How to Get Driving Licence in Bareilly

No matter whether you are driving a two-wheeler, three-wheeler, or four-wheeler on the Indian roads, you will need a driving license to drive the vehicle freely. This applies to every state in India. Here we are going to discuss how to get a driving license in Bareilly, a district in Uttar Pradesh.

Usually, it is very simple and known to everyone that a driving license can be availed from the RTO of Bareilly. But if you know the complete process of applying for a driving license, you can do it without facing any challenges. This article includes everything about driving license Bareilly such as online and offline application procedure, different types of driving licenses in Bareilly, document’s list required for driving license, the process of the driving test, etc.

Driving License Types in Bareilly  

Usually, different people use different types of vehicles for different purposes in Bareilly. This is why there are different types of driving licenses available in Bareilly. Here are different types of driving licenses that one can apply for in Puducherry.

  • Driving license for two-wheeler vehicles that don’t have gears, such as scooters and mopeds.
  • Driving license for non-commercial four-wheeler vehicles or two-wheeler vehicles with gear.
  • Driving license for transport vehicles used for commercial purposes like trucks, lorry, trailer, and other heavy vehicles.

Driving License Fees in Bareilly RTO

While applying for a driving license in Bareilly, one needs to pay several fees in different phases. So, you should know the fee structure before applying for a driving license.

  • Driving license fees for a new driving license – 200 rupees
  • Fees for driving test and retest for DL in Bareilly – 50 rupees
  • Driving license issuance fees in Bareilly – 200 rupees
  • Driving license renewal fees – 200 rupees
  • Fees for duplicate driving license in Bareilly – 200 rupees
  • Fees for delaying the driving license application process after the grace period – 300 rupees
  • Driving license fees for adding another class vehicle to the driving license – 500 rupees
  • The Smart card or form 7 fees – 200 rupees

Eligibility Criteria to Obtain A Driving License in Bareilly  

In Bareilly, one needs to meet the following eligibility criteria to get a driving license.

  • The minimum age requirement to get a driving license is 18 years.
  • One can apply for a DL in Bareilly after 30 days and before 6 months of getting a learner’s license.
  • Knowing all the traffic rules is important for a person to get a driving license.
  • The minimum age required for applying for a commercial driving license is 20 years.
  • For applying for a driving license, the applicant should have a learner’s license.

Document’s List Needed for Getting A Driving License

Whether you apply for the driving license online or offline, you will need to provide the below documents at your regional transport office.

  • For age proof, you can provide the birth certificate, educational certificate, an attested copy of passport, or employer certificate for people who work for the central or state government.
  • For address proof, ration card, copy of LIC policy bond, voter ID, central or state government employer certificate, or a passport can be provided.
  • Original learner’s license and three passport size photographs are required.
  • Application form 5 is required for a commercial driving license, but for other vehicles, application form 4 is required.

Steps for Applying Driving License Offline in Bareilly

You can follow these steps to apply for a driving license through the offline method.

  • Go to the RTO in your area and ask for a driving license application form.
  • Then fill in all the details on the form carefully and submit it with all the required documents.
  • Now, you will need to book a slot for the driving test and make sure that you stay available during that time for the test.
  • Appear for the test, and if you clear the test, the driving license will be sent to your home.

Online Process to Apply for Driving License in Bareilly

To apply for a new DL in Bareilly, you can visit either the transport department’s official website of Uttar Pradesh or the Sarathi portal.

Apply for a driving license online using the Uttar Pradesh transport department’s official website.

  • Open the official website ( of Uttar Pradesh and then download the driving license application form and take a printout.
  • Then, you will need to fill in all the details on the form correctly and submit it with the relevant documents at the RTO.
  • Then book a driving test slot at the RTO and reach the RTO at that time with your vehicle.
  • If you pass the driving test, you can receive the driving license at your registered address.

Driving License Application Process Using the Sarathi Portal.

  • Open the Sarathi portal by clicking this link ( and then go to the Application for new DL section.
  • Then click on the New driving license option and provide all the required details correctly.
  • After that, you will get an application number, and you can book a slot for the driving test.
  • Then, you will need to apply for the test in the scheduled slot.
  • You will be issued a DL if you clear the driving test.

Procedure to Check the Status of Driving License Application in Bareilly

Once you have applied for a driving license, you will require to check the application status of the DL. Here are steps to check your driving license application status in Bareilly.

  • Visit the official website of the Uttar Pradesh transport department and click on the DL and LL Registration option.
  • Then go to the know your Application status section and enter your application number correctly.
  • Now click on the Submit button to see your driving license application status.

You Can Also Check the DL Application Status Online Using These Steps. 

  • Open this link ( and then click on the driving license-related services option.
  • Now, you will need to choose the state where you are applying for DL.
  • Then, you will need to select the verify status option on the next page.
  • Now, provide the application number, date of birth, and the captcha code correctly.
  • After that, you can see your driving license status.

Procedure for Applying for A Duplicate Driving License in Bareilly

Applying for a duplicate driving license is necessary in case the original driving license gets damaged or lost. For this, you will need to provide these documents.

  • LLD application form, form 1, copy of the original license, and documents for age and address proof are required.
  • If the license is stolen, you will need to provide an FIR copy and license number.
  • Traffic challan clearance report for commercial driving license.

To apply for a duplicate driving license, you will need to fill the LLD form and submit it to the regional transport office with the required documents. Also, you have to pay an application fee of 200 rupees. Then the RTO will verify the documents and issue a duplicate DL for you.

Renewal Process of Driving License in Bareilly

A driving license needs to be renewed on time to avoid complications. Usually, the validity of a DL in Bareilly is 20 years. Or, it is valid till the user becomes 50 years old. After that, it needs to be renewed. If you renew the driving license prior to 30 days to the expiry, you will need to pay only the basic fee. Otherwise, you have to pay an additional fee for the DL renewal. Here is the list of documents and steps to follow for the renewal of a driving license.

List of Documents in Bareilly DL

  • The applicant needs to provide the original driving license, form 1, and documents for proof of age and address.
  • If you are renewing a transport driving license, you have to provide form 1A.
  • Other documents such as driving license renewal form, passport size photographs, and a fee of 200 rupees are required for DL renewal.

Steps to Renew The DL in Bareilly

  • Go to the RTO and submit the renewal form with the documents.
  • Also, you have a pay a renewal fee of 200 rupees.
  • Once your documents are verified, the RTO will renew your DL.

How Is the Driving Test Conducted in Bareilly?

You will need to appear for a driving test in Bareilly in order to get a DL. In this test, you will need to satisfy the motor vehicle inspector, who is the invigilator for the test, with your driving skills. You should drive the same class of vehicle as instructed to you in the test. If you clear this test, you will get the DL. Otherwise, you will need to apply for the driving test again after 7 days by paying an additional fee.

Frequently Asked Questions About DL Bareilly

Q: Can I Get A Smart Card Driving License in Bareilly?

Ans: Yes, you can get a smart card driving license in Bareilly by paying a fee of 200 rupees.

Q: Is A Training Certificate Required for Applying for A Driving License for Commercial Vehicle?

Ans: Yes, in order to get a commercial driving license, you need to get training at a government motor school and get a driver refreshing training certificate. Then you can apply for DL using that certificate.

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