Electric Cars Advantages and Disadvantages

Electric Cars Advantages and Disadvantages

Electric cars are becoming the new rage in this modern-day world. They have steadily gained popularity and are at the forefront with many high-profile automobile manufacturers. Such has been the change in the stance of people, that many companies are coming up with electric variants of their existing models to help satiate the needs of the people.

It’s great to see that the world is moving towards sustainability and renewable energy. This not only helps to preserve the planet but also provides a better platform for the upcoming generation.Using an electric car comes with its own set of caveats. There are a few distinct advantages and disadvantages of electric car and we try to shed some light on this down below:

Electric Vehicles Pros and Cons

Advantages of Electric Cars

Electric cars come with a host of advantages that make them a good bet. They are already talked of like the cars for the future and they truly are. Here are a few advantages of electric cars:

  • Better placed for the environment

Electric cars are perfectly suited for the betterment of the world. They do not invoke pollutions and don’t leave out any harmful gases in the atmosphere. This alone makes them a great pick. Electric cars have no emission providing us with a better world to live in.

Keeping our environment clean and making it sustainable is what prompted such a mass production of electric cars. The world is systematically shifting towards creating a better environment and this aids in the plan.

  • Low Maintenance Cost

Electric cars tend to have lower maintenance costs than gasoline or petroleum ones. The reason, with petroleum you not only burn the fuel but also develop various fuel issues in the engine. The cases of the engine getting filled with oil spills and more aren’t uncommon. Thankfully, with electric cars, there are no such issues.

Electric cars use a simple mechanism and don’t use acombustion-based system. This makes them quite sturdy and low in maintenance. The engine tends to last longer creating a value-oriented performance and long-term durability to the user. This helps to reduce the costs of repair, spare parts, and more saving you tons of money.

  • Low Running Cost

The major running cost for a car is fuel apart from the repairs and maintenance. People spend tons of money on fuels throughout the running of the car. This has been known to create a dent in the pockets. Not just that, with the fuel prices increasing continuously and new tax regimes coming over from time to time, it’s always better to safeguard yourself.

With electric cars, all you need is to charge them electrically. And electricity is much cheaper than fuel prices. You can simply charge it at your home or the electric station. The government is planning to install electric charging stations at plenty of places allowing people to easily charge them and promote electric cars.

  • Enhanced government support and tax benefits

We already talked about how governments all over the world are trying to set up electric charging stations in a paramount effort to make them accessible to everyone around. But do you know that electric cars are also taxed beneficial? Many government tax regimes support the use of electric vehicles and offer tax credits or discounts for people looking to buy electric vehicles.

This is a great way to get a new electric car set for the future at a great price. Not only this reduces your outlay but also helps shed some burden on the tax. It’s a win-win situation that can never be imagined with fuel-based cars. Just make sure to check the proposal or offer with your car dealer and you can avail of great benefits on the same.

  • Breeze quietly and smoothly

We talked about how well electric cars are when it comes to maintenance. They require a minimum of maintenance and are great in that way. But there’s another thing that makes it great. Electric cars do not come with those noisy combustion engines thus making them quiet. Fuel-based cars, even the smaller ones tend to be super loud and can create quite havoc with the sounds.

But with electric cars, it’s as smooth as sailing on the ship. Electric cars are designed with low noise output and vibration. This helps make sure that there’s no ruckus the next time you bring your car out of the garage and drive through the streets.

Disadvantages of Electric Cars

Electric cars tend to come with a few disadvantages. Here’s a look at them:

  • It’s still in the Initial Phase

As much as we talk about electric vehicles, they are still in the initial phase and a lot has to be done to make them as perfect as the fuel driving cars counterparts. Electric vehicles are gaining huge investments and are attracting quite a few buyers. But it will still take a few years to fully transition them into the priority to people looking to buy a car.

As much as we say this as a major disadvantage, the thing is likely to better itself in a few years and we might see the reign of electric cars all over. Just make sure to maybe wait a couple of years before shortlisting your picks.

  • Short driving range

One thing that discourages people from moving to electric cars is their low driving range. Electric vehicles still haven’t fully transitioned into the long-haul vehicle. Most of the electric vehicles come with a driving range of 200 kms. This is quite low when compared to the fuel-based ones that can run for any long duration.

To date, electric cars are mostly designed for the city areas where having a range of 200-300 km can help you cover quite a lot in a day or two. But if you’re looking for a trip to the mountains or the beach, electric cars are a long way to reaching that potential.

  • Charging Electric Car takes loads of time

The thing about electric cars is that they take loads of time to charge. A full charge may require you to plugin for the entire night. And if you miss plugging it in, the next morning you won’t be able to drive it. This is one of the biggest demerits of electric cars as of now. With so much time required to charge it fully, you may not get the best results all the time.

What if you’re in urgent need to drive around? Will you be able to charge the car as quickly.Sadly that’s still in the workings and will take a good few years to develop. Always make sure that you buy a car that can offer good charging and can help you get up and running in less time.

  • Lack of choices

The electric car industry hasn’t flourished the way fuel-based cars have. It has to do with the running time too. Fuel-based cars have decades of establishment and refinement while electric cars are slowly gaining speed. This gives an upper hand to the fuel-based cars to stake a claim on the electric ones. It will take quite a few years to make them comparative. Just simply answer these, how many electric car options can you recall on the back of your mind if you are asked suddenly? Not many. That’s the sad part of it.

This had created a situation where the electric vehicle options are pretty low and don’t match up to the fuel ones. You can only select from a handful of them. Anyone who is looking for an electric car has to make do with these few options. And that’s something that hinders the pick for people.

  • Lack of charging stations

Since electric cars are still in the early stage, the charging stations have not been developed as much as required. Although governments all over the world are trying to develop electric charging stations at breath-neck speed, they are still not enough. This is because the number of car users is increasing while the charging stations are still few and far.

If you live in a city area, you may get quite a few electric cars charging stations. But if you live in the countryside or a small town, the charging stations will be simply few and less in number. This means you’ll have to rely on the charging at your home, coincidently affecting the charge cycle and taking a longer duration to charge it fully. This issue will be slowly resolved with the growth of a large number of charging stations.

Electric cars are the ones for the future and they are on the right path to achieve it. Not only are they good for the environment but also helps lower the costs and substitute the ever-increasing fuel demand. This will help us build sustainability for the long haul. However, there are a few downsides to this which cut a few points for electric cars. But with time, they will hopefully be resolved and taken care of.

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