How Many Brake Pads Does A Car Have And When To Replace Them

Car Brake Pads

Brake pads are needed to be checked at a regular interval in order to make sure that your vehicle is safe to drive. The brake pads need proper maintenance and after certain miles, it is essential you change them with superior and more efficient brake pads. However, if you are looking to make them replaced by professionals, you are going to spend a lot of money unnecessarily on them. The brake pads can easily be replaced at home with the help of simple tools and good knowledge of your car. Even if you are changing the brake pads for the first time, the owner’s manual can easily help you change the brake pads.

Before changing the car brake pads at home, there are a few important things that you should be aware of. Like the tools needed, the position of the brake pads, and the number of pads you are going to need for your vehicle. SO, let’s talk a bit about this and after reading the article, you can easily prepare yourself to change the brake pads at home.

How Many Brake pads your car have?

car brake pads

Usually, modern cars have two brake pads in a tire. That makes the total number of brake pads eight. Additionally, it is not necessary to change the brake pads for all the tires at a time. If your brake pads are in good condition, you can service them and replace the ones that are needed to be changed urgently.

Some brands sell brake pads in sets, so you will need four sets of brake pads if you are looking to change all the brake pads. So, act accordingly and invest in a good quality brake pads set that is recommended by the manufacturer or is compatible with your vehicle.

When you should consider buying a new set of car brake pads?

If you are looking to change the brake pads at home, then the most important thing to consider is the right time when you need the replacement. Though experts recommend changing the brake pads after every 40,000 miles, we will suggest you to look for the symptoms of faded brake pads which will help you save money on proper maintenance, instead of changing them completely. IF you are a good driver and don’t drive and brake instantly, the brake pads can easily last over 45,000 miles (depending on the type of brake pads).

  • Your brakes are creating an annoyingly loud noise

The first indication that your brake pads need replacement is the loud unusual noise from the brakes while applying them. This can be also caused by excessive dust or rust in the brake pads. So, examine the pads as pearly as possible.

  • You have completed over 40,000 miles

Even if you are a careful driver, after every 40,000 miles, it is advised that you once check the brake pads for health. This will help you decide whether you can still use them or replace them as early as possible. Being cautious is always recommended in case of the brake pads. So, avoid ignoring them if you are willing to have a safer ride with your family.

  • Braking distance has increased drastically over time

Another thing that can be considered as the symptom that your brake pads need replacement is the increased braking distance. With time, the braking distance gradually increases. IT is okay if the distance is manageable. However, if your car needs to work hard to stop completely, you should consider replacing the brake pads soon.

By having a look at the above-listed symptoms, you can easily decide that your brake pads need urgent replacement. So, examine all the brake pads, and replace the faded brake pads as per the needs.

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