How To Check Vahan Driving License Number And Status Online

When driving on Indian roads, you must carry some documents with you, and among all those documents, a driver’s license is the most important one. If you’re driving a vehicle without having a driving license, then you may get a huge fine if you encounter traffic police during your journey. It still happens when you lose your driver’s license or forget to carry it. In such a case, you can still check your driving license number by using your personal details. 

This post is going to be all about how to check your Vahan or vehicle driving license number. Not only that, but we’ll also share details about how you can check the status of your driving license online if you’re not sure about whether it got approved or not. So let’s get going and dig a little deeper to understand both processes in a clear way. 

Check the License Number

Let’s first focus on the scenario where you have lost your driving license and now want to get your hands on the license number using personal details such as mobile number, address, etc. 

Things You Need When Checking Your Driving License Number Online

  • You must have the mobile number associated with your driving license. In case you don’t have that mobile number with you, you must visit the Regional Transport Office for a solution. 
  • And of course, you would need a working internet connection because the whole point here is to “Check the driving license number online.”

Using Parivahan Seva Portal

  • Once you’re on the homepage of Parivahan Seva Portal, you’ll be able to see the menu at the top.
  • There will be an “Online Services” option, just hover over it and select the “Driving License Related Services” option from the drop-down menu. 
  • On the next page, you’ll get an option to choose the state you’re located in.
  • After selecting the correct state, you’ll be presented with a few options, but you don’t need to choose any of those presented in front of you. Instead, look on the top right side of the screen, there will be an “Others” option. Simply hover your cursor over it and select the “DL Search” option from the dropdown menu. 
  • Once you do that, another page will open where you’ll be asked to fill out some personal details, just fill out the details you have, like name, address, date of birth, mobile number, etc. After that, simply hit the search button, and then you’ll be able to fetch all the information regarding your driving license, including your driving license number. 

Using Third-Party Services

Before landing on this post, you may have seen so many search results claiming that you can use them to check your driving license numbers and status online. But we don’t recommend these third-party websites for such simple tasks. You should always consider Parivahan Seva’s official website. We are telling you to do so because third-party websites tend to sell your personal details to other companies for profit. And once your phone number is compromised with these third-party services, you’ll be bombarded with multiple fraudulent calls and SMS every day, and you might not like that. Therefore, always consider Parivahan Seva Portal and avoid third-party clutter.

How To Check Driving License Status

If you have recently applied for a driver’s license and you haven’t gotten any response from the Regional Transport Office yet, then you can definitely check out the progress/status online on your own. Now let’s get down to how you can check your driving license status online pretty easily. 

Things You Need When Checking Driving License Status

  • First of all, you must have the application number you got after applying for a driver’s license at the RTO. Without the application number, you can’t get your hands on the status of your license. 
  • The second thing you’ll need is your date of birth, we assume that would not be too hard for you to find. 
  • And last, you have to have a working internet connection, which should be pretty obvious at this time. 

Let’s check your driver’s license status now.

  • Now navigate to the main menu in the top section of your screen, and hover over the “Online Services” option, some options will appear under it. Just select the “Driving License Related Services” option, and it’ll redirect you to another webpage.
  • On the next page, you’ll have the option to choose which state you belong to, simply select the correct state. 
  • After that, you’ll land on another webpage, where you’ll be able to see a bunch of options, but ignore all of them and look for the “Application Status” button on the top right side of your screen. This button is easily identifiable because it is highlighted in a different color.
  • Now, you’ll be able to see the input areas where you can enter your application number and date of birth, now solve the captcha, and hit the submit button. 
  • That’s it, on the next page, there will be all the information regarding your application, and if it’s approved, you’ll be able to check that as well. 

But sometimes it happens when your application is stuck in the progress phase. In such a situation, you should wait a little longer, but after a while, if you don’t get any response from the Regional Transport Office, that means it’s time to go pay a visit. Sometimes it happens that you don’t get the license in the mail because of delivery issues. That’s why it’s always good to check your application status online. If you can’t visit the Regional Transport Office, don’t worry about that. Just use the Parivahan Seva Portal to contact them online, this way, you can resolve your issues online as well. 

And that’s that. We hope now you have a clear understanding of how to check your Vehicle/Vahan Driving License number and application status online. Use Parivahan Seva Portal for this, and you’ll be good for the most part.