Check Driving License Status in Kota

Kota is a city in Rajasthan, and it is popular for the world-class educational institutes that help students prepare for higher education. Because of this, you find many students in Kota, and they often need a scooty or a moped to commute. Many students find themselves on the opposite side of the law because of their ignorance. We bet that most of you would not know that a student can get a driving license at 16 to ride a gearless scooter. So, if you were not aware of it and are already 16, go ahead and apply for a driving license. Today, in this article, we will share the process of checking the driving license status in Kota.

Check Driving License Status in Kota

If you are not aware of the updates, please note that you can avail of all RTO-related services in Rajasthan using the Sarathi Portal. This has become a one-stop solution to get all the services. The utility to check the application status has also been integrated into the Sarathi Portal. So, let us now move ahead to the next section and understand the procedure to check driving license status in Kota.

Services for Which You Can Check the Status Online

If you have applied for any of the services below in Kota, you can check your driving license status in Kota using the online method we have listed for you.

  • Updating Name or Biometric on Driving License
  • Updating Date of Birth on Driving License
  • Updating Address on Driving License
  • Renewal of Driving License
  • Issue of New Driving License
  • Getting International Driving License
  • Getting Duplicate Driving License
  • Adding Endorsement on Driving License

Steps to Check the Driving License Status in Kota

To check the driving license status in Kota, follow the steps that we have documented below.

  • The first step of the process is to visit the Parivahan Portal. If you don’t have the Parivahan portal link, you can use the link
  • On this page, you will see an option for Online Services. Click on the Online Services, and a drop-down menu will be displayed. From this drop-down menu, click on Driving License Related Services.
  • You will now find yourself on the Sarathi Portal. Scroll to the bottom of this page and select Rajasthan from the drop-down menu. On the new page that will load, click on Check Application Status.
  • A form will be displayed, and you need to enter your date of birth, application ID and Code on the screen. The webpage will now display the status of your driving license. 

Alternative Process to Check the Status of Driving License

If you don’t wish to check the driving license status in Kota online, you would need to rely on the SMS you will receive from the RTO. They often send SMS to keep you updated about the progress. So ensure that you give the correct contact number in the application.


It is straightforward to check driving license status in Kota, and the portal is highly reliable too. It usually takes a week to get the Learner License, and it takes anywhere between 15 days to 60 days to receive your driving license at home.