RTO Agra (UP80)

The Agra RTO is established according to section 213 of the Motor vehicles Act 1988. It is a central act that is drafted for ensuring road safety measures and phased growth of transports. The RTO would be headed by the commissioner of transports to perform the rules, provisions, and regulations laid by the Central Act as well as the rules prescribed by the state government.

Services you can avail at RTO Agra

The services that are carried out at the road transport office in Agra include

  • Enforcing safety measures
  • Collection of IMV fees
  • Registering address change in RC
  • Conduct of driving tests
  • Issue of driver’s license
  • Renewal of license
  • Collection of road tax
  • Granting permits
  • Issue of Registration certificates
  • Renewal of registration certificates

and much more.


Uttar Pradesh

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Agra, Uttar Pradesh

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With all that, you can even get all the information related to any UP number such as UP80 because our RTO database is spread out vast and you will always get the best results.

If you are looking out to know the name and all the information related to any vehicle registered with UP80 then here is the address where you can get all things done.

Types of Vehicle registration in Agra

Vehicle registration in Agra includes

Temporary Registration

This is the temporary registration for 7 days that is done when the vehicle leaves the showroom. This registration is done by the dealer to make it possible for you to drive the vehicle on road for registration.

Permanent Registration

Permanent registration has to follow the temporary registration by taking the vehicle to the RTO. The permanent registration is valid for about 15 years. After this period, you have to renew the same every 5 years after that period.

How to register a vehicle in Agra

The steps involved in registering the vehicle in Agra includes

  • Get form 20 which is the application for Registration certificate from the RTO office . You can also download it online
  • Fill, sign and submit it along with the documents that are required
  • Processing would be followed by the inspection
  • Payment of the fee and tax
  • Then you can get the registration certificate on the day specified.

Documents required for vehicle registration in Agra

 The documents that have to be attached for obtaining RC

  • Form 20- this is the application for the Registration certificate /RC
  • Form 21this is the sale certificate that you would get from the dealer
  • Form 22 and 22-A – It is the roadworthiness certificate of the manufacturer
  • Approval from the transport commissioner
  • Purchase invoice
  • Temporary registration certificate
  • Form-60 Pan card details
  • Insurance certificate
  • Address proof
  • Identity proof
  • Photos

and others. In case of imported cars, custom clearance certificate has to be provided.

How to renew vehicle registration in Agra

  • You have got to physically collect the form 25 from the RTO.
  • Fill in and submit along with the documents required
  • Attach the documents that are required. and the
  • RC book original.

Alternatively, you can also download the form and upload the form and upload the required proofs online and also getting an appointment for inspection.

Document required for renewing vehicle registration in Agra

 The documents that are required for renewing vehicle registration in Agra after the initial 15 years include Tax receipt, Original RC, ID proof, and Insurance certificate.

How to update the address on RC in Agra

The steps involved in updating the address on RC in Agra in case you are relocating includes submitting

  • Form 33 -the application form to change the address in the RC
  • Tax certificate
  • Insurance certificate
  • Vehicle chassis print
  • Aadhar card for address proof
  • Original RC

etc. The processing would be done and the address in the RC would be changed.

How to know the Vehicle Owner details of RTO Agra, Uttar Pradesh?

Here you can find the owner’s name, contact number and here are some simple steps you need to follow.

Steps to find Owner’s name, Engine Number, and Other Detailed information about any vehicle in UP

Here are the steps that one needs to follow to get all the information related to the vehicle such as engine number, the name of the owner, chassis number and many more. So, let us get started –

  • Get to this website – https://parivahan.gov.in/rcdlstatus/
  • Once you have loaded the website, enter the state code, RTO code, and the alphabets in registration number’s first box. For instance, UP80 XX
  • In the second text box, you need to add the numeric value from the registration number.
  • Now, read the verification code from the image and fill it in the box to check the status.

What information would you get from Registration Certificate Status?

  1. Full Registration Number: UP80 XX Agra
  2. Chassis and Engine Number
  3. UP80 Owner’s Name
  4. Vehicle Class, Fuel Type, Make / Model Name, Fitness details of UP80
  5. Insurance Details of UP80.

Contact Details of Agra RTO Office

RTO Code: UP80

Address: RTO Agra,  T.P.Nagar,  Agra- 282002

Phone: +91 -562-2600793