10 Tips for Keeping Your Car Looking Brand New

Car Looking Brand New

For most of us, buying a new car is very exciting. It is difficult to express the feeling and the happiness of buying a new car in words. We are sure that you would agree with us and a lot of us even try to keep the car in the new condition even after years of use. With a little care, you can keep the car shining like a brand new even after many years. You just need to take care of the paint of your vehicle, and this will set most of the things right for you.

Best Ways To Keep Your Car New

Let us share some tips that can help you in keeping your car looking brand new. Check out the details below –

1. Watch Where You Park

A lot of people park their car is scorching heat, and that is not good for the vehicle. You need to be careful with where do you park your vehicle during the night and the day. It is always better to park the car in the garage. If you do not have an option and if you need to park it outside, ensure that you cover your car correctly. Covering the car will save the paint from getting damaged because of the heat. Parking the car inside will also protect your interiors. You must also avoid leaving the car out in open when it is snowing. Snow can also lead to damages to the paint of the car. Moreover, parking the car in the covered area will also help you in keeping the vehicle clean.

2. Clean the Deposits

How to Clean Your Car Tire

No matter how careful you are with the car, you will always end up with bird droppings and tree sap on the car. There is nothing that harms the car’s paint more than the bird droppings. These things may even have traces of acid that will cause damage to the paint. If you notice any such deposit on the car, clean it as soon as you get home. Use a soft cloth with a mild detergent to clean these deposits. It is highly advisable to use a lot of water while cleaning the spots. Try to wash all these deposits before they dry and become hard. Cleaning the deposits on time will prevent any kind of scratches and damage.

3. Protection Coating

Another easy way to maintain the car is by opting for aftermarket coatings. You can get a Teflon coating for the vehicle, which is also known as an anti-rust coating. It will protect your car from rusting, and the advantage here is that the coating is applied under the body. This coating will improve the life of the vehicle drastically. Another type of coating that you can opt for is ceramic coating. Ceramic coating lasts a lot longer than the Teflon coating, and it also makes it easier for you to clean the car. The only downside of the ceramic coating is that it is expensive. If you do not mind spending a little on the coat, then you can keep your car in a new condition for a very long time.

4. Wash the Car Regularly

Pressure Washers for Car

You need to wash your car regularly. Washing the car helps a lot in maintaining the paint and the shine on your vehicle. While you are driving, the car will pick up a lot of grime and dirt from the road. Giving frequent washes at home will get you rid of all the dirt. You must always use a mild soap while you are cleaning the car, and it would not harm the paint. If you intend to use a pressure washer, then ensure that you are using it on low pressure so that you do not end up with a dent on the body of the car. Clean your wheels, tires, and the lower body of the car. It will not take much time to wash the car if you are doing it regularly.

5. Don’t leave the Car Wet

We already mentioned the importance of washing the car regularly. After washing the car, a lot of people leave it to dry in the sun. Moisture is not a good thing for the paint. The evaporating water will leave minerals on the paint, and it will damage the coating. It will soon wipe off the shine from the paint. The best way here is to dry the car using a good quality absorbing cloth. Avoid using air dryers. The soft sponge works the best as it absorbs the water from the car’s surface. Leaving the water on the vehicle can also cause rusting.

6. Waxing & Polishing

Another aspect that a lot of people ignore is waxing and polishing. These are the two things that will help you in maintaining the pain. It not only helps you in bringing pack the shine to your car, but it will also help you in protecting the paint. You can restrict the waxing and painting schedule once in a quarter. You can even use a buffer to make the wax even more effective. Another mistake that people make while polishing the car is that they try to cover the whole vehicle in a single time. It is better to polish the car panel by panel. You must also use tire cleaners and tire shiners. They will keep the wheel and tire in the new condition.

7. Say No to Car Washes

In one of the above points, we mentioned that you must wash your car regularly, but we would recommend you against visiting the car washes. They are very convenient and quick, but the car wash can damage your vehicle. These commercial setups may use harsh detergents, and the spinning brush can be too fast for the paint. It is always the best option to wash your car with the hand. You are going to be gentle when you are cleaning the car by hand with good car wash soap, and you will know the places that need attention. Avoiding the car washes will extend the life of your paint, and your car will appear to be shiny for a longer duration of time.

8. Cleaning the Interiors

Many people concentrate only on the exterior of the car, but the fact is that you need to keep the car interiors clean as well. The seats can get dirty with time, and you may go for a seat cleaning job. You must vacuum your car regularly, and you can even opt for interior spray detailers. These sprays can keep the condition of the dashboard and seats like brand new. Before you rub anything on the panel, ensure that you test it on the small patch. Also, ensure that you do not have any dust inside; otherwise, it may result in an abrasive action. You need to pay extra attention to interiors if you have a convertible or an open car.

9. Rubbing can Help

Did you get scratch on the paint? Are you thinking about a paint job? Well, wait a minute. Try using the rubbing compound on the scratch. It will remove the scratch if it is not very deep. This process can even remove the stains and marks from the car’s surface. Do not overuse the rubbing because it is slightly abrasive, and it removes a thin layer of the paint to deal with scratch. We would recommend you to use the rubbing compound that is designed for the transparent coat paints. Rubbing should help you in dealing with minor scratches, and it will keep your car in a brand new condition.

10. Use good Quality Products

It is always a good idea to use the polish and wax. You can even use dashboard polish to keep the interiors in new condition. One thing that holds a lot of importance here is the quality of the products that you are using. Ensure that you only use the right quality products for your car and do not buy cheap options. The cheap products may be of inferior quality, and they can damage the paint or the interiors of the car. When you are trying the new products on the car, always start with a small patch. It will help you in ensuring that the product will not damage the vehicle. Remember that the brand reputation holds a lot of importance here.

Wrapping Up

These were the ten tips to maintain the car and to keep your car looking brand new. You can implement these tips and tricks during the regular maintenance schedule, and you will notice the difference that it can bring to the car. Avoid any kind of repaint job, and you will probably not have to go through any sort of repaint if you follow the tips that we have shared with you. If you think that we have missed something, then do leave us a comment in the comments section below. We will share additional tips with the users so that they can also keep their cars in good condition.

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