Uttar Pradesh RTO

Uttar Pradesh is quite a large state and hence it needs a lot of officials to implement the rules and regulations. There was a point when the condition of the traffic was quite bad in Uttar Pradesh. Today, the situation is much better than what it was in past. The credit for same goes to the Regional Transport Office in Uttar Pradesh.

As you might be aware of RTO Uttar Pradesh were also set up as a part of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 and it has been through a lot of expansion. Today, each city has RTO Uttar Pradesh Office and it is not just restricted to one office in a city. Many of the city has multiple offices to facilitate the tasks that people need help with.

Here, in this article, we have listed all the information about RTO Uttar Pradesh and you can go through the details below if you are looking for a procedure to register vehicle, re-register vehicle or process to buy an insurance.

Functions and Services of Uttar Pradesh Transport Department (UP RTO)

RTO Uttar Pradesh has the functions of any regular RTO. The functions are listed below however, the functions of RTO Uttar Pradesh are not just restricted to the ones mentioned below

  • Enforcement of the laws that are listed under the Motor Vehicle Act along with the implementation of the rules that are a part of state law.
  • Coordination in the development process of road transport by offering permits so as to develop public transport for the people.
  • Collection of Road Taxes and Fines which are also a part of Motor Vehicle Act.

Apart from this, the RTO Uttar Pradesh also performs many functions like Registration of Vehicles, Issuance of Driving Licenses, Maintenance of various Database, Inspection on Road and other such functions.

Number of Transport Offices and RTOs in Uttar Pradesh

Presently, we do not have the correct number for a number of Transport Offices and RTOs in Uttar Pradesh. We do know the codes and RTO Uttar Pradesh locations. In total, this number stands at Seventy Nine (79)

Refer to the section below to check out the RTO Codes with the office location.

Uttar Pradesh RTO Codes with Office Locations

RTO Uttar Pradesh has 79 different codes at present and each code represents a different location. Below is the list of the RTO Codes and with help of these codes, you can get an idea about the location of the vehicle if you have the master list of RTO Uttar Pradesh Codes.

RTO Uttar Pradesh Location RTO Uttar Pradesh Codes RTO Uttar Pradesh Location RTO Uttar Pradesh Codes
Agra UP80 Jyotiba Phule Nagar UP23
Aligarh UP81 Kannauj UP74
Allahabad UP70 Kanpur UP78
Ambedkar Nagar UP45 Kanpur Dehat UP77
Amethi district UP36 Kanshiram Nagar UP87
Auraiya UP79 Kaushambi UP73
Ayodhya UP28 Kheri UP31
Azamgarh UP50 Lalitpur UP94
Badaun UP24 Lucknow UP32
Baghpat UP17 Mahamaya Nagar UP86
Bahraich UP40 Mahoba UP95
Ballia UP60 Mahrajganj UP56
Balrampur UP47 Mainpuri UP84
Banda UP90 Mathura UP85
Barabanki UP41 Mau UP54
Bareilly UP25 Meerut UP15
Basti UP51 Mirzapur UP63
Bhadohi UP66 Moradabad UP21
Bijnor UP20 Muzaffarnagar UP12
Bulandshahar UP13 new UP39
Chandauli UP67 Noida UP16
Chitrakoot Dham, Karwi UP96 Padrauna UP57
Deoria UP52 Pilibhit UP26
Etah UP82 Pratapgarh UP72
Etawah UP75 Raebareli UP33
Faizabad UP42 Rampur UP22
Farrukhabad UP76 Saharanpur UP11
Fatehpur UP71 Sambhal UP38
Firozabad UP83 Sant Kabir Nagar UP58
Ghaziabad UP14 Shahjahanpur UP27
Ghazipur UP61 Shamli UP19
Gonda UP43 Shrawasti UP46
Gorakhpur UP53 Siddharth Nagar UP55
Greater Noida UP18 Sitapur UP34
Hamirpur UP91 Sonbhadra UP64
Hapur UP37 Sultanpur UP44
Hardoi UP30 Unnao UP35
Jalaun UP92 Varanasi UP65
Jaunpur UP62 Yusuf UP29
Jhansi UP93

Contact Details of Uttar Pradesh RTO

You might come across a situation when you might need help from the authorities. This could be regarding a confusion about the documents or this can also be about the help with the procedure. You will be glad to know that you do not have to visit RTO Uttar Pradesh office as there is a way to contact them via phone. Moreover, the number is toll-free. Below is the number that can be used to dial the RTO Uttar Pradesh

Phone No ? 1800 1800 151

Website ? http://uptransporthelpline.org/

Types of Vehicle Registration in Uttar Pradesh

RTO Uttar Pradesh offers many different types of services and these services are in sync with the services offered by other RTO. Below is a list of services offered by RTO Uttar Pradesh.

  • Temporary Registration of Vehicle
  • Change in Address on Registration Certificate
  • Permanent Registration of Vehicle
  • Issuing the Duplicate Registration Certificate
  • Re-Registration of Vehicle
  • Agreement Registration for Hire-Purchase of Vehicle

How to Register a Motor Vehicle in Uttar Pradesh

You have just seen the list of different types of registration offered by RTO Uttar Pradesh. Even change in address is a type of registration and you get a new registration certificate for that. So basically, the process of registration changes with the type of registration you need. In the section below, you will find the process of registration along with the documents that you need for different type of registration.

Vehicle Registration Process in Uttar Pradesh

We will talk about the standard process for new vehicle registration as well as the old vehicle registration.

  • New Vehicle ? For this, you do not really have to do anything apart from submitting the documents to your dealer. The rest of the job will be done by the dealer as it is their duty to register the vehicle. They have the power of RTO and hence the dealer will assign a permanent number to you.
  • Old Vehicle ? The documents and the forms change as per the scenario and once you have the documents and the form, you just need to go ahead and submit the documents to RTO Uttar Pradesh along with the fee. In most of the cases, the fresh Registration Certificate is issued in 7 to 14 weeks and it is delivered to your residential address.

Documents Required for Registering a Motor Vehicle in Uttar Pradesh

In the section above, you have been through the different types of registration. In such a case, you need to understand that the documents required for the registration will also vary with the scenario. In most of the cases, you will need three documents which include address proof, Registration Form, Tax Receipt, PUC and Insurance. The detailed list of the document is listed below with a segregation.

Documents Required to Get a Permanent RC from UP Transport Department

The documents required for the Permanent registration of vehicle includes the ones mentioned below. You need to submit the documents to the dealer and some of the documents will be procured by the dealer himself

  • Address Proof
  • Fee for Registration
  • Customs Clearance in case of Imported Vehicle
  • Design Approval in case of Trailer
  • Form 21 for Sales Certificate
  • Insurance Documents
  • Form 22 for Fitness
  • Tax Receipts
  • PUC

Documents Required to Get a Temporary RC from UP Transport Department

The documents required for the temporary registration of vehicle are same as the documents required for Permanent Registration, however, the number place would have a ?Temp? sign on it. You can then visit the RTO and get a permanent Registration done.

  • Address Proof
  • Fee for Registration
  • Customs Clearance in case of Imported Vehicle
  • Design Approval in case of Trailer
  • Form 21 for Sales Certificate
  • Insurance Documents
  • Form 22 for Fitness
  • Tax Receipts
  • PUC

How to Renew Registration Certificate

The registration of the vehicle is for a limited period of time. After the expiry of the registration certificate, you need to visit the RTO Uttar Pradesh to re-register the vehicle. To renew the Registration Certificate, you would need the documents which are listed below

  • Old Registration Certificate
  • Address Proof
  • Insurance
  • PUC
  • Form for Re-registration
  • Fitness Certificate where Applicable
  • Tax Receipts

How to Get a Duplicate Registration Certificate

If you have lost or damaged your Registration Certificate then do not worry as RTO Uttar Pradesh has a provision to reissue a registration certificate to you. There are certain rules and regulations which are applicable for getting a duplicate registration certificate and you need to have certain documents while applying for a duplicate registration certificate.

The documents required for the duplicate registration certificate of a vehicle includes

  • FIR for the lost registration certificate
  • Old registration certificate if it is damaged.

You need to submit the form, fee along with the document listed above to get the registration certificate for yourself.

How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership in Uttar Pradesh

Purchasing a second-hand vehicle can be a great decision as you can save a lot on the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle. The only thing that you need to do after purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is that you need to have the ownership transferred.

To get the ownership transferred, you need to approach the RTO Uttar Pradesh with the documents that are listed below. Along with the documents, you need to have the form for the registration and the fee that needs to be paid for the transfer of ownership.

Documents Required for Transferring of Vehicle Ownership in Uttar Pradesh

The documents required for the transferring the ownership includes

  • Sales Letter
  • Registration Certificate
  • NOC from Financer
  • Fitness Certificate
  • Address Proof
  • PUC Certificate
  • Insurance Certificate

How to Update Address on Registration Certificate

If you moved house then you would have to change the address on the Aadhaar card, driving license and other documents. In such a case, do not forget to get the address changed on the Registration Certificate as well. To change the address on RC, you need to have the documents listed below.

These documents include

  • Address Proof for the new address
  • Registration Certificate
  • Insurance
  • PUC

Submit these documents at RTO Uttar Pradesh along with the form for the change of address and the required fee to get the address changed on Registration Certificate.

Registration for Private Vehicles (Non-Transport Vehicles) in Uttar Pradesh

The documents are more or less the same and as mentioned earlier, for the new vehicles, you do not need to do anything as the dealer will register the vehicle for you. For, the pre-owned vehicle, the process of transferring the ownership is listed in the section above.

Moreover, the documents required for the registration of a private vehicle with RTO Uttar Pradesh includes

  • Registration Certificate
  • Sales Form
  • Address proof
  • No Objection Certificate from Financer
  • Insurance
  • PUC

Uttar Pradesh Transport Department ? eSewa Portal

Most of the services for RTO Uttar Pradesh are available online. You can simply access these services by visiting the site for RTO Uttar Pradesh – http://www.uptransport.co.in/ and you will find the links to apply for a process, apply for a license, checking the VIP Number availability, contact details, online form, fee structure and other such details.

How to Get Vehicle Insurance in Uttar Pradesh

The process of getting a vehicle insurance is similar to the process of getting insurance in the rest of the country. You can approach the company directly to get a quote. If you feel that you can get a better deal than we would suggest you to visit the portal wherein you can compare the price of various insurance.

You can purchase the insurance directly and in addition to this, you might have to get the vehicle inspected depending on the conditions. Do ensure that you opt for a comprehensive insurance as that covers a lot of things which are not covered in a third-party insurance.


This was all about RTO Uttar Pradesh and various registration process. Always drive carefully and do not over speed. Have your documents up to date and never drive under the influence of alcohol or any narcotic substance. Stay safe and for any query, reach out to RTO Uttar Pradesh via the phone number mentioned above.

Uttar Pradesh RTO FAQ?s

What is the Legal Age to drive in UP?

For India, a citizen can drive a gear-less scooter or bike when he turns 16 whereas, the citizen should be 18 years old to drive a geared vehicle.

My Vehicle is registered in Other State, Do I need to re-register with RTO Uttar Pradesh?

If you are in Uttar Pradesh for a visit then there is no need to register with UP RTO but if you plan to shift in UP for a period over a year then you must register your vehicle with RTO Uttar Pradesh by paying the applicable road tax.

When do I need to renew the Registration Certificate of my Car?

The registration certificate for the vehicle is applicable for 10 to 15 years depending on the car. Once that expires, you need to renew the registration certificate by visiting RTO Uttar Pradesh. It should be noted that in some states, you can?t renew the registration certificate after 10 years if your vehicle is powered by diesel.

How to get Forms Required for Registration?

All the forms are available for download on the website for RTO Uttar Pradesh and you can download the form and obtain a print. You can also visit the RTO to get the form.

Can I apply for VIP Number in UP?

Yes, there is a provision to get VIP number in Uttar Pradesh but you need to check the availability of number via RTO Uttar Pradesh website. Once that is done, you can then visit the RTO to apply for the number.

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