Learner’s Driving Licence Practice Test 9

Q01: If you abandon a vehicle in a public place causing inconvenience to others

Option 1 : you wil get a heavy fine.

Option 2 : your licence maybe suspended or cancelled.

Option 3 : none of the above.


Q02: When your vehicle is being overtaken

Option 1 : Do not increase your speed.

Option 2 : Increase your speed.

Option 3 : Increase your speed slightly.


Q03: You must keep the minimum following distance of

Option 1 : 10 meters

Option 2 : 2-4 seconds

Option 3 : 5 meters


Q04: The number of passengers you are allowed to carry in a private vehicle is recorded in the ____.

Option 1 : permit

Option 2 : tax token

Option 3 : registration certificate


Q05: Overtaking is prohibited when ____.

Option 1 : driving on a steep hill

Option 2 : the road is marked with a white broken center line

Option 3 : the road is marked with a broken yellow center line


Q06: What kind of horn is permitted on the roads?

Option 1 : Air horn

Option 2 : Electric horn

Option 3 : Multi-tone horn


Q07: If you are convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol, you will

Option 1 : spend up to 6 months in prison, pay a fine of Rs.2000/ or both

Option 2 : spend up to 1 year in prison, pay a fine of Rs.4000/ or both

Option 3 : spend 2 years in prison


Q08: To carry a pillion passenger on a motor cycle

Option 1 : The motorcycle must have a rear view mirror.

Option 2 : The motorcycle must have a foot rest, a handle grip and a sari guard.

Option 3 : The motorcycle must have a side car.


Q09: The driver of the vehicle in front has NOT given a signal for overtaking

Option 1 : You can overtake blowing your horn.

Option 2 : You can overtake.

Option 3 : You shall not overtake.


Q10: Flashing red traffic light means

Option 1 : reduce your speed, proceed with caution

Option 2 : you must stop and wait for a green light.

Option 3 : you must stop and proceed if safe


Q11: If you hold a motorcycle learner licence, you ____.

Option 1 : can only ride with a licenced rider

Option 2 : are not allowed to carry any passengers except of a certified instructor

Option 3 : cannot ride during the rush hour


Q12: If you are approaching an intersection and you see a yellow traffic light, you must_____.

Option 1 : cross the intersection quickly

Option 2 : proceed after sounding your horn

Option 3 : slow down and stop


Q13: When driving on a hill, who has to give way?

Option 1 : The vehicles travelling uphill

Option 2 : The vehicles travelling downhill

Option 3 : The vehicles carrying heavy loads


Q14: A tractor driver must not carry

Option 1 : More than three passengers

Option 2 : More than two passengers

Option 3 : Any passengers


Q15: A vehicle can be seized by an authorised officer, if

Option 1 : the vehicle is not covered by a valid registration or permit.

Option 2 : the vehicle is not covered by a valid insurance.

Option 3 : the vehicle exceeds the speed limit.


Q16: Backing up is prohibited on____.

Option 1 : country roads

Option 2 : steep hills

Option 3 : one-way roads


Q17: A solid yellow line on the road means

Option 1 : Overtaking is allowed

Option 2 : Changing lanes is allowed

Option 3 : Crossing this line is prohibited


Q18: Carrying overload in goods carriages ___.

Option 1 : is legal

Option 2 : is allowed in certain circumstances

Option 3 : can cause your licence to be suspended/cancelled


Q19: What is “tailgating” ?

Option 1 : Keeping a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.

Option 2 : Keeping a distance of at least 7 metres from the vehicle ahead.

Option 3 : Driving too close behind a vehicle in a dangerous manner.


Q20: If the road is marked with a broken white center lines, you ____.

Option 1 : must stop immediately

Option 2 : are allowed to change lanes

Option 3 : are NOT allowed to change lanes


Q21: Parking is prohibited in the following places

Option 1 : Left side of the road

Option 2 : Hospital entrance

Option 3 : Market area


Q22: Smoking while driving a public service vehicle

Option 1 : Can cause a licence supension.

Option 2 : Can cause a fire.

Option 3 : None of the above.


Q23: If you abandon a vehicle in a public place as a mark of protest or any kind of strike, causing obstruction or inconvenience to the public or passengers ______.

Option 1 : you will be fined.

Option 2 : your driving licence will be suspended or cancelled.

Option 3 : you will receive an award.


Q24: All motor vehicles must be covered by

Option 1 : Third party insurance

Option 2 : Comprehensive insurance

Option 3 : Life insurance


Q25: Parking is prohibited

Option 1 : on the left side of the road

Option 2 : near a public well

Option 3 : when blocking a fire hydrant


Q26: When approaching an intersection with a flashing yellow signal, you should

Option 1 : slow down and proceed only after you make sure it is safe to do so.

Option 2 : stop and wait for the green light.

Option 3 : proceed at the same speed.


Q27: A taxi driver refusing to give you a ride for the reason that the distance is short

Option 1 : might have his licence suspended/cancelled.

Option 2 : will be fined.

Option 3 : none of the above.


Q28: When you reach an uncontrolled intersection, you will

Option 1 : Give way to the traffic approaching the intersection on your right side and proceed after giving necessary signals.

Option 2 : Give proper signal, sound the horn and proceed.

Option 3 : Give way to traffic approaching the intersection.


Q29: You can overtake a vehicle from the left if _____.

Option 1 : the driver of that vehicle indicates his intention to turn right and proceeds to the center of the road

Option 2 : that vehicle moves slowly

Option 3 : there is sufficient space on the left side


Q30: When you are emerging from a junction, you must give way to

Option 1 : vehicles coming from the left.

Option 2 : vehicles coming from the right.

Option 3 : all vehicles on the main road.