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Regional Transport Office (RTO)

You would have heard a lot about Regional Transport Office but do you really know what RTO stands for and what are the exact functions of Regional Transport Office? Do you know the full-form of RTO and do you know the address of RTO? Well, in this article, we have covered all this information about RTO. We will first talk about a brief introduction to RTO and then we will move ahead to other points.


To begin with, RTO stands for Regional Transport Office and these are basically the regional offices that fall under Motor vehicle Departments. These departments were established under Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 and as per the act, the RTOs were setup across the nation. There are certain activities and functions assigned to RTO and they are common for all the Regional Transport offices.

As of now, each state and each union territory has Regional Transport Office and most of the states have many R.T.O. ideally, there is a different RTO for each district which performs the duties that are defined by the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988.

What is Temporary RTO Registration for Vehicles?

You would have noticed a Temp written on the number plates of some of the vehicles. Do you know what does that stands for? Well, that stands for Temporary and it means that the registration number on the vehicle is temporary. Now you must be wondering that what this temporary registration is.


Previously, the temporary registration numbers were given to vehicles so that they could have been transported from the dealer to the place where they are supposed to be registered (RTO Office). This temporary number plate is usually valid for 7 days in case of the car but for the chassis where there is a need to build the body, the duration is 30 days. In this period of time, the owner can complete the built of the body and then he can get the vehicle registered by visiting the Nearest RTO Office.

As of now, there are not many cases where you would see the Temp number plate as the dealers now have the power to register the vehicle. They can submit the vehicle’s paper to the Regional Transport Office and they can assign you a number. In most of the cases, the vehicles come with a number pre-assigned to them.

What are the Functions of the Regional Transport Office?

There are three basic functions that are assigned to every RTO. Knowing about these functions can help you in getting a brief understanding of what does a Regional Transport Office does. In addition to this, we will talk about the activities performed by RTO in the later stages once you have an idea about the functions of the Regional Transport Office.

The three basic functions of the Regional Transport Office are

  • To ensure coordinated development of road transportation by the management of the permits issues.
  • To enforce the provisions of the various acts which are a part of the Motor Vehicle Act and to ensure the implementation of Motor Vehicles Rules that are applicable on the state level as well as on the central level. The department needs to stay in sync with the government of India.
  • The RTO also needs to collect the charges and the taxes as per the provision of the vehicle act and the various provisions of the vehicle act.

This was all about the functions of RTO and we will now talk about the activities of Regional Transport Office.

What are the Activities performed by Regional Transport Office?

You must not be confused between the activities and functions of RTO as the activities of Regional Transport Office are the subset of functions. If you wish to know about the activities that are performed by RTO then you can check out the list of activities available below.

  • Registration of New Vehicle for personal use as well as commercial use.
  • Registration of Vehicle after the transfer of ownership or registration of mortgage transactions after hypothecation.
  • Issuance of License for the public transits as well as freight
  • Issuing the Learners and Permanent Driving License after conducting the test for the applicant.
  • Issuing of the badges to the commercial drivers along with the commercial driving license.
  • Issuance of International Driving License.
  • Maintenance of database for the license issued.
  • Maintenance of the database for the vehicles registered in an Regional Transport Office.
  • Collection of Motor Vehicle Tax and Road Tax
  • Checking the validity of Insurance as well as PUC Certificate of Vehicles.
  • Inspection of Vehicles and certifying the fitness of the transport vehicles.

Check RC Status Online

Check Driving License Status Online
Check Vehicle Registration Status OnlineCheck Vehicle Details By Number Plate

What are the Various RTO State Codes in India?

Each state in India has a different code and you would have noticed this easily on the number plates of the vehicle. To explain this better, we will take an example. For example, if you notice a car registered in Delhi, you will notice that the registration number of the car starts with DL. Similarly, you will notice the registration number starting with MP for the car registered in Madhya Pradesh. This way, each state has a different RTO Code and below is the list of these RTO Vehicle Codes.

LocationsVehicle CodeLocationsVehicle Code
Andhra PradeshAPArunachal PradeshAR
Himachal PradeshHPJammu and KashmirJK
KeralaKLMadhya PradeshMP
SikkimSKTamil NaduTN
TripuraTRUttar PradeshUP
UttarakhanadUKWest BengalWB

What are the Various RTO Code of Union Territories in India?

In the list mentioned above, you would have noticed that there is no mention of the Union Territories. The codes are separate for Union Territories but we didn?t mention them in the above portion. To check out the RTO Code for the RTO Vehicles in Union Territories, you can refer to the table listed below.

Union TerritoryVehicle Code
Andaman & Nicobar IslandsAN
Dadar and Nagar HaveliDN
Daman and DiuDD
NCR / DelhiDL

What is the process to check your vehicle registration details via RTO Online method? (Vehicle Information)

With the increasing dependency on technology, there are many facilities that are made available for the people through online medium. Today, it is possible to check the RTO Vehicle Information and registration status of the vehicle online and all you need is the registration number of slot bonus new member 100 di awal the vehicle.

Follow the steps below to check the RTO Vehicle Information and vehicle registration status details online.

  • You need to visit the Vahan Portal to begin the search and the link to the portal is https://vahan.nic.in
  • On this portal, you will notice an options menu on left side of the page. From the options displayed, click on Vehicle Status. You will now be taken to a new page for searching the vehicle records. If you do not find the link then you can directly click on https://vahan.nic.in/nrservices/faces/user/jsp/SearchStatus.jsp
  • Now, enter the Vehicle Number along with the Captcha Code and click on search button. The RTO Registration?status of the vehicle will now be displayed.
  • The details that will be displayed would include the Regional Transport Office where the vehicle is registered, Chassis Number, Engine Number, Vehicle Class and also the NOC Details if applicable.

This way, you can check if the vehicle has been registered or not along with other RTO Vehicle Information that you might need. All these details can be obtained online and in case of discrepancy, you should visit Nearest RTO Office.

What are the Different Types of RTO Forms and their Use?

There are almost 27 different types of form that are used by RTO Office. If you want to know about the different forms available then you can simply refer to the list below as we have listed the forms along with the purpose of the form.

While most of the forms are available online, you can also visit the Nearest RTO Office for getting the form.

Form 1Form is used as an Application or declaration to Physical Fitness
Form 1-AMedical Certificate Form which is needed while applying for a driving license.
Form 2Application for learning license. The form is now available online and you need to use this form while the renewal of learning license as well.
Form 3Learner’s License Form
Form 4Application for the for permanent License and this form is also available online
Form 4 AForm of application to drive a vehicle. This is a sub-part of Form 4 and it is also available online
Form 8This form needs to be filled when you want to add a driving class to the vehicle. For example, if you have your license for Motorcycle and if you need to add LMV to that then you need this form.
Form 9Application form for the renewal of permanent driving license.
Form LLDApplication form for a duplicate license
Form 20Application form for registration of new vehicles (RTO Registration)
Form 25Application form for re-registration of vehicles (RTO Registration)
Form 26Application form for the duplicate certificate of Registration Certificate of Vehicle
Form 27Application form for new registration from other states
Form 28Application form for obtaining no objection certificate
Form 29Application form for transfer of ownership also known as Sales Letter
Form 30Application form for transfer of ownership also known as a Sales letter
Form 31Application form for a death certificate
Form 32Application form for registration of public auction vehicle
Form 33Application form for address change in registration certificate of vehicle
Form 34Application form for hypothecation Endorsement and it is used while obtaining a loan
Form 35Application form for hypothecation termination which is used after the loan is cleared
Form 60Application form for income tax Information
Form 61Application form for income tax exemption case
IDPApplication form for getting an International driving permit
PSVApplication form required for Public Services Vehicle
RTO Application-AApplication form for verification of the antecedents
Character CertificateApplication form for verification of character
IDPApplication form for getting an International driving permit
PSVApplication form required for Public Services Vehicle
RTO Application-AApplication form for verification of the antecedents
Character CertificateApplication form for verification of character

Is it possible to get a fancy number for your vehicle?

The number of the car is pre-assigned by the dealer but you can choose a fancy number as per your wish. Below is the process for the same.

  • Now, visit the RTO Office?along with Aadhaar card, proof of payment of booking amount, form for the fancy Ensure that the documents are self-attested and they are completely filled.
  • Go to the counter and check for the availability. If the number is available, the officer will approve the number and you will then have to visit the DO for approval.
  • In the later stages, you can make the payment collect the fancy number allotment letter. Once that is done, you can get the number for your car or bike.

What is Regional Transport Office fee for the different process?

The Regional Transport Office Fee varies for different services as well as different states. For example, the registration fee and taxes depend on the type of vehicle and class of vehicle. For better and accurate information, you must check the same with the dealer as they will be able to provide you with accurate information.

What is the process for Vehicle Registration?

If you purchased a new vehicle then you do not have to worry about the registration process as the dealer would be completing the process for you. You just need to complete the formalities by submitting the form and the documents to the dealer. You will receive the registration certificate of the vehicle once the vehicle has been registered. In the meantime, you will get a copy of the registration receipt which can be used if a policeman asks you to verify the papers.

Regional Transport Office FAQs

Q: Can I fill the offline form for Driving License?

Ans: No, you can?t fill the form for the driving license through the offline medium. For all the states, the form is now available online and hence you need to follow the online process that needs to be followed via RTO Online Portal

Q: Can I visit any Regional Transport Office in the state?

Ans: No, you need to visit the Nearest RTO Office in your area and district. You can?t just visit any Regional Transport Office. You need to visit the Regional Transport Office in which your address falls.

Q: Do I have to Re-register the vehicle?

Ans: If you bought a used vehicle then you need to re-register the vehicle. You can visit the RTO Office?with the required documents and forms. Submit the form along with original RC to get the ownership transferred to your name.

Q: Can I apply for driving permit in America with help of Regional Transport Office?

Ans: Yes, you can apply for travel permit with help of Regional Transport Office but you need to have a valid driving license and other documents to apply for an international driving permit.

Q: I lost my License and RC, what should I do?

Ans: If you lost your driving license or RC then you can visit the Regional Transport Office and apply for duplicate documents. You would need to have a copy of FIR for the same and once that is obtained, fill up the relevant form and submit the fee to get the duplicate documents.