10 Must Know Car Washing Dos and Don’ts

Must Know Car Washing

Car washing is an act of maintaining your vehicle in the right way. In order to make your car look shine and increase its lifespan, you should wash your car at regular intervals. Also, you should use the right car washing products in the right way.

You can also protect your car by washing it frequently. However, if you make any mistake in the car washing process, then you may damage your car’s paint. As a result, your car will look dull instead of shining. This article contains ten must-know car washing dos and don’ts to follow. You can follow these instructions for car washing to prevent damages to your car while washing.

Do’s for car washing

  1. Collect all the required items

You can gather all the required items for car washing before starting the process. By doing this, you can have all the things you need throughout the process. The items such as toolbox, buckets, car wash soap, brushes, sponge, cotton clothes, cleaners, etc. should be collected in one place before starting the car washing process.

  1. Wash the wheels first

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You should wash your car step by step to make the entire process easier. First, you can wash the wheels as it is the most complicated part of the car washing process. Once you have washed the wheels and tires with brush and cleaner you can wash the other parts of your car easily. Also, while washing the car, you should ensure to wash it from up to down to prevent the marks.

  1. Avoid using toxic products

If you use hazardous and toxic car washing products, then it may damage your car paint and affect your health. Also, by using chemical products, you may put your environment into danger. Therefore, you should always try to opt for environmentally friendly products for your car washing. By using the products that are specially designed for car washing, you can make your car paint last longer.

  1. Use a microfiber cloth

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After washing the car, you need a cloth to dry it quickly. If you use general cotton clothes for the drying purpose, then that may not do the task accurately. Also, you need to use that cloth carefully to ensure that it doesn’t damage your car’s paint.

A microfiber cloth is softer and ideal for drying the water on your car perfectly. So, you can consider using a microfiber cloth instead of a cotton or polyester cloth for drying your car.

  1. Follow the instructions on the manufacturer’s manual

While washing your car, you should follow the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer. If you want to enhance the look of your car, then you should clean it as per the directions of the manufacturer. Also, by doing this, you can prevent your car from damage.

Don’ts for car washing

  1. Use the home cleaning products

For washing your car, you need different cleaning products than your home cleaning products. If you use the same soaps and detergents that you use for cleaning different items in your home, then that may damage the paint of your car. Also, if you use the all-purpose cleaners and other cleaning products for car washing, then that may develop scratches on your car’s surface. Therefore, you can look for specially designed cleaners for car washing.

  1. Use tire and wheel cleaner products on other parts of your car

You should never use the tire and wheel cleaning products on other parts of your car as the chemicals on that product may harm your car parts. Also, they can cause scratches on your car. You can also read about the ingredients of that product before using it to ensure they are not harmful to your car’s paint.

  1. Leave your car with dirt and dust

If you take large gaps between your car washings, then the gathered dirt and dust may affect your car’s paint. You should wash your car at least one time in a month to ensure the grime doesn’t harm your car’s paint. Also, you can set your car washing intervals by considering your driving style and weather conditions.

  1. Keep the cleaning items on the ground

While washing your car, you should ensure not to keep the cleaning items such as microfiber cloth, foam, etc. on the ground. If you do that, that cleaning item may collect dirt and dust from the ground and make your car dirty instead of cleaning.

  1. Use the cleaning items again and again

It is a common mistake that everyone makes while washing their cars. For example, some people use the same cloth for cleaning the car that they used for cleaning wheels and tire. By doing this, you may recollect the dirt and dust on your car parts instead of cleaning that. Therefore, you should use different clothes or foam for cleaning the different parts of your car.


You can wash your car frequently to maintain its look and lifespan. Also, it is important to keep your car in good condition to experience high performance. Therefore, you should set certain intervals and ensure to wash your car at the right time. For washing your car effectively, you can follow the dos and don’ts listed above.

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