How To Use Wireless Charger For Car – Tips & Tricks

Wireless Car Charger

A new feature added to the new generation cars is wireless charging that is totally different from USB car charger. It enables you to charge your smartphone without taking the charging cable with you. It is especially a relief for the people who have mobile phones of different brands. In this article, we will share some tips and tricks to use wireless chargers for the car so that you have 100% battery by the time you reach your destination.

How to Use the Wireless Charger in Car?

To charge your phone wirelessly, the first thing that you must check is if your phone is compatible with wireless charging technology. If the answer to the question is a Yes, you can go ahead and charge your phone with the help of the wireless car charger. To do so, you must ensure that there is no metallic, non-metallic, or magnetic object placed on the charging pad. Now, you can place your mobile phone on the charging pad with the screen facing up. The charging icon should be displayed on the phone, and if the charging icon is not displayed, you can try to move the phone slightly to align it with the charging coil.

Tips for Using Wireless Chargers for Car

In this section, we have listed some tips that can help you use the wireless charger in the right way. Check them out now.

  • Alignment – The first and the most important thing remains to be the alignment of the phone. The wireless charging coil of the phone should be properly aligned with the charging pad. If the coil is not aligned correctly, it will result in a loss of efficiency. Moreover, the phone will not charge if there is an alignment issue.
  • Compatible Case – A prevalent mistake made by people while using the wireless charger is using a non-compatible case. While using the wireless charger, you must ensure that you are using a compatible phone case. Most of the soft cases are compatible with the wireless charger. In addition to this, you can check the case packaging for more information.s
  • Mobile Wallets – The next important thing to ensure is that you are not holding any credit card in your mobile wallet while charging the phone using a wireless charger. The electromagnetic field can ruin the magnetic stripe of the credit or debit card. To avoid this, always remove your credit card from the mobile wallets while using wireless charging technology.
  • Direct Sunlight – If you have purchased an aftermarket wireless charger, you must also ensure that you do not place it in direct sunlight. The phone gets heated during the wireless charging, and the direct sunlight might add to the heat and cause the phone to malfunction.

Troubleshooting the Wireless Chargers in Car

If the wireless charger in your car is not working, we have listed some of the common problems. Check out the points below.

  • Alignment Problem – We have already talked enough about the alignment problem. The only solution to this is to adjust the position of the phone to align the charging cable. Even a few millimeters of separation between the coils can lead to a phone not charging. You can also ensure that there is no stuff lying on the charging pad, and you must ensure that the phone case is compatible with the wireless chargers.
  • Lower Charging Efficiency – If you notice that the charging is slow, then the first thing to note is that the wireless chargers are slow. Moreover, if you still find the wireless charger to be slower than anticipated, you must see the power rating of the wireless charger. If possible, upgrade the wireless charger to a 10W or a 15W charger. You can also turn the phone on airplane mode to improve charging efficiency.
  • Loss of Charging – There are some cases when people have reported that the phones have discharged when they place them on the wireless charger. In such cases, there are chances that your wireless charger has malfunctioned. You must go ahead and get it assessed at an authorized service center.

If your car doesn’t have an inbuilt wireless charger, you can also purchase an aftermarket accessory. You can connect these chargers to the 12v socket in the car, and they provide you with wireless charging capabilities. These aftermarket accessories double up as phone holders as well, and this way, you will be able to use your phone for navigation.

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