RTO Rajkot (GJ-3) Gujarat

The Regional Transport Office established at Rajkot as per the provisions in section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act 1989. The department is headed by the commissioner of Transports and is responsible for policymaking, regulation and monitoring the transport system in the area in order to ensure safe travel conditions. They deal with transport-related problems and solutions in the state.

 Services At Regional Transport Office Rajkot

The services that are offered at RTO Rajkot are

  • Issuing computerized learner’s license
  • Issue of smart-card driving license
  • Issue of optical card vehicle RC book called VRC
  • Issue of computerized permits for tourist vehicles and taxis
  • Issue of Fitness certificate
  • Creating and maintaining the state register
  • Termination of hypothecation of vehicles
  • Modernization of check-posts to ease traffic
  • Register transfer of ownership of vehicles
  • Providing new RC for the new owner
  • Renewal of license and RC

and much more.

State Gujarat
State Transport Code GJ
RTO Code GJ-3
RTO / Registration Office Rajkot
Address Rajkot, Gujarat
Phone Number N/A

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If you are looking out to know the name and all the information related to any vehicle registered with GJ-3 then here is the address where you can get all things done.

Types of Vehicle registration in Rajkot

The types of vehicle registration in Rajkot include

Temporary registration

This is generally the registration that is done by the dealer of the vehicle to ease the usage of vehicles on road until the permanent RC is obtained. This is a short-term registration that is valid only for 7 days. You would have to get the permanent registration done within that period.

Permanent registration

This refers to the registration of the vehicle done at the RTO. This is usually given for a period of 15 years. It has to be renewed every 5 years after the 15- year time period.

How to register a vehicle in Rajkot

The registration of vehicle can be done by following the simple steps which include

  • Obtaining the application form by visiting the RTO personally or online
  • Submission of filled in and duly signed form 20 which is the application along with the required documents
  • Present the forms and documents with the fee.
  • The processing process would start. It would entail pencil tracing of engine chassis number to register the number in the RTO register.
  • The RC would be issued following the processing.

Documents required for vehicle registration in Rajkot

The documents required for vehicle registration in Rajkot  are

  • Form 20- the application for RC
  • Form 21- sales certificate from the dealer
  • Form 22- the roadworthiness certificate from the manufacturer
  • Form 22-A  pollution under control certificate where the body is fabricated.
  • Insurance certificate
  • Proof of address
  • Passport size photos
  • Life tax payment certificate receipt
  • Temporary registration

In case of imported vehicles, a customs clearance certificate for the vehicle has to be attached.

How to renew vehicle registration in Rajkot

The steps involved in  renewing vehicle registration which has to be done every 5 years after the initial registration for 15 years include

  • Obtaining form 25 in person from the RTO or online
  • Filling and signing the application and attaching all the required documents for the renewal.
  • Book appointment for vehicle inspection
  • Take your vehicle for inspection
  • Get the renewed registration certificate

Documents required for registration

The documents required for renewal of registration includes

  • Form 25 which is the application for renewal
  • RC
  • Valid insurance certificate
  • Emission certificate
  • Valid Tax receipt
  • Pollution under control certificate

How to update the address on RC in Rajkot

In case you are relocating, you would have to get the address change done in the RC. The steps involved include

  • Applying for the change of address using form no. 33
  • Attaching the required documents.
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Fee for making a change in address.

How to know the Vehicle Owner details of Rajkot, Gujarat?

Here you can find the owners name, contact number and here are some simple steps you need to follow.

RC Status

Steps to find Owners name, Engine Number, and Other Detailed information about any vehicle in GJ

Here are the steps that one needs to follow to get all the information related to the vehicle such as engine number, the name of the owner, chassis number and many more. So, let us get started

  • Get to this website – https://parivahan.gov.in/rcdlstatus/
  • Once you have loaded the website, enter the state code, RTO code, and the alphabets in registration numbers first box. For instance, GJ-3 XX
  • In the second text box, you need to add the numeric value from the registration number.
  • Now, read the verification code from the image and fill it in the box to check the status.

What information would you get from Registration Certificate Status?

  1. Full Registration Number: GJ-3 XX Rajkot
  2. Chassis and Engine Number
  3. GJ-3 Owners Name
  4. Vehicle Class, Fuel Type, Make / Model Name, Fitness details of GJ-3
  5. Insurance Details of GJ-3.

Contact Details of Rajkot RTO Office

RTO Code: GJ03

Address: Rajkot RTO,  Block-6, second floor,  Dr. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan,  Gandhinagar-382010

Phone: 079- 23251363

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