Dash Cam Advantages And Disadvantages – Is It A Good Idea?

Dash Cam For Car

In recent years, Dash Cams have gained a lot of popularity. They have saved many people from a false acquisition, and they have also helped a lot of US people in getting a claim from the insurance company. These cams can be very helpful during the road rage issues. A majority of people have the dash cams installed in their car, but there are still some people who are yet to adapt to this innovation.

There are many different types of models available in the dash cams. The basic models will only record what is ahead on the road. The most advanced model will be able to record the rear and the front footage. Some of these high-end models can also track the geographical location of your car. We are not here to talk about what these dash cams have for offer. We are here to discuss the pros and cons of the dash cams so that you can decide if you should install a dash cam or if you should let go of this idea. Let us find out the answers now.

Advantages of Having a Dash cam

Let us first talk about the advantages of having a dash cam installed. We have listed these details below

Safety First – The first advantage that you are going to derive by installing a dash cam is the protection of the occupants. There can be many road rage incidents while you are traveling on the road, but when someone notices that you have a dash cam installed, they usually tone down. Hence, the dash cam can prevent any type of road-rage violence.

Insurance Claims – Accidents aren’t rare, and it can be challenging to prove your innocence after the accident. The dash cam footage can prove to be helpful in getting the claim from the insurance company. In case of hit & run, dash cams will also record the details of the license plate of the offender.

Discounts – You even get a financial benefit after installing the dash cam. Yes, a lot of car insurance companies offer a significant discount if you have a dash cam installed in the car. The discount offered by the insurance company can go up to 10% in addition to the no-claim bonus. Within a few months, you will be able to recover the cost of the dash cam.

Monitoring– If your teenager is driving the car, there can be chances that he is driving it fast, or he is not driving the vehicle safely. The dash cams can serve as a monitoring tool for cars that are driven by teenagers or by anyone else. If a driver is driving your family in the car, the dash cam can monitor the family as well, and it can ensure safety for them. You would have read about multiple instances when the car occupants were protected because of the presence of the dash cam.

Night Vision – It can be unsafe to drive at night. This situation is especially true while you are driving on an autobahn. A lot of dash cams come with a night vision to ensure that they are recording a proper video of what is ahead of you. The night vision feature also helps you in protecting yourself when you are driving late at night.

Other Features – Most of the new dash cams come with advanced features. They can notify you of the car movements on your phone, and they can even work in the parking mode. These dash cams can upload the footage on the cloud. If someone hits your car when you are not around, these dash cams can record footage. A lot of these dash cams can even offer you with features like geo-fencing. The new models can make it effortless to track any damage to the car or to track the stolen vehicle.

Disadvantages of Having a Dash Cam

There is no such major disadvantage of having a dash cam installed in the car. It is entirely legal to use the dash cam but there is just certainly some trade-off associated with the dash cams. Let us now talk about these disadvantages in detail.

Legal Issues – In most states, you can use the dash cams without any restrictions, but in some states, it is illegal to use the dash cams (with audio recording) without the permission of the passengers.You need to check that there are no legal issues associated with usage of the dash cam in the state that you are driving the car.

Easy Target of Theft – Apart from this, the dash cams can be easy to unmount and remove. They are usually an easy target for thieves. To avoid the theft of the dash cam, we recommend you to buy the concealed dash cams. Some of the dash cams are integrated into the rearview mirror. You can use those dash cams as they are difficult to notice, and hence they are a safe installation.

Possible Distraction – Some of the dash cams may trigger notifications when you move out of the geo-fencing coordinates. Some dash cams may also trigger notifications in case of over speeding. These dash cams can also block a significant view on the front windscreen. The blind spot can be dangerous, and it can be a possible distraction for you while you are driving. If you are easily distracted by something like this, then we would recommend you to avoid installing the dash cam.

Privacy Issues – The next disadvantage of the dash cam is the privacy issues associated with it.The dash cam saves your data on the cloud. Moreover, some passengers might not feel comfortable riding in the car if you have a dash cam installed. It is always the best to announce and seek permission if you have any other passengers in the vehicle who are going to ride with you. The privacy issues are relatively easy to deal

Can be used against you – In case of an accident, investigators are going to seek footage from the dash cam. If you were over-speeding at the time of an accident, then the footage will be used against you, and you will not get any insurance claim as well. The state may even prosecute you for not following the rules. With a dash cam installed, you do not wish to be involved in any irresponsible behavior while driving the vehicle.

So, is it a Good Idea to Buy Dash Cam?

By looking at the advantages and the disadvantages of the dash cams, we are sure that you are in a position to take a call for yourself. Still, if you are looking for our opinion, then let us tell you that it is a beneficial decision to buy the dash cam. The dash cams are available in all price ranges. To avoid the theft, you can unmount them while exiting the car, and you mount them back when you go for your next drive. Overall, these dash cams can save you from a tricky situation. So, the final verdict is that you must install a dash cam in your car. Now go ahead and buy the dash cam for your vehicle today.

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