Different Types of Car Jacks and Their uses

Different Types of Car Jacks

To elevate a car from the ground, you need a tool. There are two options to choose from, which are Car Ramps and Car Jack Stands. Both types are known for their reliable and immersive safety factor. This is the primary reason that you can look after the use of these options for sure.

Among both options, car jacks are widely preferred for compact size, lightweight design, and high portability. On the other hand, these are available for an affordable price point, grabbing your attention and making you get any of these products. But, the only problem is, there are several types of car jacks.

There are mainly three types available in the market, and each one is designed to serve a particular need. If you are not sure that which one is right for your specific need, then reading all the types and their key traits will help you in the entire journey. We are defining all the types of car jacks that are available in the market.

With that said, we are also adding their pros and cons so that you can ensure better use and feel a higher convenience rate. All those who want car jacks for DIY projects or emergency use are in the right place. Let’s begin by exploring all the types and their essential factors to get the right one.

1. Scissor Jacks

Everfarel Scissor Jack

One of the most loved options by mechanics is Scissor jacks. This old fashioned tool is still available in the market and fulfills the need effectively. For excellent work done, you can prefer it and expect great use.

The primary quality is affordable prices, and you can find it for a very cheaper price point, such as 50 USD. There is a small handle to wind the arms apart, and then it will help you lift any car under a couple of seconds.

You have to position it under the car and aligning it to the jacking point to get started. Now, wind it in clockwise direction until you lift a vehicle to the desired height. You can lock it to a particular position, and if you have fixed the issue, you can rotate the handle to another direction.

2. Trolley Jacks

In case you are looking for something safer, you can easily find that trolley jacks directly fit into what you are looking for. Trolley jacks can keep your car stable, and it is widely preferred by most professional mechanics to get the job done.

You can rotate the wheel to position it easily, but you have to ensure that the little lever is pointing in the upper direction. You can use the end part of the handle to begin working, and releasing the lever will get your car to the ground.

The process begins by inserting the handle and pumping it in the upper direction until the cradle reaches the jacking point. If you want to lower it down, taking out the handle will get the work done. This is the major safety feature that you can expect.

The best quality is it lower car slowly so if you find that car is coming down even you are under the car then you get enough time to escape. This kind of safety is giving you slightly extra time to save yourself.

3. Bottle Jacks

With a similar working to trolley jack, you can find that Bottle jacks provide similar safety features. However, this one is working on the hydraulic force, which ensures an easier lifting option. Lifting your car is easy, and you have to apply lesser pressure for sure.

The key quality is compact size, and you can find that bottle jacks have a cylindrical shape so you can carry it easily. It is simpler, and you can align it under the jacking point and lift it up using any handle.

The only problem is, you can’t expect perfect stability because you have to find the right spot to set it up. In case the bottle jack is not positioned properly, it won’t be stable at all. This is an important factor that you should not be using.

Using a bottle jack is simpler, and the extra layer of protection with safety feature ensures a better use. Once you get used to working, there will be no issue with this product, that’s why you can consider it a better choice.

The Final Verdict

If you look at the design, Trolley jacks have better design and provide great use. However, you can use a scissor jack to get affordable deals. For common household use, you can go with scissor jacks. However, if you want to use bottle jacks, you must read manuals and learn the right method to align it to the car’s jacking point.

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