Traffic Fines in Mumbai

Traffic fines have been revised at certain intervals, and the fines have been revised recently when it comes to traffic fines in Mumbai. Unlike the old days, 2019-2020 has seen several changes in the entire traffic system, the traditional system has been replaced with advanced surveillance and e-Challan system. There are several advantages to this system when compared to a traditional system, one of it is the efficiency and lesser use of human labour.

In recent years, the traffic fines were revised to reduce the traffic violation. However, there are people who do not know the revised rates. Here are the revised traffic fines in Mumbai.

Violation Revised fine
Driving a four-wheeler without wearing a seat belt. INR 1000 or community service/ or both.
Driving an automobile without a valid license. INR 5000 and if caught a second time, suspension of license.
Exceeding the speed limit while driving an automobile. Light motor Vehicle INR 1000 to 2000Multi-purpose vehicle and Human-powered vehicle – INR 2000 to 4000, if caught a second time, the license could be seized.
Driving under the influence of alcohol and illegal substances. INR 10000 or 6-months prison, or both for a first-time offense. If the offense is repeated then INR 15000 or 2-year prison or both.
Driving an uninsured automobile. INR 2000 or 3-months prison or community service or both. If the offense is repeated INR 4000.
Driving an automobile while using a mobile phone (handheld). INR 5000
Illegal street racing and speeding. INR 5000 or 3-months prison or community service or both. If the offense is repeated, INR 10000 or 1-year prison or both.
Obstructing/blocking the path of emergency automobiles. INR 10000 or community service or both.
Juvenile offense related to automobiles. INR 25000 with 3-year in prison, cancellation of license registration, and the juvenile will not be eligible for a license until the age of 25-years.
Driving an automobile, especially an overloaded two-wheeler. INR 2000 and license cancellation or 3-months community service or both.
Driving without a valid automobile registration document. INR 5000 for a first-time offense and INR 10000 for repeated offense.
Driving an overloaded four-wheeler INR 200 per extra passenger in the vehicle.
Driving an automobile even after license suspension or cancellation. INR 10000 or community service, or both
Driving an automobile without a requisite ticket. INR 500
Offering a bribe to a traffic police officer in uniform The penalty would be twice the total amount fined for a traffic rule violation.
Aggregators without a valid driving license. PS: An aggregator, according to section 2 (1A) of the Motor Vehicles Amendment bill 2016 are those digital intermediators or market places that connect a driver to the customer. INR 25000 to 100000
Using the horn at silent zone. INR 2000 for a first-time offense, if the offense is repeated INR 4000 fine.
Disobeying a direct order from the traffic authorities. INR 2000
Driving a oversized automobile in a  restricted road INR 5000 to 10000 or community service or both.
Driving a two-wheeler without wearing a helmet. Both rider and pillion rider should wear a helmet compulsory. INR 1000 or license cancellation or community service for 3-moths or both.
Driving a heavy vehicle without a permit INR up to 10000

Unlike most of the Motor Traffic Act, the revised Motor Vehicles Act (Amendment) 2019 came with several surprising penalty changes. One of the major changes includes the drastic increase in penalty rates, and as you have seen above, repeated offenses are fined with twice amount. These drastic changes in the MVA 2019 are focussed on reducing roadside causalities, violations, and in-road accidents. The change in MVA is also focussed on increasing the average revenue generated by the Maharashtra Government.

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