How to Prevent Car Ramps from Sliding?

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This is a common problem that many people face while using car ramps for an oil change or any repairing work. Usually, it is very annoying to notice your car ramps sliding off your car wheels when trying to drive the wheels onto the ramps. However, many people have solved this problem and use good car ramps for their work without any difficulties. In this article, we are going to discuss some tips that will help you avoid the sliding problem while using car ramps.

When it seems impossible to use any other lifting equipment to get access to the car body, car ramps come in handy.They are ideal for use in different locations because of their sturdiness and effectiveness. Moreover, many people find it a better option to use car ramps than using a jack. Also, they are convenient to use because they are affordable, long-lasting, and offer high performance. Further, they are available in different types, so you need to pick the right ones for you to ensure better usability.

Tips to Prevent Car Ramps from Sliding:

When you are trying to lift your vehicle a little quickly using car ramps, the car ramps may slide forward if you are using them on a concrete floor. The following tips will help you to solve this issue and use the ramps efficiently.

  • You can use duct tape to keep the ramp from sliding. Take two pieces of duct tape and attach them to the edge of both the car ramps. Then fold the tapes at 12 inches and attach them to the back of the ramps. Now, when you drive your car onto the car ramps, the tape will be under the wheels. This will prevent the ramps from sliding.
  • Another way to stop the ramps from sliding is to use a piece of slotted metal strapping in the front of the ramps. You can make some holes in specific locations in your garage where you use car ramps. Then while using the ramps, you can simply insert a bolt through the hole to use the ramps. This will provide maximum stability to the ramps while lifting your vehicle.
  • Using plywood to stop the sliding of ramps is so popular, and most people follow this technique. In this method, you can place plywood between the car ramps and the wall that will keep the ramps from sliding. You can use three boards, one along the wall and the other two in a perpendicular position to get higher stability. Once done, you can drive your car onto the ramps ensuring everything is correct.
  • Also, an old towel can do the job. You can place an old towel under the ramps and ensure that the wheels run over the towel first, before the ramps. This will be a cheaper and simpler method to opt for. Also, you can use a load belt instead of a towel if you want. This will keep your ramps from sliding.
  • Another simple method to stop the ramps from sliding is to use solid wood pieces to secure the ramps while working. Place the wood pieces against the wall of the ramps to prevent them from sliding.


Car ramps are a reliable and cost-effective solution to lift vehicles. Their simple design and matchless performance allow users to do their job with ease. But the sliding issue is very annoying, and probably this is the common problem that many people face. However, these are some simple methods that you can follow while using car ramps to lift your car. With these techniques, you can stop the car ramps from sliding while driving your car onto them.

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