10 Car Noises That Could Mean Significant Repairs

Car Noises That Could Mean

Modern cars are getting better with the latest technology, automatic analysis tools, and safety-related features. Taking your car on a long road trip is perfect with modern cars and chances of facing problems in-between are negligible than ever. You can get instant customer support from the manufacturer of the car.

However, when it comes to some basic problems which might get unnoticed in every car still exist. If you are familiar with cars for several years, then you might know what a certain noise means and where it is coming from. Newcomers who started driving from a couple of years might not notice noises.

Well, avoiding such noises might be risky, and this is the reason that we made a list of ten most commonly known car noises that require instant repair. Let’s begin by learning about some of the common problems that you should pay attention to

Car Noises That Could Mean

1. Squealing Noise from Under the Hood

Getting chirping noise under the hood is very common after hours of driving in countryside areas. This squealing sound is a bad sign because you have to replace the drive belt as soon as possible. The sound usually makes less noise when you are not accelerating, but when you hit the paddle, the noise starts getting louder.

So, this noise means you have to find a mechanic instantly. Your car might start overheating, and it is a major problem. The reason behind this problem is the displacement of the drive belt when it starts getting old, it down, and starts making a squealing sound.

Meanwhile, you are new to such problems, so you can find some videos online which can help you understand what squealing noise is actually. Don’t get confused with the type of noises, and it is an important factor to consider.

2. Roaring or Humming Noise While Driving

When you are driving down the road and getting any sort of roaring sound, then it is mainly from the wheel bears or tires. Before looking out for a replacement, you should check tires. In case the tires are beyond the service, then you should get a new one.

Such a condition of the tire is bad for brakes, and it also increases the displacement even after you push brakes. It is one of the important factors that you must be considering. This thing indicates a serious issue. If tires are new, then you should consult with a mechanic about the wheel bearing.

It begins with a poor humming noise, but it keeps on getting worse if you keep using the car without getting it fixed. Once you are getting your car fixed, you can eradicate all the issues with ease, which will come in handy for sure.

3. Whining Noise While Changing gears

In case you find a whining noise whenever you change gears, then it is a bad sign. While putting your car in gear and accelerating it, you can feel clunk sound, which means the transmission isn’t perfect. This sound might be in a particular gear, so you have to notice it.

Driving with a broken transmission is risky, and you should pay close attention to the repair factor. If you get whining noise when the vehicle isn’t moving but don’t get any noise when you are driving the car, then you should go for repair and drive slow to avoid any trouble.

4. Grinding Noise from Under The Hood

When metal parts rub against any metal part, then it makes a grinding sound. It is quite a rare sound, and if your car is making a significant noise when you are driving, then it means your car requires an instant repair.

Getting your car checked instantly means avoiding further issues. Some people might assume that there is nothing to worry about, but this noise can lead to overheating, and it will cost you extra fuel, so you have to be careful to avoid such problems.

5. Boom Noise from Suspension

As you turn on your car, and it starts making noise lie – Boom, Boom, Boom, and keep rising if you are driving. This sound might be coming from the suspension, and it usually feels when passing over a bump. It might be something in your suspension.

This thing causes noise due to strut or shock. The control is poor in such cases, and this issue can be fixed in less than an hour. Something physically broken requires a proper fix and replacement of parts, so you have to pay close attention.

Addressing all the suspension related issues are hard if you are always playing loud music. Suspension sound is significantly lower than other noises. Losing control is a major problem at higher speeds.

6. Rattling Sound from Front Wheels

While driving on speeds, you can find rattling noise, and it significantly increases with speed. If you are making hard turns or accelerating on turns, you can find this noise. It is easy to address, and it mainly comes from the front wheels.

Mechanics usually hide these issues so that they can ask for a complete repair, and they can spend extra time on the repair. This problem might be with the muffler. If you head toward a mechanic and ask them about it, they will spend extra time addressing the issue.

Experts say that you can avoid these problems at the early stage and it will reduce wastage of money. If you let the issue rise, then it will cost you extra bucks on the repair. The control over car also reduces so you can’t ignore this problem.

7. Sound of screeching from the brakes

This kind of sound from the brakes is a sign that the pads need to be swapped. Just like the nails on the chalkboard, the sound of brakes is so annoying, and it can get worse if you don’t consider it by time.

If the brakes are making a sound, which stops when you hit them, in that case, the first thing that you have to do is to check the brake indicator, and if it’s indicating the sign regularly, its time for the brakes to get repaired.

8. Noises in the engine

if there is any sound of ticking or any tapping sound, don’t ignore it. This kind of sound can become a major problem in the future. The sound of slow tapping can be a from valvetrain, which may need an oil change, or it can be a big problem. Make sure you contact the mechanic in this situation.

On the other hand, there are many other things that can be a cause of these sounds, such as knocking sound, by which you are not getting proper combustion. These kinds of problems happen when the engine is not getting proper air-to-fuel mixture or by the wrong octane gasoline.

9. Sound during acceleration and turning

Some of the main reasons why the car is making a sound when you accelerate and turn the wheels, the sound of squealing when you accelerate, can be a sign that the drive belt needs to be replaced for having a serious issue. The other sound can be of roaring, which is a sign that the exhaust system is not working properly.

If the car is making creaking noise when the wheels are turning, the problem is in steering and suspension. Before making any assumption, talk to the mechanic and ask for help if you are facing any one problem in these all because sometimes the problem can be bigger.

10. Hissing noises from the dashboard

If you rev your car and find hissing noise from under the bonnet, then it might be coming from a vacuum leak or air leak. It could be a sign that something is wrong with the belt system, which needs to repair immediately.

Air leak can affect many things like mileage and engine performance; it also reduces control over your car. Sometimes even, mechanics hide these problems or don’t fix them completely, so if you face too many problems, then they can charge you extra by replacing the whole part.


One thing that everyone should keep in mind is, a well-maintained car doesn’t make any noise. Every noise from under the hood, from brakes or engine light, mean there is something wrong. A mechanic can instantly tell you that what’s the problem without even checking your car as noises tell a lot about your car.

An important tip for every car owner is, get your car fixed from the authorized car repairs because they usually provide the best quality services and address all the issues. This will also help you avoid further issues in the future. If you are still new to cars and can’t figure out what kind of noise it is, then call a mechanic and get it checked.

Do not push your car too much if it is already making noise. We hope that this guidepost will help you figure out all kinds of problems and eradicate most of the issues on your own.

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