10 Important Things You Need in Your Car Emergency Kit

Car Emergency Kit

If you are a car owner and drive your car regularly, it should be necessary to keep the car emergency kit inside your car’s trunk. It’s because no one knows when you need emergency tools or other essential things to tackle the situation. According to several surveys conducted all around the globe, many people stuck with their cars by the side of the road. And it is also interesting that most of them are usually able to handle the situation because of the car emergency kit.

There are many things that you can add to the car emergency kit, but seriously there are too many things that you can add-in. Some people prefer to make their own personalized car emergency kit, while others prefer to buy one from the market. But here we are going to talk about the ten important things that you should need to add in your car emergency kit, so let’s find out.

Car Emergency Kit

1. Flashlight

Suppose if you are going for a long trip, and you passed the whole day after driving, and you are driving at night as well. It may happen that your car suddenly gets some problem and you have to stop it. But it doesn’t seem safe to stop the car at midnight far away from the populated area. If you have a flashlight inside the car emergency kit, you can easily use it to find the actual problem. And in case if you need help, then most of the modern flashlight comes with the flicker mode that you can use as the help signal. Only remember one thing that you should always carry extra batteries for the flashlight, if the old batteries get dead then you can replace them by the new ones.

2. First Aid Kit

In case if you got a cut or something else while driving, if you have a first aid kit inside your car emergency kit, then you can easily aid yourself until reaching a medical clinic or hospital. Your first aid kit should have essential things such as bandages, antibiotic ointment, pain relief tablets, antiseptic spray, ammonia or alcohol wipes, ice pack, eyewash, etc. First aid kit should be a necessity to add in your car emergency kit if you are going to drive your car or any other vehicle.

3. Extra Mobile Charger

Sometimes it happens when you get stuck by the side of the road, and the condition gets worse when your mobile battery runs out. In this situation, you can call the emergency services and your friend or family member to help you. So, it becomes important for you always to keep your mobile phone charged. But mostly the battery gets exhausted when you used your mobile phone for the whole day. Therefore, you should always keep the extra charger in your emergency kit. This is how you can keep your mobile’s battery full when you are going on a long drive.

4. Fire Extinguisher

You should always add the fire extinguisher inside your car that should be a certified extinguisher by NFPA. A typical extinguisher allows you to handle the situation when your car somehow gets or catches fire. If you don’t use something to prevent spreading the fire to other parts of your car, in this case, your car can explode. But in case if you have the fire extinguisher inside your car emergency kit, then you can easily tackle the fire issue.

5. Jumper Cable

If your car’s main battery gets dead, and now you are facing problems to start your car, then a jumper cable can help you a lot. But because this is an electrical problem, which means you should always add the jumper cable in the kit that comes with proper protection. Do make sure to buy the jumper cables that come with the gloves and additional insulation layering on them. When you talk about the length of the suitable jumper cable that you can add, we want to let you know that a length of 10 to 15 feet would be great.

6. Car Jack

It’s the most common issue when the car’s tire gets punctured, and you are far away from the machine shop or service center. A car jack can be a very beneficial tool for you if you have a second tire inside our trunk. You can simply use the car jack to shift the car a bit above the ground, so you can easily change the tire. But do make sure to include the car jack in your emergency kit that should come with a strong base and compact design.

7. Ordinary Toolkit

The ordinary portable toolkits have the essential and handy tools such as a screwdriver, plier, cutter, duct tape, and so on. Sometimes it happens when you are stuck in an emergency, and you may need this portable and handy tool to do some temporary fixes to your car. And this is how these tools can temporarily fix the major issues until you arrive at the car service center. You can easily buy this type of portable basic toolkit for your car in less than 100 bucks, and it is going to be a worthy investment.

8. Blankets

If you live in a cold place or country, then this might have happened to you that you stuck by the roadside before arriving at the destination. Or maybe you get stuck in bad snowy weather; in this case, you should avoid driving your car because it may increase the chances of an accident. In this situation, it would be great if you have the warm blanket in your emergency kit. And this is how you can survive in a frosty cold weather/environment until you get help.

9. Drinking-Water

Drinking water should be your necessity to add in the car emergency kit; it’s because sometimes it happens when you get stuck in an emergency far away from civilization. If you have the drinking water can or bottle in your emergency kit, you can survive until you arrive at a safe place or get help from the emergency services.

10. High Energy Packed Food

Imagine if you are going for a long trip with your family, but before arriving at the destination, your car has some issues, and you have to stop it. In this case, you should always keep the high energy-packed food in your car emergency kit. So, you and your family don’t need to wait with intense hunger.

So, these were some of the essential items that we and almost all the expert recommendations to everyone to keep inside your car emergency kit. These essential items will help you to solve car problems easily and tackle the situation until you get proper help.

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