Check Driving License Status in Chennai

Many of us love to drive, and it is one of the most exciting moments of life when we learn to drive for the first time. Buying a car is yet another major event in life. We always advocate following all the laws, and hence we also recommend not to drive a vehicle without a valid driving license. Earlier, getting the driving license was a challenge because you had to visit the RTO, stand in queues and then submit the form, but now, things are a lot simpler. In Chennai, you can submit the form online and book an appointment for yourself. You can then visit the RTO in the given slot and appear for the driving test or the written test.

The learner license can now be printed online, and the driving license gets delivered to the home. However, the important thing here is to keep checking the driving license status after the test. If you are also trying to find the status of the driving license in Chennai, then you are on the right page. Go ahead and check out the details below.

Check Driving License Status in Chennai

You can check the Driving License status in Chennai with the help of the mobile number and the application number. You can use the Sarathi portal to check the status, and it is speedy. This article is for the people who have applied for a license in Chennai. You need to follow the steps listed on this page to get the driving license status in Chennai.

List of Services Where the Driving License Status is Available

If you have applied for any of the services listed below, you will be able to check the status of your driving license.

  • Additional endorsement to Driving License
  • Change of address in Driving License
  • Change of biometrics in Driving License
  • Change of date of birth in Driving License
  • Change of name in Driving License
  • Driving License application status
  • International Driving License
  • Issue of duplicate Driving License
  • New Driving License
  • Renewal Of Driving License
  • Replacement of Driving License

Steps to Check the Driving License Status in Chennai

Here are the steps to check the status of the Driving License in Chennai

  • Start by visiting, and from the top menu, click on Online Services.
  • A drop-down menu will be displayed. Click on Driving License Related Services to proceed.
  • On the next page, select your state as Tamil Nadu from the bottom. You will be redirected to the Sarathi portal now.
  • On top of the page, you will notice a link for Application Status. A new page will be displayed. Here, enter the application number date of birth along the Captcha code. The status of the license will now be displayed.


These were the detailed steps to check the driving license status in Chennai. We hope that you get your license soon. You can use the same portal to file your grievance if you have any issues. You would need your mobile number to file the complaint, but this process for redressal is very effective. You can also use the portal for other services, so go ahead and explore the Sarathi portal now.