RTO Pune (MH 12)

Regional  Transport Office Pune Introduction

The RTO or Regional  Transport Office Pune was founded with an intention to handle the activities involved with respect to the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988. This department which is administered by the Transport commissioner of the state and functions as per the guidelines laid down by SECTION 213 OF THE Motor vehicles Act.

Services rendered by the RTO Pune Department

The services that are rendered by the RTO office Pune include

  • Implementation of the rules and provisions of motor vehicles Act, 1988, central Motor vehicles rules 1989, and the motor vehicles Regulations 1989.
  • Tax collection
  • Registration of motor vehicles for private use as well as commercial use
  • Issuing and renewing license
  • Testing the applicants applying for learner’s license two-wheeler, four-wheeler/light motor vehicle, commercial vehicle/heavy vehicles license
  • Issuing /renewing permits
  • Ensuring a coordinated growth of road transport. This is established through the levy, permit and tax collection.regime as found in the Bombay Motor vehicle Act,1958.

You have to approach the RTO office to add a new class of vehicle to a driving license. You can download the forms essential for obtaining the permits and licenses online or get it from the RTO office.

Pune RTO Codes

RTO Location RTO Code
Pune MH 12
Pune (North) MH 27
Baramati, Pune MH 42

RTO Pune Office Contact Details

Regional Transport office Pune

Address: 38, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Near Sangam Bridge, Pune-411001

Phone: +91 20 26058080, +91 20 26058090/8282

Email: rtopune@dataone.in