KA64 RTO Madhugiri, Tumkur District 572132, Karnataka

The RTO code KA64 is registered under Madhugiri, Tumkur District 572132 RTO office of Karnataka. You need to follow up some steps to know about the name of the owner, address of the owner and all the additional information related to the vehicle with a Madhugiri, Tumkur District 572132 KA64 RTO code such as Engine number then you need to visit RTO, Madhugiri, Tumkur District 572132, Karnataka, India or you can simply follow this guide.

However, the state that lies for the RTO office for KA64 is Karnataka, and the state transport code is KA. As per that, the RTO code is KA64, and the office is in Karnataka only. You can ask out for the office from locals, and it is easily accessible. To get in touch with them, you can dial these numbers as mentioned

State Karnataka
State Transport Code KA
RTO Code KA64
RTO / Registration Office Madhugiri, Tumkur District 572132
Address Madhugiri, Tumkur District 572132, Karnataka
Phone Number N/A


With all that, you can even get all the information related to any KA number such as KA64 because our RTO database is spread out vast and you will always get the best results.

If you are looking out to know the name and all the information related to any vehicle registered with KA64 then here is the address where you can get all things done.

How to know the Vehicle Owner details of Madhugiri, Tumkur District 572132, Karnataka?

Here you can find the owners name, contact number and here are some simple steps you need to follow.

RC Status

Steps to find Owners name, Engine Number, and Other Detailed information about any vehicle in KA

Here are the steps that one needs to follow to get all the information related to the vehicle such as engine number, the name of the owner, chassis number and many more. So, let us get started

  • Get to this website – https://parivahan.gov.in/rcdlstatus/
  • Once you have loaded the website, enter the state code, RTO code, and the alphabets in registration numbers first box. For instance, KA64 XX
  • In the second text box, you need to add the numeric value from the registration number.
  • Now, read the verification code from the image and fill it in the box to check the status.

What information would you get from Registration Certificate Status?

  1. Full Registration Number: KA64 XX Madhugiri, Tumkur District 572132
  2. Chassis and Engine Number
  3. KA64 Owners Name
  4. Vehicle Class, Fuel Type, Make / Model Name, Fitness details of KA64
  5. Insurance Details of KA64.