Delhi Police Traffic Fines

One of the qualities of a good citizen is that he/she always follows traffic rules. However, no matter how careful we are on the roads, we might end up breaking some of the rules without knowledge. Hence, it is crucial to know the fine amount that we have to pay if we break any rules unknowingly. The Government of India has given a general outline for the fines one has to pay for serious road safety offenses. However, this amount may vary in different states. Therefore it is always good to get details on the traffic fines of the place you live at. State governments are also allowed to increase or decrease this fine.

This is the main reason for the variation of traffic fines across the country. Today, we decided to bring you all the penalty details of the country capital Delhi. We have mentioned the money that one has to pay if he/she breaks any road safety rule while he/she is driving a vehicle in Delhi region. It is essential to remember and by-heart the amount when you have recently moved to the place. This way, you can be sure about everything and drive as safely as possible. The highest number of road fatalities occurs in Delhi, and hence the authorities have become extremely strict with the regulation of road safety rules. Thus we must look at the fines charged for different offenses in the country capital.

Delhi Police Traffic Fines for different offenses

Below we have tried to cover all the main offenses that are committed by citizens regularly in Delhi. If you are a second time offender or these offenses, you might even be charged more. Every penalty amount mentioned is according to the latest details. Let us discuss each offense and the penalty amount associated with them one after the other –

  1. Riding or driving without a driving license: The old penalty for driving without a license was only INR 500. If was a payable amount, and many people used to get with it in Delhi. However, now the penalty is INR 5000. If you fail to pay the penalty, you will be made to do community service.
  2. Overloading vehicles that are two-wheelers: for this offense, the authorities in Delhi only used to charge a penalty of INR 100. However, now they can quickly charge you a fine of INR 2000. If you fail to do so, you will have to do community service for three months.
  3. Driving a vehicle under the influence of any kind of intoxicating substance: Such offenders are seen regularly in Delhi. The fine for this offense is INR 10000. You might also have to serve jail time of 6 months if you do not pay the fine. Additionally, if you repeat the offense, you can be jailed for up to 2 years.
  4. Overspeeding: If you speed your vehicle in crowded areas or areas where there is high traffic, you were only charged INR 400. However, the Delhi Traffic Police can now easily ask you to pay a penalty of INR 1000 to INR 2000 if you drive a light motor vehicle. If you are driving an HPV/MPV, the fine range is INR 2000 to INR 4000. In severe cases, the authorities and also seize your driving license.
  5. Driving without wearing seatbelts: It only takes less than a minute to wear your seatbelts before driving your cars. Additionally, seat belts offer high protection in cases of accidents and impacts. Hence, the authorities must charge fine when you do not follow this traffic rule. The amount of fine that you will have to pay for this offense is INR 1000. You might also be asked to do community service like any other offense.
  6. Violating Road Regulations: Different roads have different regulations. One can quickly know about them by reading road signs carefully and adequately. If you avoid following and driving according to them, the Delhi Traffic Police can fine you an amount of INR 500 to INR 1000. Road regulations are there so that the number of road accidents is minimized. Please follow them in all situations.
  7. Racing and Speeding: While this is often noticed in the younger population, middle-aged citizens might also race and speed their vehicles. If you are a first time offender, you will have to pay a penalty of INR 5000. However, subsequent offenders will be required to pay up to INR 10000 for this offense as a penalty.
  8. Jumping the red signal: While this is not a very serious offense in many cities in Delhi, you will have to pay the fine lying in the range of INR 1000 to INR 5000. If you fail to do so, you can also be imprisoned for a period of 6 months to one year.
  9. Driving without being qualified: If you are disqualified from driving but still drive on the roads, you will have to pay a penalty of INR 10000. You might also be asked to do some community service.
  10. Vehicles without a permit: This is one of the very serious offenses, and if your vehicle is not permitted on the road, you must not drive it once you get the permission. If you still do so, you will have to pay a penalty of INR 10000 in Delhi. Earlier, this fine was only INR 5000.

Bottom Line:

To have safer driving experience, one must be aware of all the traffic and road safety rules. Other than that, he/she must also have knowledge of the penalties associated with different offenses. This is why we decided to culminate in the details of every regular offense that people who own vehicles commit in the country’s capital. All the details are updated and taken from official sites. You can be sure about their authenticity and use this article as a guide to learn about the different fine amounts. We hope that you drive your vehicle safely and keep the safety of you and your fellow riders in your mind.

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