What is Car Spray Wax? Its Uses, Pros & Cons

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Applying wax and polishing the car is an important maintenance schedule. It helps you maintain the paints, and it also enables you to remove some minor scratches on the vehicle’s body. You might have used the wax that is available in the form of a paste or a liquid. There are challenges associated with the wax available in the form of a paste, and it can get challenging to apply it. Moreover, the paste form is slightly tricky to spread, and hence you end up using more wax than you should be using. If you have encountered such difficulties and would like to use something easy to use, then go ahead and check out the car spray wax.

Car spray wax is very easy to apply since it is available in spray form. In addition to this, the spray wax gives you excellent results. You need to spray a little amount of product on the car, and hence it makes more economic sense to use the car spray wax. So car spray wax is nothing but the car wax available in liquid form with a spray bottle. There are many advantages of the Car Spray Wax, and let us go ahead and check them out below.

spray Wax

Pros of Car Spray Wax

We already mentioned that the car spray wax is very easy to apply to the car. It spreads evenly, and you do not even have to touch the wax. Check out some more points below to learn about the advantages of the car spray wax.

  • The ingredients in the cream wax, paste wax, and spray wax are identical, and hence they similar utility to you.
  • The spray wax is known to be more durable, and it also lasts very long compared with the regular
  • You can buy the spray wax with a higher concentration of carnauba wax, and it will surely last longer than any other product you apply to the car.
  • Since the spray wax protects your car for a longer duration, it will also offer better UV protection.
  • The spray wax will last as much as three times longer than the cream and paste. It is priced approximately the same, and hence you would not have to worry about the cost of the spray wax.
  • Using the traditional wax is slightly time consuming; it takes a lot of time to apply it. Whereas the spray wax is easy to apply, and it takes 60% less time to complete the whole procedure. To use the spray wax, you need to spray and wipe off.
  • The spray wax proves to be a better product in protecting the top clean coat of the car.

Cons of Spray Wax

There aren’t many cons associated with the spray wax. However, many experts recommend getting professional detailing done before you start using the spray wax. The professional detailing can prove to be an expensive task at once, but it is worth the price and effort. The regular wax provides better protection on the base layer initially, and then you can start using spray wax. Apart from this, there are no such cons of using the spray wax.

Final Verdict

You have checked the pros & cons of using the spray wax. It is relatively easy to apply, and you can use it on any metallic surface on your car and the bike. You can even use the spray wax on alloy wheels. Using the spray wax significantly reduces the efforts, and it also eliminates the need to buy the buffing machine. So, if you do not have a buffing machine at your home, we would advise you to use the spray wax to deliver excellent results. You need a piece of microfiber cloth, and your hand would be enough to get a fantastic shine on your car. You would need to spend a lot less energy on rubbing the wax on the car body. Use it on a single panel at once, and you will be done in less than 30 minutes.

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