Check Driving Licence Status in Indore – Know Your DL Status in Seconds

Have you applied for a driving licence and haven’t obtained it even it’s been more than three weeks? It can be due to an ongoing covid situation or a normal delay. But, if you haven’t checked the reason, you can feel unsure whether the DL will ever arrive or not.

Well, don’t worry. If you are from Indore and you have applied for the DL through the local RTO, but are feeling uncertain about the DL status, then there are many ways to eradicate this issue. Anyone who has applied for a driving licence, whether it is new or has any change, can check its status.

Here are two of the easy ways to learn about your driving licence status in Indore. Both methods require an online method, so if you have a PC or Laptop, then everything will be way easier. However, you can do the same through your smartphone also. Let’s get started –

Method 1 – ParivahanSewa Website

The government of India has created a website for all driving licence and vehicle-related purposes. This website works for all the states, so it might be an easy way even if you live in any city of the country. Follow the given steps –

  • Visit the official website of ParivahanSewa or through the link.
  • Then click on the “Online Services” option from the menu bar and choose “Driving Licence related services” for more.
  • A new web page will open and you have to choose the state. In the case of Indore, choose “Madhya Pradesh” from the pop-down menu.
  • You might get a pop up with no application status-related option. So, close this pop-up dialogue box and you have the website with all the options.
  • In the upper right corner of this website, you can find the “Application Status” option. Click on this button then you have to enter Application Number, Date of birth and captcha.

Click on submit button and the website will fetch you detail of your driving licence.

Method 2 – Through Government of Madhya Pradesh Website

You can visit the government of Madhya Pradesh website. You have to visit the transport website and then follow the steps –

  • Visit the regional transport portal or
  • You can find the online services option in the menu bar. Click on this button and choose the “Licence Application & Appointment system” option.
  • A new web page will load and you have to choose the Track Licence option here.
  • Fill out your detail and you can find the status of your driving licence through this method.

The best part is, the whole procedure helps check the status for new, old, correction and other purposes.

The Final Verdict

Waiting for the first driving licence is one of the hardest jobs for someone who just turned 18. However, you won’t have to be desperate when you know the exact status. I Hope, this guide will help you. Drive Safe!