How to Wash Your Car Like a Pro: Easy Tips & Tricks

Must Know Car Washing

In order to have an incredible experience with your car, you should clean it sometimes. By cleaning your car, you can make it look shiner and enhance its life and performance. If you travel in a car that’s inner and outer parts are dirty, then you can’t enjoy your drive effectively. That’s why you should clean your car and make it ready for your travels.

Though you are thinking cleaning your car is very easy, you have to take certain precautions to ensure no part is affected during your cleaning process. In this article, you can find some tips and tricks for washing your car like a pro. So, keep reading to know more about how to clean your car effectively.

1. Determine how dirty your car is

Before starting the cleaning of your car, you should check your car’s condition so that you can gather the items for cleaning. In this step, you should make sure that whether you want to clean the mud, dust, or ice from your car. Also, you can collect the items required for the specific cleaning task. If your car is old, then you may need to consider clan your car entirely to make it look new.

Also, you may have to take extra care while cleaning an old car as the paintings may come out. However, in new cars, you may not face this issue.

2. Clean the inner area first

Keep Your Car Interior Clean

While cleaning your car, first, you should ensure to clean the interior. You can remove all the items that you don’t want in your car. After that, you can go to cleaning the floor mats. You can hit the mats together to remove the dust and dirt from that and then keep them aside. Then you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dirt from your car. You should ensure to vacuum the areas such as under the seat and between the seats, floor mats, etc. effectively. For cleaning the dashboard, you can use a wet, clean cloth. Also, you can use the wet cloth to wipe the steering wheel, door handles, and middle console.

You can dampen a clean cloth in warm water and put some laundry detergent in that to clean the seat belts. Also, you can clean the windows and sunroof using that wet cloth. After cleaning all the parts, you can replace the floor mats and close the doors and windows.

3. Spray the water on the car

After cleaning the interior, you can proceed to clean the exterior part of your car. First, place the car in an open area where sunlight is available. By doing this, you can allow your car to dry while you are cleaning it. Then you can take a bucket of water with car wash soap and start the cleaning of your car.

4. Wash the wheels first

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The wheel of your car is the tough part to wash. You can take a bucket of soapy water and start rubbing the parts of the wheel. You can use the detergent designed for automobiles for preparing the soapy water. For washing the wheels, you can use a wheel brush. You should ensure not to put the soapy water on the tires as it may spray on the cars painting while driving your car. After rubbing all the wheels, you can use a hose to wash the wheels.

5. Start scrubbing the other parts

Must Know Car Washing

After washing the wheels, you can wash the other parts of the car one by one. The other parts include headlights, roof, rear sides, both sides, windows, and other parts. You can use another bucket of soapy water and rub each part properly. You can use the same detergent that you have used for washing the wheels. If you use other detergents for cleaning the car, then that may damage the paint of your car. For scrubbing the car, you can use a wet cloth or foam. Also, you should ensure to do this job with care as it may remove the paint from your car.

6. Wash your car using a hose

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Once you complete the scrubbing, you can use a hose to wash the car thoroughly. You should spray the water at a consistent pressure and ensure to rinse all the parts that you have scrubbed using soapy water.

7. Let you car dry

THE RAG COMPANY Microfiber towel

As you have kept the car in the sunlight, it will start drying after washing. You can use a dry clean cotton cloth such as microfiber towel to boost the drying process. For better results, you can wipe the surface from up to down. By doing this, you can bring all the water drops to the down part.

8. Clean the windows

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Now, you can clean the windows using the special window cleaner designed for car windows. You should avoid using cleaners that you use for cleaning your house windows, as that may damage your car window.

9. Check for paint damage

Once your car is completely dried, you can check whether there is any damage to the paint. If you get damage, then you can use wax to fix that. Also, you should ensure to use the same wax that is applied on the surface for the perfect match. The wax can also protect the paint by preventing the UV rays of the sunlight. Once you applied the wax, it will last for at least three months. Wax can also stop the fading of your car painting.

Now your car is cleaned and protected from UV rays and fading. If you want, you can go for a ride now. For all of these work you can buy a car wash kit.


This way, you can wash your car effortlessly at home. If you find it is useful for you, then you can follow these steps to wash your car today. We hope you enjoyed the article and got an easy method to wash your car conveniently.

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