Semi Synthetic and Fully Synthetic Oil: Which Is Better?

Semi Synthetic and Fully Synthetic Oil

The oil is the very vital part of the car as it can reduce friction between components, manage heat and will also provide protection to the engine. You will have to make sure that you are changing the engine oil of your car as part of the regular servicing. But there is one universal question that rises in your mind, and that is which is the best oil for the car, fully synthetic oil or semi synthetic oil?

Synthetic engine oils are used to offer performance to the vehicle, but why are they better than the mineral oils?

Usually, the synthetic oils are pure, and they can protect the car at a specific temperature and even beyond the heat that is listed. The mineral oils are not as pure as the synthetic oils, and there are chances that they degrade fast. They will also increase fuel consumption in the car.

So, now that we are clear about why synthetic oils are better than mineral oil, it is now time to decide which is best fully synthetic oil or semi synthetic oil.

Semi Synthetic and Fully Synthetic Oil

What is fully synthetic oil?

Fully synthetic oil is the pure form of synthetic oil, and no mineral oil is used in its making, but it is made from the same crude oil that is usually used in the making of the mineral oil. The difference is the way they are processed. The fully synthetic oil is refined and purified to make the demands of modern cars. Due to the high technology used and the levels of refining, there will be very less impurities in the fully synthetic oil. This will help in free-flowing of the oil, and the oil will be able to protect the car in high temperatures as well. It will perform well for a long time as it degrades very slowly.

These fully synthetic oils are used more in the vehicle that carries a heavy load, cars that run in extreme cold or hot climates or in vehicles that start and stop too frequently. In this kind of situations, there will be a lot of pressure on the engine and hence to reduce the wear and tear, and you will have to opt for the fully synthetic oils.

What is semi synthetic oil?

Just like the name suggests, they are a mix of fully synthetic oil and mineral oil. You will be able to get better results when compared to the mineral oils and also will be able to give good results close to the fully synthetic oil. Semi synthetic oil is a pocket-friendly version of the fully synthetic oil, with more or less the same results.

When you compare semi synthetic oil with fully synthetic oil, you will be able to see that both of them come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Can fully synthetic oil be replaced with semi synthetic oil? 

You cannot do it yourself. It would be best if you always went with the recommendations given by your manufacturer. If you are replacing with semi synthetic oil, then there may not be any immediate problems that you will face. But you will not be able to enjoy the same engine protection with semi synthetic oil when compared to the fully synthetic oil. The performance of the engine will be reduced with time, and in the long run, you may have to face more problems. So, if your manufacturer recommends fully synthetic, then it is always good to stick to it. But you can replace your semi synthetic oil with fully synthetic oil even if your manufacturer recommends you to use semi synthetic oil. That will improve the performance and also enhances protection to the engine.

Do not mix them

Usually, to save a few bucks, some people have the habit of mixing semi synthetic oil with fully synthetic oil. But that is not recommended. It would be best if you did not do this at any cost as that can increase the value of your engine servicing.

If you are still looking for an answer for the question – Semi Synthetic and Fully Synthetic Oil: Which Is Better? Then it would be best if you always went with the choice given by the manufacturer. If you are having the habit of driving long or if you need to start and stop frequently, then you should go for fully synthetic oil as this oil will handle the pressure that the engine goes through in this kind of conditions. Along with that if you live in places where the climate is too hot or cold or if you toe heavy loads, then you should choose fully synthetic oil only. Fully synthetic oil offers you complete value for the money that you are spending. So, even if it is a bit expensive, you should always choose the fully synthetic oils as they can protect the engine for a very long time. Your engine’s life increases with good engine oils.

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