RTO Ahmedabad (GJ-1), Gujarat

The Regional Transport office in Gujarat was established on the basis of section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act to ensure safe and organized growth of road transport. The RTO headed by the Commissioner of transports would ensure that the laws, rules, and provisions that have been laid down in the Act are adhered to by the public.

Services At Regional Transport Office Ahmedabad

The services that the RTO Ahmedabad offer include

  • Issuing learner’s and permanent license
  • Collection of road tax
  • Issuing permits for tourist and carrier vehicles
  • Issuing FC for public transport vehicles
  • Issuing an RC or registration certificate for vehicles
  • Renewal of RC
  • Renewal of license
  • Renewal of permits Registering transfer of ownership of vehicles
  • Issuing new RC
  • Updating new address in the RC

and much more.

State Gujarat
State Transport Code GJ
RTO Code GJ-1
RTO / Registration Office Ahmedabad
Address Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Phone Number N/A

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If you are looking out to know the name and all the information related to any vehicle registered with GJ-1 then here is the address where you can get all things done.

Types of Vehicle registration in Ahmedabad

The vehicle registration types in Ahmedabad include

Temporary Registration

This registration refers to the registration of the vehicle that is done by the dealer to make it legal for you to drive the vehicle on road. It is valid only for 7 days. You have o get the permanent registration done within that period.

Permanent registration

This his the actual registration process that is done at thee RTOO Ahmedabad after inspection and having produced all the documents that are essential for the same. This would make the registration complete and you would be receiving the registration certificate.

How to register a vehicle in Ahmedabad

It is mandatory to register all vehicles in Ahmedabad. The re-registration process is a must if the car has been bought in a different state.  The steps involved in registration include

  • Downloading or getting the forms 21,22 and 34 from the website or the RTO at Ahmedabad. Fill it up and sign it.
  • Attach all the required documents and submit them along with the application and registration fee.
  • The processing time could be about 23-3 days. After the process the vehicle number would be provided by the RTO. The Registration Certificate would also be issued.

Documents required for vehicle registration in Ahmedabad

Documents that you would have to submit along with the application for registration are

  • Form 20 – this is the application
  • Identity proof  – it could be PAN card, Aadhar Card, Voter ID card, Passport, Driving License, etc which carries your photo
  • Address proof-  this again includes the above-mentioned documents or utility bill, passbook of a nationalized bank, etc.
  • Photographs
  • Sales tax clearance certificate, NOC from RTO and dealer and valid insurance in cases where vehicle is bought in another state and used in Ahmedabad

How to renew vehicle registration in Ahmedabad

The steps to follow include

  • Application using form 25 online or in person.
  • Attach the documents that are required which includes  tax and emission certificates and valid insurance
  • Get the inspection date and time
  • Produce the vehicle for inspection
  • Get the renewed RC.

The same applies for re-registration of vehicles as well.

How to update address on RC in Ahmedabad

You can update address in the RC in case of relocation. The steps to follow include

  • Submit filled and signed form number 33
  • Attach essential documents for address proof
  • Also attach form 23 if the new address falls in a new jurisdiction. Obtain NOC from the old RTO.

You will receive the new RC following the processing time.

How to know the Vehicle Owner details of Ahmedabad, Gujarat?

Here you can find the owner’s name, contact number and here are some simple steps you need to follow.

RC Status

Steps to find Owner’s name, Engine Number, and Other Detailed information about any vehicle in GJ

Here are the steps that one needs to follow to get all the information related to the vehicle such as engine number, the name of the owner, chassis number and many more. So, let us get started.

  • Get to this website – https://parivahan.gov.in/rcdlstatus/
  • Once you have loaded the website, enter the state code, RTO code, and the alphabets in registration number’s first box. For instance, GJ-1 XX
  • In the second text box, you need to add the numeric value from the registration number.
  • Now, read the verification code from the image and fill it in the box to check the status.

What information would you get from Registration Certificate Status?

  1. Full Registration Number: GJ-1 XX Ahmedabad
  2. Chassis and Engine Number
  3. GJ-1 Owner’s Name
  4. Vehicle Class, Fuel Type, Make / Model Name, Fitness details of GJ-1
  5. Insurance Details of GJ-1.

Contact Details of Ahmedabad RTO Office

RTO Code: GJ1

Address: Ahmedabad RTO,  Subash Bridge Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Phone: 079 2755 9696