Learner’s Driving Licence Practice Test 8

Q01: Using an unregistered vehicle in public place is ___.

Option 1 : legal

Option 2 : legal in emergency situations only

Option 3 : Illegal


Q02: The driver of a vehicle shall NOT make a U-turn

Option 1 : on a road with no traffic restrictions.

Option 2 : when there are vehicles passing on the left.

Option 3 : on a busy road.


03: The pedestrians must NOT cross the road at sharp bends or near the stopped vehicles. Why?

Option 1 : The bends and stopped vehicles would obstruct the drivers from seeing the pedestrians.

Option 2 : It is inconvenient for the drivers.

Option 3 : It is inconvenient for the other road users.


Q04: The hand brake is used ____.

Option 1 : to stop fast when driving

Option 2 : when parking a vehicle

Option 3 : to reduce the speed


Q05: Which of the following statements is correct

Option 1 : Speeding is a traffic offence punishable by a fine only.

Option 2 : Speeding is not a traffic offence.

Option 3 : Speeding is a traffic offence that leads to suspension or cancellation of the driving licence.


Q06: While turning left, the driver of a two wheeler must

Option 1 : Show the left turn signal with his right hand.

Option 2 : The driver doesn’t have to give any signals.

Option 3 : Extend his left hand towards the left.


Q07: When you see the ‘School’ sign, you should_____.

Option 1 : Sound your horn continuously and proceed.

Option 2 : Stop the vehicle, sound your horn and proceed.

Option 3 : Slow down and proceed with caution.


Q08: How many people can be transported in the cabin of a Goods Carriage?

Option 1 : 5 people

Option 2 : As many people as recorded in the registration certificate

Option 3 : As many as needed to load/unload the goods


Q09: While turning left, you should _______.

Option 1 : signal left, drive to the center of the road and turn left

Option 2 : signal left, keep to the left side of the road and turn left

Option 3 : sound your horn and turn left


Q10: When your vehicle is being overtaken, you should ____.

Option 1 : increase your speed

Option 2 : stop your vehicle

Option 3 : not obstruct the overtaking vehicle.


Q11: Parking is prohibited

Option 1 : near traffic lights

Option 2 : where you see ‘Parking permitted’ signs

Option 3 : on the side of a road


Q12: If a person in charge of livestock signals you to stop, you must _____.

Option 1 : proceed and blow your horn

Option 2 : reduce your speed

Option 3 : stop the vehicle


Q13: More than two people on a two wheeler ____.

Option 1 : are allowed in light traffic only

Option 2 : are allowed in certain circumstances

Option 3 : are never allowed


Q14: When the driver of a vehicle ahead extends his right arm with the palm facing downward and waves it downwards and upwards, it means that _______.

Option 1 : he is turning left

Option 2 : he is stopping

Option 3 : he is slowing down


Q15: The minimum age for getting a licence to ride a motorcycle without gears is ___.

Option 1 : 21

Option 2 : 18

Option 3 : 16


Q16: The minimum age for obtaining a commercial driving licence is ___.

Option 1 : 25 years

Option 2 : 20 years

Option 3 : 18 years


Q17: When a vehicle behind you has begun to overtake you

Option 1 : you may overtake another vehicle only if you blow the horn.

Option 2 : you may overtake another vehicle.

Option 3 : you must not overtake another vehicle.


Q18: Before overtaking a vehicle, the driver must check that _____.

Option 1 : the road ahead is clearly visible and it is safe to overtake

Option 2 : no vehicle is approaching from behind

Option 3 : The vehicle in front is turning left


Q19: Overtaking is prohibited ____.

Option 1 : on the state highways

Option 2 : on narrow bridges

Option 3 : on Panchayath roads


Q20: When a school bus is stopped for loading/unloading students

Option 1 : Blow your horn and proceed.

Option 2 : Proceed slowly and cautiously since there is a chance of students suddenly crossing the road.

Option 3 : Proceed at the same speed.


Q21: Records of a private vehicle are _____.

Option 1 : Registration Certificate, G.C.R., Insurance Certificate

Option 2 : Registration Certificate, Insurance Certificate, Tax Token, Driving Licence

Option 3 : Registration Certificate, Permit, Trip Sheet


Q22: You are driving at night with your high beams on and you see a vehicle approaching from the opposite direction. You must

Option 1 : Dim your headlights until the vehicle passes.

Option 2 : Flash your lights several times.

Option 3 : Proceed keeping to the left.


Q23: The P.U.C.C. Pollution Under Control Certificate is valid for

Option 1 : 12 months.

Option 2 : 6 months.

Option 3 : 2 years.


Q24: You want to overtake another vehicle near a hospital. Your actions

Option 1 : blow the horn continuously.

Option 2 : tap your horn to let the other drivers know you are overtaking.

Option 3 : do not blow the horn near hospitals.


Q25: When a third party property is damaged due to an accident

Option 1 : driver shall report to the nearest police station within 24 hours

Option 2 : driver shall report to the nearest police station within 7 days

Option 3 : the driver doesn’t need to report the accident


Q26: When a blind person carrying a white cane is crossing the road, the driver must

Option 1 : Blow the horn.

Option 2 : Slow down and proceed with caution

Option 3 : Stop the vehicle and let the blind pedestrian cross.


Q27: The one-time tax for a new vehicle is valid for ___.

Option 1 : 5 years

Option 2 : Until the registration for that vehicle is cancelled

Option 3 : 15 years


Q28: When you are making a U-turn you must activate ____.

Option 1 : your left turn signal

Option 2 : your right turn signal

Option 3 : your emergency signal


Q29: It is not legal to park

Option 1 : On a pedestrian crossing.

Option 2 : In front of a parked vehicle.

Option 3 : On a one-way road.


Q30: When a motor vehicle is involved in an accident

Option 1 : the police must be notified within 48 hours.

Option 2 : the police must be notified within 24 hours.

Option 3 : the police must be notified within 12 hours.