Ahmedabad E Challan – Steps to Make Payments Online (https://payahmedabadechallan.org)

To pay an Ahmedabad e-challan (traffic ticket) through the payahmedabadechallan.org website, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Visit the payahmedabadechallan.org website (https://payahmedabadechallan.org/).
  2. Click on the “Pay Now” button.
  3. Enter your e-challan number and other required details, such as your vehicle registration number and the date of the offense.
  4. Review the e-challan details and click on the “Proceed to Pay” button.
  5. Choose your preferred payment method (e.g. credit card, debit card, net banking) and follow the prompts to complete the payment.
  6. Once the payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation message and a receipt for the payment. You should keep a copy of the receipt for your records.

It is important to note that the payahmedabadechallan.org website may require you to create an account and login before you can make a payment. If you do not have an account, you will need to follow the steps to create one before you can make a payment.

Overall, paying an Ahmedabad e-challan through the payahmedabadechallan.org website is a simple and convenient way to pay your traffic ticket and avoid any additional penalties or fines.

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