help you in covering most of the usual risks which are not covered by third-party insurance.


This was all about MP RTO and if you need more information about a process or service then you can visit the MP RTO near your house or you can also refer to the online material available via the websites listed above. You can get all the required information there quite easily and hence you won?t have to deal with a middleman.

Madhya Pradesh RTO FAQ?s

Q: What is the Legal Age to drive in MP?

Ans: The legal age to drive a gearless scooter in MP is 16 and to drive a geared bike or car, the applicant needs to be 18 years old.

Q: My Vehicle is registered in Other State, Do I need to re-register with MP RTO?

Ans: As per the information available, you would not need to re-register if you plan to use the vehicle in MP for 12 months or less than 12 months. If you have to use the vehicle for more than 12 months then you would need to register the vehicle in MP and pay the road tax as well.

Q: When do I need to renew the Registration Certificate of my Bike?

Ans: The RC of the bike is valid for 15 years after which it should be renewed. The renewed RC is valid only for a period of 5 years and hence it should be renewed again after that.

Q: How to get Forms Required for Registration?

Ans: You can visit the MP RTO to obtain the form or you can visit the online portal listed above to download and print the form that you need.

Q:Can I apply for VIP Number in MP?

Ans: This facility can be availed through online process and you would need to register on the website for MP RTO. Once that is done, you can bid for a fancy number or so-called VIP number.

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