Karnataka Traffic Fines

Of course, there are some general rules and regulations that are meant to be followed in India. However, you have to know that different states in the country also have separate regulations. According to these regulations, the state may ask you to pay a required amount of penalty once you break the traffic rules. This is the reason why the fine also varies from state to state. If you live in Karnataka or are willing to travel there in your vehicles, you must be aware of such penalty amounts.

We would also like to ask you always to follow the traffic rules. All these rules are made so that people can drive safely and become less prone to all types of accidents. Over time, the traffic police of all states and other road safety authorities have become extremely strict so that all citizens follow the rules well. We also noticed a jump in the penalty amount at the end of 2019. Therefore, we have mentioned the updated amount of these fines for the offenses, as discussed below.

Before jumping to anything, you can also learn the different set of rules from many official sites for traffic regulation in India. It will prove to be an extremely beneficial practice for you. Without any delay let us jump to our article –

Basic Traffic Rules in India

  • Drive on the left side of the road.
  • Drive according to the speed limit mentioned on the speed signboards on the highway.
  • Always wear a helmet whenever you drive a two-wheeler and a seat belt when you are in your cars.
  • Follow the traffic signals and never try to break them.
  • Give way to emergency vehicles such as ambulances, police cars, and fire brigades.

Karnataka Traffic Fines for different offenses

Below we have mentioned the traffic fines that can be charged by the authorities when you are on the roads of Karnataka. All the fine details are the latest, and we have tried to summarise everything possible. Let us start the discussion of these traffic fines now –

  1. Penalty when you are driving even after being mentally or physically unfit: Earlier, the state used to charge INR 1000 – 2000 for this offense. But according to the latest guidelines, you can now be charged penalty from anywhere between INR 5000 – 10000.
  2. Racing and Rash Driving: The previous amount of fine lies at INR 500 for this offense. But now the penalty has been incremented to a whopping INR 5000 to INR 10000.
  3. Carrying excess weight in the vehicle: There is a set amount of weight that one can take in his/her vehicle (generally trucks). If you exceed, that weight limit fine can be easily charged. Earlier, the amount lay at INR 2000 + INR 1000 (for extra ton) now it lies at INR 20000, and an additional of INR 2000 can be charged for an extra ton of weight.
  4. Using horns in silent zones: It is an offense to honk your honks in areas considered to be silent zones. Now you can be charged a fine of INR 1000 to INR 2000 if you do so. Earlier the fine was only INR 100 in Karnataka.
  5. Traveling in an uninsured vehicle: Whether you are riding an insured vehicle or forget to carry the insurance papers, you can now be easily charged a fine lying anywhere between INR 1000 to INR 2000. Hence, do not forget to bring the insurance papers.
  6. Not wearing a helmet: Now, in Karnataka, you have to pay a penalty of INR 1000 if you fail to wear a helmet while riding a two-wheeler. The use of a helmet is mandatory for people you drive motorbikes as we as the people who ride scooters.
  7. General Rule Violations: There are many general traffic rules that one must follow while on the road. If these rules are not followed, the traffic police and other authorities in Karnataka state can quickly charge INR 1000 from the offender.
  8. Overspeeding: When you drive, you have to make sure you go according to the speed limit of that area. Especially when you are in crowded places, overspeeding can make you pay fine. In Karnataka, the amount of this fine lies at INR 2000. However, the drivers of vehicles that carry goods can be charged up to INR 4000 for overspeeding.
  9. Failure to use safety belts: before the implication of new rules, the fine for this offense lay at INR 100 only. However, you will now have to pay INR 1000 if you fail to use the safety belts in your vehicles, especially cars.
  10. Using your vehicles even when it is unsafe: If it is ever found that the vehicle that you are driving is unsafe on the road, you can be charged a penalty of INR 10000. Earlier, the fine for using vehicles in a dangerous condition was only INR 1000.
  11. Carrying excess Passengers: Before new rules came, you had to only pay INR 100 for every extra passenger in your vehicle. However, you now have to pay INR 200 per additional passenger as a penalty in Karnataka.
  12. Unspecified offenses: For all the unspecified traffic and road offenses, the new penalty lies at INR 500 to INR 1500. The authorities can decide the exact amount.

Bottom Line:

These were the twelve primary offenses that may lead you to pay an extremely high penalty in the Karnataka state. All these offenses are related to traffic and road safety. The amount was increased last year so that the citizens start taking their and their fellow rider’s safety when they are on the road. With an increase in population, the number of road accidents keeps increasing day by day. We urge you to always drive safely and carry all the necessary documents in your car or motorbikes whenever you are outdoors in the vehicle. We hope that we helped you in getting all the details on the Karnataka Traffic Fines. Feel free to do some research on the less serious road safety offenses.

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