RTO Delhi

Following the guidelines of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, an RTO department was set up in Delhi.

RTO or Regional Transport Office is a government body which is tasked with the duty of keeping and maintaining a record of all the vehicles running on the roads . So, If a person is planning to buy a vehicle in Delhi, the person should also gather all the information about getting it registered with RTO, Delhi. Every vehicle after getting registered is given a vehicle registration card as a matter of proof. Vehicle registration serves for many purposes. It is a certificate in rem by which it proves the ownership of the vehicle by the person. It is also important in case of any mishap to settle the claims that arise.

This page presents detailed information regarding the procedure of getting a vehicle registered without actually visiting the RTO department, Delhi. The information shared here can be useful for all your friends and family members.

List of RTO Office Location in Delhi

Delhi RTO Locations DL RTO Code Delhi RTO Locations DL RTO Code
Mall Road, Delhi North DL01 West Delhi DL10
Tilak Marg, New Delhi DL02 Rohini, North West Delhi DL11
Sheikh Sarai, South Delhi South DL03 Vasant Vihar, South West Delhi DL12
West Janakpuri, West Delhi West DL04 Surajmal Vihar, Delhi DL13
Loni Road, North East Delhi DL05 Sonipat DL14
Sarai Kale Khan, Central Delhi DL06 Gurgaon DL15
Mayur Vihar, East Delhi DL07 Faridabad DL16
Wazir Pur, North West Delhi DL08 Noida DL17
Janakpuri, South West Delhi DL09 Ghaziabad DL18

Vehicle Registration in Delhi

It has been mandated by Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 to register every vehicle as a legal measure. Consequently, Each vehicle running on the roads in India is given a particular registration number peculiar to the state and the concerns RTO which has jurisdiction over it. After the registration process of the vehicle, a Registration Certificate (RC) is issued to the vehicle’s proprietor by the RTO. A permanent and unique registration number is allotted to every vehicle which cannot be changed at any cost . If we look at the technicalities, then there are two to three different methods relating to registration of any vehicle. These methods could be categorised as that of vehicle registration, re-registration of the vehicle, getting the NOC, cancellation of NOC, use purchase, end of purchase contract, trade of vehicle possession etc. Now, it’s impertinent to discuss in detail and separately about the temporary and permanent Registration of vehicles.

The basic and primary aim behind vehicle registration of Delhi Transport Department is to add to the funds of the state government by collection of various taxations like that of road taxes, tolls, costs and to oversee the disciplinary provisions on road, maintain a follow up of legal road-security measures.

Temporary Vehicle Registration In Delhi

At the onset, a buyer is concerned with the temporary registration of the vehicle. Even law guarantees it, so that the process doesn’t become cumbersome. It is important to know the technicalities of getting a vehicle registered in Delhi on a temporary basis.

Following is the process of getting a vehicle registered in Delhi, temporarily:

Before, beginning with anything else, It should be kept in mind that temporary vehicle registration remains valid only for a month’s duration, after the completion of one month’s period it turns out to be invalid. The application for temporary registration must be sought after by the dealer to the concerned authority which could be the Regional Transport Officer/Motor Vehicle Inspector Grade I. The total duration of the process zeroes down to three days, which is the estimated time period. During this period or duration the buyer might be asked to produce the vehicle for examination and physical assessment.

The essential documents for the registration:

  • Application Form-20 (one more duplicate if the vehicle is for hypothecation)
  • Form-21: Sales declaration
  • Form-60/61 from the Income Tax Department or GIR or Pan card
  • Roadworthiness declaration and Pollution Under Control (PUC) affirmation in Form-22 secured from the producer of the vehicle.
  • Declaration by the candidate checked by a Notary, Executive, or First Class Judicial Magistrate.
  • Address proof, any of the following :
    • Vehicle Insurance Certificate
    • Voter ID Card
    • LIC Policy
  • Passport photos
  • Ration Card

Permanent Vehicle Registration Process In Delhi

As we know that the temporary registration is valid only for a month’s duration or period, hence it’s important to get it registered permanently. The process of permanent registration is different from the temporary registration process. So, it must be understood carefully.

Following is the process of getting vehicles registered in Delhi, permanently:

  • In case of registration of any private vehicle, an application must be forwarded via Form 20 and it must be submitted to the Transport Department/RTO .

P.s- Form 20 can be downloaded from the website of concerned RTO or can be taken from the RTO directly.

  • The prospective person must also produce the business certificate issued by the merchant/creator along with roadworthiness declaration given by the maker, insurance papers must also be produced if asked
  • The registering expert will also examine the vehicle before allotting the registration number.

List of Required Documents required For Permanent Vehicle Registration:

  • Application Form-20 (one more copy in duplicate if the vehicle is there with hypothecation)
  • Form-21: relating to Sales affirmation
  • Roadworthiness certificate and Pollution Under Control (PUC) support and Form-22 from the vehicle producer
  • Form-60/61 from the Income Tax Department or GIR or Pan card
  • Vehicle Insurance Certificate
  • Address proof(any of the below-mentioned):
    • Ration Card
    • Voter ID Card
  • LIC Policy of the customer
  • Declaration by a Notary, Executive, or First Class Judicial Magistrate
  • 3 passport size photos
  • Lifetime road tax certificate for non-transport vehicle
  • Temporary Registration Certificate in case of immediate registration of vehicles.

Renewal of Vehicle Registration in Delhi

Renewal of the registration is as important as it’s first time registration. The process of the renewal must also be understood clearly.

A vehicle proprietor must apply for the renewal of vehicle registration after 15 years of first registration process. Infact, the process of renewal of the registration declaration must be initiated 60 days before the expiry of respective registration of vehicle. The application must be forwarded to the Regional Transport Officer or the Motor Vehicle Inspector Grade I . After that the vehicle should be produced before the authority for physical assessment and proper examination.

Following are the requirements in the process:

  • Duly filled up form 25
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)
  • Vehicle Insurance Certificate
  • PUC Certificate
  • Charge receipt

Thus, this was all about the vehicle registration process in Delhi. A duly completed process is something which shouldn’t be compromised at any cost.

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