How to Get Driving Licence in Fatehgarh Sahib

The driving license in Fatehgarh Sahib has to be obtained from the RTO Fatehgarh Sahib. This includes the additional RTO’s as well. The driving license is an important document that authorizes a person to drive a motor vehicle on the road without supervision. It can be obtained only after completing the driving tests that are held in the RTO Fatehgarh Sahib successfully. It is one of the important functions of the RTO. The RTO Fatehgarh Sahib issues the learner’s license as well.

Types of Driving License in Fatehgarh Sahib

There are different types of vehicles that are available in Fatehgarh Sahib and used by individuals for different purposes.  You should apply for the license in Fatehgarh Sahib depending on the vehicle/ vehicles you might be driving. The types of Driving license in Fatehgarh Sahib can be categorized as

  • Two wheeler license- for motorcycles with engine capacity of 50cc or even less than that.
  • Light Motor Vehicle license for motorcycles with gear and an engine capacity over 50cc as well as cars.
  • Motorcycle license for any cc vehicle but without gears. Mopeds and scooters fall under this category.
  • Light motor vehicle license for the non-transport purpose
  • Light motor vehicle for commercial purpose
  • Heavy Passenger motor vehicle license or open license. It is also called the All India driving permit for cars and trucks.
  • Heavy goods motor vehicle license
  • Heavy trailer license for persons who already possess a heavy vehicle Driving license.

How to obtain Learner’s Driving Licence in Fatehgarh Sahib

When you are in the process of learning to drive a motored-vehicle, you should do it with the trainer by your side and also should have the learner’s licence. The learner’s licence can be obtained by applying for the same at one of the 99 RTO’s across Fatehgarh Sahib that is closest to the place you live. The requirements for obtaining the learner’s licence from RTO Fatehgarh Sahib are

  • The applicant must be at least 16 years old to get LLR for 50cc motorcycle and 18 years for driving geared motorcycles
  • A declaration signed b the parent or guardian has to be submitted at Fatehgarh Sahib
  • The applicant should be at least 20 years old to obtain a licence to drive bus, taxi, auto, etc.
  • CMV-Form 1A that is issued by a registered medical practitioner has to be provided
  • At least a year’s experience is required for driving Light Motor Vehicle (LMV)

Steps to apply for Learner’s Driving licence in Fatehgarh Sahib

Steps in acquiring the licence include

  • Visiting the official website of RTO Fatehgarh Sahib
  • Click on the Get new learner licence appointment option to fill in the required form online.
  • Enter the details that are requested in the form online and submit it at RTO
  • When you are doing it online you would come across a display where you would find the time and date of test slots that are available. You can choose the time slot and date as per your convenience.
  • Click on the make payment button, fill in the net banking details and click pay.
  • Visit the nearest Jurisdiction Fatehgarh Sahib RTO with the receipt for application, Form no 2 as well as original and attested photocopies of the documents that are required and give the test at the allotted time.

The documents would be verified and returned and the online test to check the applicant’s knowledge about traffic rules and regulations would be held. The LLR would be issued if the test is cleared. The learner’s licence is valid only for 6 months within which time the permanent licence should be obtained.

Documents required for learner’s Driving licence in Fatehgarh Sahib

  • Form 2- the application for licence in Fatehgarh Sahib RTO
  • Form 1A- the medical certificate
  • Form 1- self-declaration of physical fitness
  • The fees
  • 3 passport size photographs
  • Proof of address such as AaFatehgarh Sahib card, CGHS card, Voter’s ID, LIC policy or others.
  • Proof of age such as school leaving certificate, birth certificate, voter’s ID, etc.

How to obtain for Permanent Driving licence in Fatehgarh Sahib?

There are two ways for obtaining a permanent licence in Fatehgarh Sahib. The online process as well as the offline process.

Getting permanent licence in Fatehgarh Sahib offline

This process involves

  • Visiting the RTO Fatehgarh Sahib or the Additional RTO Fatehgarh Sahib in the jurisdiction of which your residence is located
  • Get the application for driving licence and fill it
  • Attach the required documents and submit it at the RTO
  • Pay the application fee  for getting allotment for a slot for driving test
  • Present yourself at the scheduled date and time for the test.
  • Pass the DL test to obtain the licence

Getting permanent licence in Fatehgarh Sahib online

‘The online process for getting the driving licence in Fatehgarh Sahib is as follows

  • Visit the official website of Fatehgarh Sahib RTO
  • Click on Driving licence related services option
  • Click on the new driving licence option
  • Fill up the application with relevant details and submit the form online.
  • Upload the documents that are required also online
  • Visit the RTO Fatehgarh Sahib with the documents for verification
  • Pay the application fee and book the test slot for the driving test
  • Appear for the test on the specified date
  • Pass the test and get the licence from Fatehgarh Sahib

Documents required to apply for Driving Licence in Fatehgarh Sahib

The documents required for applying for driving licence in Fatehgarh Sahib RTO includes

  • Age proof for which one of the documents such as AaFatehgarh Sahib card, voter’s ID, Passport, Utility bills, house rent agreement, house agreement, etc may be produced.
  • Address proof for which PAN card, birth certificate, school leaving certificate or the SSC mark list can be produced.
  • 3 passport size photographs
  • Form 4 which is the application for driving licence in Fatehgarh Sahib RTO
  • Application fee
  • A driver training certificate, if applying for a commercial driving licence.

Duplicate Driving licence in Fatehgarh Sahib

The steps to follow to get a duplicate driving licence in Fatehgarh Sahib are

  • Getting an application form meant to get a duplicate driving license in Fatehgarh Sahib
  • The filled out the application should be submitted along with the documents which include Application for duplicate driving licence, application fee, age and address proof, the affidavit stating reason for applying for the duplicate licence as well as driving licence details.

The documents would be verified in the RTO Fatehgarh Sahib and the duplicate Licence would be delivered at your doorstep in a short time.

How to Renew of Driving Licence in Fatehgarh Sahib

The permanent licence that is issued would be valid for 20 years or until the age of 50. After that period it has to be renewed.  A commercial Driving licence issued in Fatehgarh Sahib is valid for 3 years from the date of issuance.  The renewal of the licence should be done at least 30 days before the expiry.You can get it done at RTO Fatehgarh Sahib by applying using Form 9 and attaching required documents.

How to Get an International Driving Licence in Fatehgarh Sahib

The application for international licence can be done online or offline in Fatehgarh Sahib RTO. The application and the documents required such as valid passport, valid visa, form 4A –the application, application fee, and age and address proof documents. It would be followed by 3 months from the date of issuance of the permanent licence. After the verification and the tests the IDP is issued.