Learner’s Driving Licence Practice Test 1

Q1: Traveling at 60 km/h, how far will your vehicle travel in a single second?

Option 1:  12.2 M

Option 2:  16.6 M

Option 3:  8.6 M

Option 4:  4.3M

At 60 km/h you will cover 16.6 m in a single second. Remember that if you become distracted by adjusting your radio, lighting a cigarette etc., you could easily have traveled 50 m before your attention is back on the road.


Q2: You are parking your vehicle facing downhill. How should you set your wheels?

Option 1:  Turned towards the curb or edge of the road

Option 2:  Turned away from the curb or edge of the road

Option 3: Facing straight downhill

Option 4: However they were positioned when you stopped

When parking downhill always turn your wheels in towards the curb or the edge of the road. This means that if your brakes fail, or the vehicle is struck from behind, it will run off the road where there is the smallest chance of causing injury or damage.


Q3: When pulling away from the curb, what should you do?

Option 1:  Pull out at the sharpest angle possible

Option 2:  Pull out as quickly as possible

Option 3:  Wait for a gap in the traffic then pull away with caution

Option 4:  Sound your horn as a warning

When pulling away from a parking space, you should make sure that there is plenty of room for other cars to avoid you and that you are not going to obstruct any other road users as you pull out.


Q4: When you are driving near a school, you should do what?

Option 1:  Sound your horn constantly

Option 2:  Accelerate to leave the area quickly

Option 3:  Reduce your speed

Option 4: Turn your lights on full beam

The possibility that there may be large numbers of children using the road means that you should always slow down in school areas.


Q5: To ride a motorcycle without gears, a person must be at least what age?

Option 1:  14

Option 2:  17

Option 3:  16

Option 4:  15

16 is the minimum age for riding a gearless motorcycle


Q6: You see a blind person holding up their white cane at the roadside. What should you do?

Option 1:  Stop and let them cross

Option 2:  Shout a warning from your window

Option 3:  Move to the other side of the road to avoid them

Option 4:  Accelerate to get past them quickly

When a blind person holds up their cane, it indicates that they wish to cross. They then have as much right to expect you to stop as a sighted pedestrian on a zebra crossing.


Q7: A circular blue sign with a red border and two red diagonal lines crossing it means what?

Option 1:  No U-turns

Option 2:  No overtaking

Option 3:  No stopping

Option 4:  Give way

A blue circular sign with a red border and two red diagonal lines Indicates that you may not stop on this road for any reason.


Q8: You see a pedestrian waiting at a crossing ahead. You should…?

Option 1:  Speed up to be past as quickly as possible

Option 2:  Slow down and wave them across

Option 3:  Come to a complete stop and wait for them to cross

Option 4:  Hoot to warn them not to cross

Pedestrians have right of way over cars at pedestrian crossings. You must always stop to let them across and not restart until they have completely cleared the crossing.


Q9: A PUCC (Pollution Under Control Certificate) is valid for how long from the date of issue?

Option 1:  Twenty months

Option 2:  Eight months

Option 3: Twelve months

Option 4: Four months

To keep your PUCC valid your vehicle must be tested every twelve months.


Q10: Once you have obtained your learner’s licence, it is valid for how long?

Option 1:  One year

Option 2:  Six months

Option 3: Eight months

Option 4: Four months

After six months with a learner’s license you must have passed a test or had it renewed.


Q11: What shape is a mandatory traffic sign?

Option 1:  Circular

Option 2:  Rectangular

Option 3: Square

Option 4: Triangular

Circular signs contain instructions which must be obeyed in all circumstances.


Q12: A state driving license is valid for use…?

Option 1:  Only in the state of issue

Option 2:  Anywhere in the world

Option 3: Anywhere in India, Pakistan or Bangladesh

Option 4: Anywhere in India

A license issued by one Indian state may be used in all other Indian states. However, it is not necessarily valid in other countries of the world; always check if you are traveling abroad.


Q13: What signals should you make if you are going straight across at a roundabout?

Option 1:  Nothing on entry, left on exit

Option 2:  Nothing on entry, right on exit

Option 3:  Left on entry, right on exit

Option 4:  Left on entry, nothing on exit

To let other traffic know your intentions, if you are going straight at a roundabout, do not signal as you enter it, but signal left to make your exit.


Q14: How many vehicle lengths should you leave to the vehicle in front when driving at 45 km/h?

Option 1:  2

Option 2:  3

Option 3:  4

Option 4:  1

To give yourself a good stopping distance and the chance to take evasive action in an emergency, never get closer than two car lengths to the vehicle in front when traveling at 45 km/h. Increase this distance as the speed increases.


Q15: From which of these vehicles may a passenger disembark while it is still moving?

Option 1:  A public transport vehicle

Option 2:  A public transport vehicle

Option 3:  A motorized rickshaw

Option 4:  None of them

There is always danger in dismounting from any moving vehicle. Wait until you have reached a complete stop before disembarking.


Q16: A passenger may not be carried on a motorcycle unless it has…?

Option 1:  Proper foot rests

Option 2:  Wide tires

Option 3:  A large engine

Option 4:  Mudguards

Without proper footrests, a passenger’s feet can get caught in the machinery of the motorcycle or run over by other road users. It is illegal to carry a passenger without footrests.


Q17: A continuous yellow line down the middle of a road means what?

Option 1:  No parking

Option 2:  No overtaking

Option 3:  No left turns

Option 4:  Overtaking compulsory

A solid yellow line means that you may not move into the opposite lane.


Q18: Your insurance has expired. How long can you legally drive your vehicle before you renew it?

Option 1:  3 Days

Option 2:  1 Week

Option 3:  0 Days

Option 4:  1 Month

It is totally illegal to drive a car without insurance, even if you’re driving somewhere to renew it.


Q19: If an ambulance or fire service vehicle approaches you from behind with siren on or lights flashing, what must you do?

Option 1:  Pull over as soon as it is safe to do so

Option 2:  Slow down and activate your hazard lights

Option 3:  Accelerate

Option 4:  Maintain your current course and speed

Emergency vehicles always have priority over you if they have their sirens going or lights flashing. Pull over as quickly as possible, stop and don’t restart until they are past.


Q20: If you’re approaching an unmanned railway crossing, what should you do?

Option 1:  Sound your horn to warn trains of your presence

Option 2:  Stop and get out to check for trains

Option 3:  Drive across slowly

Option 4:  Speed up and cross as fast as possible

Walking up to the line and checking for oncoming trains is the only sure way to know that it’s safe to cross if there is no guard or gate to warn you.


Q21: It is acceptable to drink and drive…?

Option 1:  Under no circumstances

Option 2:  If you only have a short journey

Option 3:  If an unexpected emergency arises

Option 4:  If you are used to drinking

Any alcohol will negatively impact your ability to drive. If you are going to have a drink, leave the car at home.


Q22: The best driving technique for dealing with slippery roads is to…?

Option 1:  Change down gear

Option 2:  Drive as quickly as possible

Option 3:  Constantly apply the brakes

Option 4:  Change up gear

On slippery surfaces, driving in a lower gear gives your wheels the best chance of getting a grip.


Q23: It is permissible to exceed the speed limit…?

Option 1:  In perfect conditions

Option 2:  On empty roads

Option 3:  When making an overtake

Option 4:  Under no circumstances

The speed limit is absolute; you are not permitted to exceed it.


Q24: If you’re involved in a motor accident, how long do you have to report it to the nearest police station?

Option 1:  24 hours

Option 2:  12 hours

Option 3:  48 hours

Option 4:  72 hours

Accidents must be reported to the nearest police station within 24 hours of occurrence.


Q25: A cautionary traffic sign is what shape?

Option 1:  Rectangular

Option 2:  Square

Option 3:  Circular

Option 4:  Triangular

Triangular signs offer you warnings of which you should always take notice.


Q26: The number plate of your vehicle must be…?

Option 1:  In Arabic with English numerals

Option 2:  In Hindi

Option 3:  In English with Arabic numerals

Option 4:  In the local language

License plates on your vehicle should always use English letters and Arabic numerals, e.g. ABC 321


Q27: What color are the number plates for private car and motorised two-wheeler owners?

Option 1:  White letters, blue background

Option 2:  Black letters, yellow background

Option 3:  Yellow letters, black background

Option 4:  Black letters, white background

Plates for private car and motorised two-wheeler owners have black lettering on a white background; any different colors may incur a fine and the expense of replacing the plate.


Q28: You are driving on a dark road at night when you see another vehicle approaching. What should you do?

Option 1:  Switch to low beam headlights

Option 2:  Switch to high beam headlights

Option 3:  Sound your horn long and hard

Option 4:  Turn off your headlights

Driving towards someone with high beam headlights on can blind them, making judgement impossible and increasing the likelihood of an accident in which you might be involved.


Q29: You want to make a U-turn but there is a lot of traffic around. What should you do?

Option 1:  Make the turn as quickly as possible

Option 2:  Drive on until you find a less busy place

Option 3:  Make the turn as slowly as possible

Option 4:  Force others to stop and wait for you

Making U-turns on busy streets can be dangerous and is inconsiderate to others. Drive on until you find somewhere you can make the turn without holding up traffic.


Q30: If you drive while drunk, you can face a term of imprisonment of up to…?

Option 1:  Four months

Option 2:  One month

Option 3:  Three months

Option 4:  Six months

Drink driving is punishable by a sentence of up to six months in prison.