RTO Gwalior

The regional transport office or RTO in Gwalior is an important unit of the state transport department. The principle function of the RTO is to ensure that the laws, rules, and provisions laid down in the Motor vehicles ACT 1988 is adhered to and enforced strictly to ensure safety on road.  They are therefore entrusted with the duties such as issuing license, permits, and collection of taxes. They also take care of driving tests to issue licenses to applicants who complete the test successfully. The RTO Code is MP-07.

 Functions of RTO Gwalior

Functions of the Gwalior towards fulfilling the legal provisions laid down by the Motor vehicles ACT,1988 which is applicable throughout India include

  • Issuing learner’s license
  • Issuing permanent license on successful completion of the driving test
  • Collection of road tax
  • Registration of vehicles and issue of RC book.
  • Effecting transfer of ownership
  • Updating a new address in the RC or license
  • Implementation of rules and regulations that are notified by the government to ensure safety on roads
  • Issue of fitness certificates
  • Issuance of permits to the carrier and other commercial vehicles
  • Renewal of license
  • Effecting transfer of ownership and registering the same.

RTO Gwalior Office Contact Details

RTO Code: MP-07

Address: RTO Gwalior, Harikedha Jarga Road, Gwalior, Madhyapradesh 74001

Phone: 093402 43080 –