How To Interchange Your Car Tires Properly?

Interchange Your Car Tires Properly

It is really an unpleasant experience to get stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire. If you know how to interchange your car tires, then you can solve this issue in an hour. As interchanging your car tires is an easy task, any person can do it by following some simple steps. Also, by interchanging your car tires, you can enhance the performance of your car. Your car tires go through many inappropriate conditions that lead them to wear and tear. However, by interchanging your car tires, you can let the tires run smoothly for a long time.

If you want to experience the best performance of your car, then you can interchange your car tires frequently. As the manufacturer gives all the required tools, you can interchange your car tires effortlessly. Here is a step by step guide to follow while interchanging your car tires.

Interchange Your Car Tires Properly

1. Place your car on a flat surface

In order to keep your car safe during the interchange process, you should park your car on a flat and strong surface. If you place your car on a soft and tilted surface, then you may not do this task effectively. Also, remember to apply the hand brake to keep the car firmly on the surface. You can also place a rock or brick in the front and back tires to make the car stable.

2. Release the nuts of the tire

Now, you can unbolt the nuts of your tire using a lug wrench or wheel spanner. You should apply lots of pressure on the spanner with your hand or feet. While loosening the nuts, you should open them diagonally.

3. Use a jack to lift the car

After unbolting the nuts, you can lift the car using a jack. You should place the jack correctly and rotate the screw until the tire lifted at least one inch from the ground. You should ensure to place the jack properly under the car before lifting it to prevent injuries.

4. Remove the old tire

Now, you can remove the loosened nuts and then remove the wheel by holding it firmly. You can hold the tire tightly using both your hands to prevent injuries.

5. Place the new tire

After removing the old tire, you can place the new one. While placing it, you should ensure to match the holes of your tire with the holes of the rim. Now, you can insert the nuts onto the bolt and tighten them. You can tighten them using the same wrench you used for opening the nuts. You shouldn’t tighten one nut completely and then go for another one. You can tighten the nuts in a star pattern until all nuts are completely tight. This way, you can make the perfect balance of your tire. Also, you shouldn’t apply lots of force to tighten the nuts as that may damage the threads.

6. Bring the car down

After tightening all the nuts properly, you can bring the car to the ground position. Loosen the screw of the jack slowly to bring the car down slowly. Once the wheel is on the ground, you can make sure to complete the tightening of nuts and close the hub cap. Now, your car is ready for riding. Then you can keep the tools back in the toolbox and start driving your car.

Therefore, you can interchange your car tires on your own without needing anybody’s help. Whether you are stuck on the road with a flat tire or want to interchange your car tires to extend their lifespan, the above steps will be helpful for you.

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