Bangalore Traffic Fines

It never hurts anyone to have extra knowledge when it comes to road safety. However, other than having details on different road safety rules, one must also know the penalties associated with various offenses. Generally, for this, people have to surf through different websites; however, you can always get a general idea of the penalty amounts with the help of the official sites of traffic authorities in India. But did you know? You will still not be done. We are mentioning this because different states may have different fines that citizens have to pay once they break a road safety rule. Sometimes it is seen that these rules may also vary within a state.

And hence, it is mandatory to know the penalties of the city you live in other than knowing the state penalties. Today we are going to talk about the fines in one of the cities of Karnataka. You can quickly get the Karnataka traffic fine details on the web. However, we are going to discuss the amount of these fines for several offenses in Bangalore city. We have noticed that there are not many articles on that, and we would like to help. The traffic fines were hiked only last year in 2019, and Bangalore accepted the hike, which is why the penalty amount increased throughout the city. Let us try to get details on this topic –

Bangalore Traffic Fines for different offenses

Given below, we have different offenses for which the traffic police of Bangalore can quickly charge fines. If you fail to pay them, you might even get jailed if the offense is grave. Everything that we have mentioned has details from authorized websites. Read everything well, especially if you are a newcomer to the city Bangalore. At many places, we had also mentioned the penalty that was charged before the new set of rules were implemented. This way you would be able to see the hike in fine amount extremely clearly –

  1. Driving or Riding a Vehicle without a license: The revised fines for this offense before the implementation of new rules lies in the range of INR 1000 to INR 5000, where we are talking about two-wheelers, light motor vehicles, four-wheelers and other types of vehicles. Now, the new penalty is INR 5000 for almost all types of vehicles.
  2. Overloading of vehicles that are not two-wheelers: Generally, these days, trucks and other heavier vehicles are loaded more than the weight limit. Now the offender of this particular rule will have to pay INR 20000. Additionally, the extra-fine can also be charged for the extra tons of weight in the vehicle.
  3. Driving unregistered vehicles: For three-wheelers and two-wheelers, the old fine amount lies at INR 2000 only. It was INR 3000 for four-wheelers and INR 5000 for other vehicles. The new fines in Bangalore for all types of vehicles are now INR 5000 for violating the rule for the first time and INR 10000 if you are a repeated offender.
  4. Driving Uninsured vehicles: Insurance is essential for your vehicle. It is mandatory for four-wheelers, two-wheelers as well as other vehicles. Hence, driving an uninsured vehicle is an offense, and you can be fined a penalty of INR 2000 for it. Earlier the fine was only INR 1000.
  5. Not wearing seatbelts: As helmets are essential while driving a two-wheeler, one must wear seatbelts while he/she is driving a four-wheeler. If you fail to do so, you can now be charged INR 1000 for this offense. Earlier, the fine amount was just half that is INR 500 only.
  6. Blocking way of emergency vehicles: Ambulances, police cars, fire brigades are all called emergency vehicles. They must reach their destination smoothly. Hence if you block their way, you can be easily charged a fine of INR 10000. That’s right, the amount is high, but you do have to understand how serious this offense can be as many lives depend on these vehicles. Earlier, the fine lied at INR 1000 only.
  7. Violating Speed Regulations: The penalty amount set for this offense is in the range of INR 2000 to INR 4000, and it varies with the type of vehicle that you are driving. Earlier, the penalty range was between INR 1000 to INR 2000 only. The amount of penalty charged is generally higher for heavier vehicles.
  8. Driving dangerously or rashly: Rash driving is one of the most common offenses often committed by young people. For rash driving in Bangalore, you will be charged a fine of INR 5000. If you are a repetitive offender, the fine amount may be increased to INR 10000.
  9. Recalcitrant towards traffic police: If you do not cooperate with Bangalore’s traffic police, you might be charged a fine for this too. It is considered an offense, and you must stick to following what they say. If you don’t, you will have to pay a fine of INR 2000, which was hiked to this amount from the old fine amount of INR 1000 only.
  10. Not wearing helmets: Helmets are an extremely important protective gear for two-wheeler riders. If you do not wear a helmet while driving your motorbikes in Bangalore, you will have to pay a penalty of INR 1000. Earlier offenders had to only pay INR 500 for this offense.

Bottom Line:

When it comes to road safety, we have attempted and tried to cover all the primary offenses. As you would have noticed, the hike is huge, but it is mandatory to some degree. The citizens of the city are seen to break any traffic rules day after day. When they do it, they jeopardize the safety of themselves and others. In some cases, such carelessness has also caused severe accidents and even fatalities. Being safe on the road is something that you must care for. You should avoid rash driving and always try to maintain your vehicle’s speed limit wherever you go. Additionally, we urge you to carry your vehicle documents and insurance papers so that you are not stuck when the authorities ask you for the same. We hope that we helped you in getting all the details on Bangalore Traffic Fines.

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